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Re: One Universal Truth

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  • prometheus_973
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 15, 2007
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      Liz wrote:
      > One Universal Truth
      > We are Spiritual Beings having a human experience. (I use the word "human"
      > you can use what ever fill in the blank word you like) ;-)
      > --------------------------------
      > Part 2 to my story:
      > The accident happened the last day in May 1998. In Oct 1998 I received my
      > pink slip for the 6th initiation....
      > After working on my assignment for the whole summer, and now attempting to
      > go out and experience this new found evolution, I laughed, I laughed so hard
      > and so long I cried!
      > It was getting close to shutting down the park for the season, just a week
      > away! I drove over to the park, pink slip in tow, walked out to my
      > secret spot in the woods and laid there on the ground looking up at the sky.
      > What to do? What to do? For the last several months I had ben working on
      > ME. What did I find..... :-) And what did I give up? (temporarily)
      > So, Oct 29th was my initiation ceremony. It was cold and windy, but the
      > initiator still agreed to conduct my 6th at my secret spot in the woods. We
      > walked out into the woods, and I began to feel as if I was giving something
      > away.... My secret spot was no longer special.
      > The initiation was uneventful! It became cloud covered, more wind then
      > sprinkles. We rushed..... And believe me I new I had changed. Not that
      > day.......
      > Something happened within me, and it didn't happen because I was granted my
      > 6th initiation. It also didn't happen because I had worked on myself, and
      > deserved to receive that next initiation.
      > It was just another day......
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