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Ford Back-Pedals and Shows His Hypocrisy

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  • prometheus_973
    Hi All, Roy Seeber (an Eckist) has a 7/1/2005 post on Ford s The Truth- Seeker Bulletin Board. Roy makes some good points when mentioning Ford s differing
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 3 8:34 AM
      Hi All,

      Roy Seeber (an Eckist) has a 7/1/2005 post on Ford's "The Truth-
      Seeker Bulletin Board." Roy makes some good points when mentioning
      Ford's differing treatment of Michael Owens compared to his
      treatment of Twitchell and Klemp.

      But, let's also look at Ford's hyprocrisy concerning other con/cult
      leaders such as: Laura Knight of Cassiopaea, David Icke, Mark
      Phillips and Cathy O'Brien of TRANCEformation of America. These and
      other con and cult leaders have been promoted on Ford's BBs since
      day one by Ford's HCS Canadian leaders Betty and Mario. Why doesn't
      Ford also discuss the "fundamental misunderstanding" that people
      have with these con and cult leaders. Since Ford has allowed them to
      be promoted by HCS representatives on his BBs then he must also
      believe that what they are selling is truthful! Or, Ford is being a
      hypocrite for allowing this crap to be posted. Does he really think
      Betty and Mario are that valuable to HCS to turn a blind eye to
      their unstable behavior!

      Roy's defense of Twitch and Klemp is quite amusing because he over-
      looks the massive ego of Twitchell's needed to acomplish his con and
      cult objective. And let's not forget the superior ego of Klemp's in
      which "playing the game" and tricking Gross got him selected. But,
      Ford's rebuttle is even more amusing as he defends his old chum
      Michael Owens. Actually, Ford's long response to Roy is both comical
      and telling.

      Anyway, please read the TS post and share your comments with us here.

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