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Re: [EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous] Re: Hello everyone, my name is ####### and I'm an execkaholic...

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  • Chris Olds
    Hi, First let me start by saying Joe or Chris will do...I ll know you re talking to me :oP I don t see your name on this message dude...unless your mother
    Message 1 of 12 , Mar 9, 2007

      First let me start by saying Joe or Chris will do...I'll know you're talking to me :oP
      I don't see your name on this message dude...unless your mother named you prometheus?

      >Klemp claims, via his Mahanta status that PT created in 1969,
      >that he is the highest consciousness

      yeah right.  Sorry a cogent comment on this bullshit it pretty hard to come by.

      Your words illustrate just how silly these Eckanwackos really are.  Only someone on the level of Hitler would have such a distorted ego.
      he's a nut...and everyone following this modern snake oil salesman is being duped.



      On 3/9/07, prometheus_973 < prometheus_973@...> wrote:

      Hi Again Joe or Chris,
      It seems that true sanity comes from discovering or
      creating and then following one's own drumbeat. However,
      most people tend to follow another's drumbeat and remain
      deaf to their own. This is the way it is with ECKANKAR and
      all other religions. The problem with Twitchell's own
      drumbeat as the 'Cliffhanger' is that Twit was unethical and
      dishonest to begin with. Paul was a liar, a narcissist, and an
      poorly skilled writer and this led to his plagiarisms of the
      articles he wrote. Then, through Gail's influence, PT twisted
      and formed what was once a personal drumbeat into a new
      Westernized religious sect via more plagiarisms and distortions
      of inner events, facts and of truth in general. Paul took what
      others had researched and discovered (on the Inner as well)
      and made it his own. That is another point that most ECKists
      tend to overlook. Twitchell also plagiarized the INNER
      EXPERIENCES of others, and then embellished them! PT now
      made science and religious fiction and facts into a hodge-
      podge reality much like L. Ron Hubbard had earlier.

      To prevent criticisms he rewrote history to create a lineage
      of both real and fake experts/masters and made himself
      the indisputable master of all! Yet, ECKists don't see the
      correlation with ECKANKAR and other religions like Scientology,
      Radhasoami, or Ruhani Satsang.

      On another more current note:

      Klemp, is listed in the "International Who's Who of Intellectuals"
      (Nineth Edition).

      Klemp claims, via his Mahanta status that PT created in 1969,
      that he is the highest consciousness Not Only on Earth but on
      All of the Lower and Higher Planes and higher than the "God"
      of all religions (except for Sugmad).

      Klemp has, also, claimed that all thoughts and words are No
      Higher than the Mental Plane.

      AS RUMI?

      Really, can ECKists explain WHY this is? Can Klemp give a
      decent and logical explaination of this? No! Not unless he uses
      Catch-22 again!


      prometheus wrote:
      > Hi Joe,
      > Welcome! Yes, those "H.I. power loving, goose-stepping,
      > boot-licking, schizophrenic foxes" like Rich, Cheryl, Steve,
      > etc., etc. are a real trip (wire) for their fellow H.I.s and
      > those under them.
      > The Klempster is the biggest hypocrite of all! He is blind to
      > the facts that he too was a boot-licker and has always been
      > concerned with image and power. HK's taught his Chelas how
      > to goose-step and march to the same drummer and to remain
      > silent and to surrender their free will and critical thinking.
      > Yes, Klemp is the true hypocrite when he states, "These foxes--
      > power eaters--are extremely stubborn in their determination
      > to dominate others. IF they could only see themselves. Their
      > motto: 'My way or the highway.'" [12/2006 The H.I. Letter]
      > HK can't see himself in the mirror! Isn't it also his motto:
      > "My way or the highway!" Sure it is!
      > Klemp, also, doesn't understand that his chelas will
      > emulate him and hang on to his stupid Astral comments
      > as though it's profound knowledge when he's said that 'words'
      > and 'thoughts' can be 'no higher' than the 'Mental Plane.'
      > ECK Chelas will emulate Klemp's own schizophrenic
      > behaviour and health problems like the EMR thing. And, ECKists
      > actually believe Klemp is God-Realized!
      > Why do ECKists believe HK is God-Realized? Because HK and
      > his fellow liar Twitchell have said so! Let's face it, HK was the
      > apprentice of a Black Magician and in the right place at the
      > right time! Some idiot had to take DG's place and Gross
      > thought Klemp was the biggest and least harmful (to him)
      > idiot to choose from. Also, ECKists believe HK is God-Realized
      > because HK said he was and PT's dogma (of the LEM/Mahanta
      > position) states it as well. Of course we all know that Twitchell
      > was far from being truthful and that HK even stated on
      > ECKANKAR.org that PT 'exaggerated' and 'twisted facts.'
      > ECKists don't want to connect the dots because they would be
      > lost without some form of religion (an organized and social
      > belief system).
      > However, this only indicates that these individuals (Chelas)
      > are both attracted and attached to the mass consciousness
      > and to fear and self-doubt. ECKists will never be prepared for
      > Spiritual Freedom or Self-Mastery and Independency because
      > of the fear they have associated with this leap in consciousness
      > and turning their box inside out!
      > In 25 years Klemp has made ECKists more dependent on
      > the fake ECK Masters and the fake Mahanta (Inner/Dream
      > Master) than ever before. And this is what Klemp is counting
      > upon and promoting. ECKists are taught to imagine their
      > reality as they want it and this will keep them happy, passive,
      > and co-dependent. And for those Chelas who are having trouble
      > imagining their reality then they just put their faith in what
      > others imagine for them via the simple one dimensional,
      > embellished, and deluded stories of others.
      > Klemp can't see himself in the mirror because he doesn't want
      > to. He needs the delusion of ECKANKAR as much as his chelas do!
      > Prometheus
      > Joe wrote:
      > I suppose most people don't talk when they go to their first meeting.
      > I'm sure although it feels like it, my story is probably pretty much
      > the same as everyone else's. I'll spare one and all the sordid details.
      > I did get betrayed and dragged out of my home at 3:30 am in January
      > 06, (damn...what did weird Harold say in the December HI newsletter).
      > I have never met a bigger hypocrite or hypocrites than this lovely
      > little group.
      > I better stop now.
      > glad to have found this group, I hope it is for real.
      > Joe Limerick

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