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03/2007 THE H.I. LETTER - Excerpts

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  • prometheus_973
    Hello All, Klemp once again revisits the past and uses other people s words and ideas to give advice to ECKists. This time HK uses a story of Hercules, a
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      Hello All,
      Klemp once again revisits the past and uses other
      people's words and ideas to give advice to ECKists.
      This time HK uses a story of 'Hercules, a mythical
      Greek hero,' as well as, a reference to The Tiger's
      Fang and quotes from two other Twitchell books.

      I'm amazed that such a self-promoted "writer" (Klemp
      not Twitchell), who paid to be listed in the International
      Who's Who of Intellectuals claims to be the highest Mahanta
      ever. Yet, Klemp is incapable of writing books that can be
      compared to PT's two Shariyats or to PT's Stranger By The River.

      I, also, find it amusing that so many ECKists are attracted
      to the writings of RUMI when HK's Lexicon states that Rumi
      was just 'a follower of ECK' (SPIRIT). Why can't the present
      day MAHANTA write or express himself as well as a 13th
      Century 'follower of ECK' who was not even an ECK Master?
      Let's face it - Klemp is a fraud as were the two that came
      before him!

      BTW- Klemp uses 5 "BUTS" and 1 "IF" on just the front page.

      03/2007 H.I. Letter - Front page excerpts of HK:

      [HK]: 'Do you remember Aesop's fable about Hercules, a
      mythical Greek hero known for his strength, and the wagoner?"
      ... An ECKist, on the other hand does absolutely all he can to
      remove himself from difficulty, BUT then he takes the additional
      step of asking for the Mahanta's aid. It's the best way of getting
      back to the basics of life."

      [ME]: How can H.I.s ever achieve Self-Mastery and Spiritual
      Freedom with Mahanta Co-Dependency? Klemp added the stage
      of "Co-worker with the Mahanta" to slow initiations down due
      to the 7th Initiate Glass Ceiling. However, the real problem comes
      from programming oneself by constantly 'asking for the Mahanta's
      aid.' This is how one becomes brain-washed through these
      suggested "spiritual techniques" and mind-control methods.
      ECKists will discover that the deprogramming of this mind-set of
      Mahanta dependency is impossible for an active ECKist! Therefore,
      Spiritual Freedom for Soul becomes only a pipe dream and another
      unfulfilled promise.

      [HK]: "I addressed this very same theme in a recent article to the
      RESAs, BUT at a higher spiritual level. You will profit greatly IF
      you take it to heart.

      It reads: People can test the very limits of your patience.
      And so often they do. That robs you of whatever peace
      and contentment you thought you had once gained. So
      how do you get back to the basics of life? Go back to the
      big picture."

      [ME]: Klemp states that the 'same theme' was addressed
      to the RESAs, 'BUT at a higher spiritual level.' Apparently
      this must have been on the "inner" because HK's outer
      words or those from Twitchell's Shariyats are no higher
      than the Mental Plane. Or, it could be that HK meant that
      his message to the H.I.s is Astral Plane and the 'higher
      spiritual level' message to the RESAs is Mental Plane! At
      least this would make more sense and is more accurate,
      but is not what ECKists would imagine.

      [HK]: "In the Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad, Book Two, it says:
      'If a chela of ECK can find no peace within himself, it is
      written that he cannot bring peace to others.' ...
      Doesn't that evoke the very picture of Peddar Zaskq
      in The Tiger's Fang as he looks upon the warring worlds
      within him? ... Again the Shariyat, Book Two says this:
      'Those living in the state of selflessness will speak gently
      and carefully, selecting their words to give life to others.'
      ... Remember the words of ECK Master Rebazar Tarzs to
      the seeker in Stranger by the River. 'Before you can enter
      the Kingdom of Heaven,' he says, 'it is necessary that
      you balance the scale of harmony within thyself.' ... The
      Shariyat, Book Two, puts it all into perspective... It reads:
      'To the ordinary man the mantra would appear to be
      nonsensical, ... But, nevertheless, it is a powerful instrument
      of love and detachment for that ECK chela who practices
      it regularly...' There's a lot of wisdom here for you to get
      back to the basics of life." [fin]

      [ME]: The 'higher spiritual level' theme or message for both
      H.I.s and RESAs who have 30-40 years in ECKANKAR is just
      generalized knowledge/wisdom! This just goes to show that
      the ECK Initiations are NOT related to Higher Consciousness!
      This same lack of Consciousness also applies to the LEM/Mahanta
      position created by the con artist Paul Twitchell.

      Klemp sounds more and more like the nutty John-Rogers
      Hinkle! The main difference between the two fruit cakes
      is probably, just, in the types and degrees of their disorders!

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