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Uncritical Loyalty!

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  • mishmisha9
    Hi, All! It seems that for anyone to operate within a belief system, religion and especially a cult scam like eckankar one must embrace a teaching with
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 11, 2007
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      Hi, All!

      It seems that for anyone to operate within a belief system,
      religion and especially a cult scam like eckankar one must
      embrace a teaching with "uncritical loyalty." And this
      "uncritical loyalty" is what gets one into trouble. Once critical
      thinking goes out the door, delusion and illusion takes over
      and entraps the seeker. The seeker then is able to accept the
      lies and deceptions, the plagiarisms, and all the fakery in such
      an org like eckankar. Logic is replaced with bull'hit and

      I find it interesting to read discussions on the various eck chat
      sites. How much attention they give to being secretative about
      "the teachings" while at the same time trying to lure new
      unsuspecting seekers into their delusional society, via structuring
      online book discussions at the moment. Just so much to do about
      nothing, really! LOL!

      I also am amazed how eckists like Cheryl will easily label a person
      a thief for quoting something she wrote seemingly of value and
      important to her--giving her credit for her words (NOT PLAGIARIZING!)
      while she has absolutely no problem with the vast plagiarisms of Paul
      Twitchell who stole massive writings from others without giving them
      credit or reference. Hello, Cheryl, and other eckists--PLAGIARISM IS
      STEALING. PAUL TWITCHELL WAS A THIEF! Why can't you get that???
      Why this doesn't bother eckists is an example of "uncritical loyalty!"
      Quoting someone and stating the source is not being a thief! LOL!

      Also, eckists need to pay closer attention to what they read--work on
      comprehension skills a little more. This might be another factor in their
      gulliablity and their clinging to the sinking ship of eckankar. Even,
      though, I did not write that Cheryl was an H.I. (someone else did), at
      least she has clarified that she is not an H.I. yet. I guess that is why
      she didn't "get" the info on the H.I. Foxes that Klemp chastized in his
      H.I. letter. Even though she is not an H.I., she still fits the description
      of the "foxes" guarding the henhouse that Klemp laments about--his
      whining without taking charge of the situation! Why is that? Why doesn't
      Klemp do anything to straighten out these individuals he claims he is
      guiding all the time--the mahanta is always with you crap he states?

      I guess in the final analysis, it seems that people who look for a group/cult
      just want to be controlled. They take the easier road of "no responsibility"
      by surrendering it all over to another that they will swear is a godlike being!
      It is sooooo much easier to be a follower than your own guide, isn't it?
      Well, it seems it should be, but yet it isn't. Being a follower negates one's
      personal freedoms and ability for spiritual growth. Belonging to a cult stunts
      one's life and serves no intrinsic purpose. It is wasted time and wasted
      living to belong in a cult like eckankar. But, hey, not to worry--if these
      delusional eckists ever wake up to the truth, they can find several web
      sites like ESA where they can spill out their guts, tell their stories and
      get their lives back and on track! There is always hope!

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