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Re: It was just another day...

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  • prometheus_973
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 15, 2007
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      Liz wrote:
      > I drove home feeling more empty than a new 6th initiate should. What was I
      > expecting? What went wrong? Wasn't I suppose to feel full of life and a
      > new found sense of realization?
      > Looking back, when doing my assignment with the book "Anatomy of the spirit"
      > I didn't go from being an eckists to following any particular traditions,
      > which was referenced in the book to include Judaism, Christianity, and
      > Hinduism. As Carolyn Myss shared these paths hold in common essential
      > teachings about seven specific levels of spiritual development, the stages
      > of power in life. So I wasn't shifting from one path to another.... Hmmm
      > I take that back. I did shift from one path to another.... Only it wasn't
      > anyone else's path, it was mine. I tried for several more years to explain
      > this new path to eckists and non eckists alike. This new path that only I
      > could walk. No one instructing me, no one guiding me, no books, discourses,
      > spiritual exercises. BLANK
      > I dropped everything I knew. I knew no thing....
      > In 1999 a dear eck friend called and said, "Liz you need to get away from
      > everything at home, come with me to the HI retreat". The drive there was a
      > long, and for the most part silent one. She would look at me and ask, "is
      > everything okay"? I would say sure... Smile and go back to my thoughts.
      > At the retreat I attended several of the talks, workshops and activities
      > scheduled that took us exploring nature, life outside etc... Some went on a
      > the tall ship cruise, I went to the Big Bear Dunes. When we arrived, we
      > had to take a nature trail to the dunes, and Lake. The temps there were
      > much cooler, and it seemed like fog but was actually mist coming from off
      > the Lake caused from the wind. The visibility was poor, and I thought to
      > myself, is this a waking dream? ;-) By the time we arrived at he dunes, a
      > small group of other eckists joined my friend and I. We all walked to the
      > lookout boardwalk. So more adventurous tried to actually walk down the
      > dunes to the Lake shore.... Rolled down was more like it.
      > The beauty of the scene was nothing I had experienced. Through the mist was
      > the Lake.... All you could see was the water, and hear the waves washing up
      > to the shore, along with the wind whipping around the dunes, and our tiny
      > bodies trying to stay warm. The sound was amazing.... Almost godly.
      > After the field trip, we all headed back to the hotel for dinner. We sat
      > around the tables laughing, and sharing our experiences from the filed trips
      > I basically just listened and watch my fellow HI eckists. After heading
      > back to the hotel rooms, my friend and I got freshened up, and put on our
      > PJs. We laid in our beds chatting about family, life, and some how
      > something was said that caused us to just giggle and giggle... I never
      > laughed so hard in my life. Here were 2 grown women, acting like a couple
      > School girls at a sleep over party. The guys in the room next to us could
      > hear our laughing. One of them said "hey quiet down over there, some of us
      > would like to sleep". Instead I knocked on the wall, and so did my friend.
      > It became a "know 3 times type game". Soon they were laughing too, and we
      > all ended up out of our rooms in our PJs running around in the halls goofing
      > off, eventually finding a nice spot by the lobby fireplace to just sit and
      > chat.
      > --------------------------------------------
      > I spent nearly the entire weekend crying.... Everyone just looked at me
      > like, "oh she must be working off something big time!" ;-)
      > The last workshop I partisipated in, I shared with all of the other HIs that
      > I was writting my own discourses. The facilitator (FB) scolded me for even
      > attempting to do something only a Master can do.... I grew quiet, yet saw
      > recognition in someone else's eyes. That was comforting.
      > --------------------------------------------
      > Back home, and back to life....
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