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03/2007 MYSTIC WORLD - Ask the Master #2

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  • prometheus_973
    Hi All, Another Lower Initiate wants to know why there is a separation between High & Low Initiates and not true equality among chelas. Klemp gives a stupid
    Message 1 of 19 , Feb 27, 2007
      Hi All,
      Another Lower Initiate wants to know why there is a
      separation between High & Low Initiates and not true
      equality among chelas.

      Klemp gives a stupid answer that contradicts what
      he's said before. This one issue (levels of initiation)
      is the primary problem that concerns all ECKists in
      one way or another.

      March 2007 Mystic World - Ask The Master #2

      Q: "Why is it that some of the ECK teachings are only
      available to High Initiates and lower initiates are not
      even allowed to read about them?

      Are these teachings different from what non-H.I.'s
      are taught?

      Exclusiveness implies difference, so I am confused
      as to why part of the ECK teachings are hidden from

      [ME]: The real difference does not have anything to
      do with a higher spiritual message and higher consciousness
      or higher more refined vibrations. It has more to do with
      the business side of ECKANKAR, running the local areas,
      settler positions, fund raising, trainings, vahana/missionary
      work, intros, Satsangs, Guidelines and other procedures
      within the RESA org., and learning leadership techniques,
      correct behaviour etc.

      Basically, Klemp gives a lot of pep talks to H.I.s and over
      inflates their already large egos.

      BTW- It's unfortunate that those who do the trainings and
      even the retraining of trainers are flawed in that they too
      Do Not possess a higher consciousness with their H.I. status.
      The 'exclusiveness' of the HIGHER INITIATIONS denotes a
      clique (narcissistic) mentality which is vain, ego, fear,
      and power driven.


      HK: "Yes, there is a very good reason, indeed. No difference
      exists, of course, between Souls, for all are made from the
      essence of ECK--the Light and Sound.

      That said, there are real differences in the rate of vibration in
      the Sound Current. There are varying degrees of it. They range
      from a high to a low pitch, and to every imaginable pitch

      What this comes down to is a difference in spiritual understanding.

      So, what is clear to a High Initiate would not be to one who is yet
      to take the Fifth Initiation.

      Such a resulting misunderstanding would have grave consequences
      to the latter, who would, in a very real sense, be stumbling in
      the dark. He would fall and hurt himself.

      This same principle applies to other things, like reading only one
      discourse a month even though all twelve are now gathered
      into a single volume.

      Trying to do an end run around the master's advice never works.
      It is spiritual gluttony."

      12/2006 Mystic World - Ask the Master

      HK: "Everything down in the spiritomaterial worlds requires
      the balance of its opposite for survival. The enigma of all this
      is that Soul recognizes the importance of the negative power
      as the educator or teacher, BUT It strives anyway to rise above
      restrictions of any kind in spiritual things... Written words derive
      from a place no higher than the Mental Plane, because that is
      the source of the alphabet, symbols, and thought. The Essence
      of God, the ECK, has at that point just made Its incursion into
      the realm of negativity from the indescribable worlds of God above."

      [ME]: Actually, one can "skim" the discourses. Besides, aren't
      discourses, also, 'no higher than the Mental Plane.' Klemp is
      just trying to maintain status quo and the mystique behind the
      Higher Initiations.

      And, as I've stated before, Klemp has never had an original
      thought or message. He steals everything from the 'compiled'
      works of Twitchell and is always quoting Twitchell's SHARIYAT
      1 & 2, Stranger by the River, or mentioning The Tiger's Fang!
      Yet, Klemp claims his Mahanta Consciousness is greater than
      Twitchell's was!

      Klemp is a bitter, spiteful, and fearful little mahanta wannabe.
      Why else does he still insist upon having searches and metal
      detectors for those entering the main hall for his Saturday night
      talk? Really, this goes beyond tying up your camel--why can't
      the Mahanta just trust in God? How can he promise to protect
      his chelas when he's fearful himself!

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