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Why Is Klemp Afraid To RePrint the ECK-Ynari, ECK-Vidya, etc.?

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  • prometheus_973
    Hello All, Toward the end of the Jan. 1, 1968 Wisdom Notes is the statement: It is the spirit that we are concerned with, and not the earned right to know.
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 25, 2007
      Hello All,
      Toward the end of the Jan. 1, 1968 Wisdom Notes
      is the statement: "It is the spirit that we are concerned
      with, and not the earned right to know."

      That got me to thinking about the book "Your Right
      to Know" by Darwin Gross (972nd Mahanta, LEM).

      Why isn't this historical book offered to ECKists? Afterall,
      Gross was not the 'Black Magician' when this was written
      was he? If he was the 'Black Magician' then Klemp's and
      others Initiations are from a 'Black Magician!' If Gross
      was Not a 'Black Magician' then he was a Mahanta and
      should be quoted just like all other ECK Masters are
      quoted. His book, "Your Right to Know" should be made
      available or at least mentioned.

      Also, why aren't the ECK-Vidya and ECK-Ynari (The Secret
      Knowledge of Dreams) both by Twitchell made available
      to ECKists? What is Klemp afraid of and hiding? These are
      historical works that should be shared. Or, does Klemp
      use these writings of Twitchell as resources for his own
      material as he does with PT's discourses and Shariyats.
      Yes, this is why Twitchell's works have been taken off the
      shelf and made unavailable to ECKists. Klemp doesn't
      want ECKists to see that he has never had an original
      thought that Twitchell hasn't already written. Surely there
      must be something left for the Master of Masters (HK) to
      share and express on a higher level than PT could (even)
      in these Lower Worlds of SPIRIT. Nope, HK just recycles
      what PT 'compiled' and hides this fact. The fact is that
      they (PT & HK) are both thieves and liars (and worse)!
      And, so are some of their chelas!

      What's funny is they "know" who they are (these 'foxes')
      and so do other ECKists! They can lie and distort Truth
      but they can't hide! <smile>


      prometheus wrote:
      > Hi All,
      > I found some interesting comments by the first living
      > ECK Master of ECKANKAR (Twitchell). It's interesting
      > to see how far ECKANKAR has progressed in the 25
      > years under Klemp versus the 6 years under Twitchell
      > and the 10 years under Gross.
      > Remember, Gross (the Black Magician) gave Klemp,
      > at least, the 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 12th initiations on the
      > outer and the 10th, 11th, on the inner (supposedly).
      > I said HK got his 12th on the outer because DG handed
      > ECKANKAR over to Klemp, as the new LEM, at the 1981
      > EWWS in front of the membership. Darwin was still the
      > 14th Initiate (Mahanta) until Klemp booted him almost
      > three years later.
      > Paul Twitchell Presents: The Wisdom Notes, Jan. 1, 1968
      > [Exerpts only, but these will be kept in context]
      > PT: "This will be a special monthly study of the higher works
      > in the spiritual worlds. Each letter will take up the wisdom
      > and light of the Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad. Each initiate will learn
      > the art of spiritual healing, the ability to visit Golden Temples
      > to study under the ECK masters, and to hear the marvelous
      > discourses on the Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad. Many will be able to
      > study these sacred scriptures themselves in the GOLDEN
      > TEMPLES of the various planes beyond this world." [My caps]
      > [ME]: Notice that Twitchell left the "wisdom" out as he
      > mentions these 'Golden Temples.' Twitchell was still fine
      > tuning his scam. If he was truly visiting them he would know
      > what they were called. Anyway, PT's promises to these early
      > chelas seems to exceed what present day chelas (H.I.s too!),
      > under Klemp, are able to achieve!
      > PT: "We are living in the spiritual consciousness. The strength
      > that we get from this realization brings us into a state of peace
      > and wisdom. Out of this grows love. It is this condition of life
      > that we are able to live without the hardships that those in the
      > lower consciousness must undergo. We are no longer disturbed
      > by the moods and flows of the human states around us. Politics,
      > economics, and the many factors of life will not be able to touch
      > us. We are above the human state, and by remaining in this state,
      > we are able to live daily without being disturbed nor alarmed by
      > those who seek to harm us, destroy our peace and put us to test."
      > [ME]: And yet ECKists (even H.I.s), under Klemp, can't even achieve
      > this simple transformation or evolution in consciousness today!
      > This was written by Twitchell in 1968!
      > PT: "Next, I say to you that the monthly Wisdom Notes will have
      > no charge on them. You have now reached the stage whereby
      > all works will be given freely. The right has been earned. While
      > in the lower levels of the path one must pay in coin or by deed
      > to earn his way into the God realm but here we are free and make
      > own choice. Only love offerings will be accepted here. It is the
      > spirit that we are concerned with, and not the earned right to know.
      > You are now being prepared to enter into the Ancient Brotherhood
      > of the Vairagas (ECK) Masters."
      > [ME]: Interesting that the Wisdom Notes were once 'monthly'
      > and even 'free' to some initiates who were more spiritually
      > advanced and ready getting close to entering into the Ancient
      > Brotherhood of the 'Vairagas' (ECK) Masters.
      > Here are some more interesting info by PT to put his previous
      > comments into perspective:
      > The Wisdom Notes, Oct. 1, 1968, by Paul Twitchell
      > PT: "The ECK is the ideal we are seeking. We soon learn the
      > Inner Master is the personification of heaven, who has descended
      > to Earth from the Father, and taken on a human body. The supreme
      > diety is the Sugmad, and his son is the living Master, the inner
      > perfect soul, wearing the body of man!"
      > [ME]: Well, Twitchell is creating a saviour image it seems.
      > However, PT hasn't quite come up with the title of "Living
      > ECK Master" or "Mahanta" as yet!
      > The Wisdom Notes, Dec. 1, 1968, by Paul Twitchell
      > PT: "During the Second World Wide Seminar I gave Initiates
      > during one session four degrees through which to go to reach
      > the highest. They are: The Initiates, Acolytes, Mahdis, and the
      > Adepts. These are the four degrees in the field of the Initiates
      > to become members of the Ancient Order of the Vairagi."
      > [ME]: Well, as I said before Twitchell is fine tuning dogma
      > as needed. It's tough to keep lies and fiction straight, unless,
      > one finally deludes oneself to believe (imagine) that the lies and
      > fiction are true. It's always easier to repeat the truth versus a lie.
      > The Wisdom Notes, Jan. 1, 1969, by Paul Twitchell
      > PT: "So far we have approximately one hundred Initiates in
      > ECKANKAR, the majority of whom have gone through two years
      > of study in ECK, and have a fairly good working knowledge of
      > the spiritual works. The others are made up of those who have
      > passed the age bracket that makes them eligible for initiation
      > regardless of study and the others who are a handful have been
      > given opportunity to enter the higher works because of some
      > service they are giving to ECK."
      > [ME]: One must also remember that Twitchell had a firm policy
      > Not to give new chelas the 2nd initiation in less than two years
      > of study, except, when they were of an advanced age. I'm not
      > certain as to what that age was however. BTW- Darwin Gross
      > joined ECKANKAR in 1968 and was not promoted to the 2nd
      > for two years (1970).
      > The Wisdom Notes, Feb. 1, 1971, by Paul Twitchell
      > PT: "There are three new books that must be started immediately,
      > at the same time I am getting out the 11 volumes of the
      > Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad as fast as it comes in and there are thirty-
      > two books in the works. First and foremost the hierarchy wants
      > these books done. This is the reason that I have had to cut down
      > my public appearances to a minimum in the months to come."
      > [ME]: It looks like the 'son' of 'Sugmad' the 'living Master' had no
      > clue that he would be dead in seven and a half months! BTW-
      > Why can't Klemp come up with the other volumes of the Shariyat?
      > Klemp claims to have a higher Mahanta Consciousness than
      > Twitchell but still uses PT's Shariyats 1&2, Stranger by the River,
      > took definitions from PT's ECKANKAR Dictionary for his Lexicon
      > and still uses Twitchell's ideas, concepts, dogma, terminology,
      > etc. Other than some new buildings, Guidelines, and the RESA
      > police/hierarchy what has Klemp done in 25 years?
      > Klemp has even added another stage (Co-worker With the Mahanta)
      > for ECKists to go through before reaching the Co-worker With
      > God stage of Spiritual Freedom and Self-Mastery!
      > With Twitchell it was Self-Realization and God-Realization. With
      > Klemp it now Self-Realization, Spiritual-Realization, and God-
      > Realization. Klemp slowed the ECK Initiations down because of
      > the 7th Initiation Glass-Ceiling. ECKANKAR is top heavy with no
      > place to go for 99.9% of 7th Initiates. Except in their imaginations
      > of receiving the "inner" 8th while anticipating the confirmation
      > on the outer (earth) plane. LOL!
      > Prometheus
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