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Re: Eckankar is based on false premises!

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  • prometheus_973
    Hi Mish, I liked this quote by Sam Harris from his book End of Faith. I can see why Klemp doesn t want Twitchell s Wisdom Notes and other older and
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 13, 2007
      Hi Mish,
      I liked this quote by Sam Harris from his book "End of Faith."
      I can see why Klemp doesn't want Twitchell's Wisdom Notes
      and other older and uncensored materials by PT available to
      ECKists for them to read and discern for themselves.

      Klemp cannot allow Twitchell's unedited versions of his "truth"
      to become known to ECKists. The ECKANKAR "history" that
      ECKists now read must only be of Klemp's santized and more
      limiting versions least they come to see Paul's original ECKANKAR.
      Paul's was a different, clearer, Light than Klemp is able to give
      without parroting or paraphrasing Twitchell's compilation.

      Still, Twit took what started as a spiritual path and a journey
      together and felt he needed to become Top Dog. I'm learning
      that PT needed to maintain control because ECK chelas began
      to break away and form their own Non-ECK groups.


      Mish wrote:
      A good book to read is Sam Harris' "End of Faith." Here's an excerpt
      on the insanity of religious beliefs:
      "It takes a certain kind of person to believe what no one else believes.
      To be ruled by ideas for which you have no evidence (and which
      therefore cannot be justified in conversation with other human beings)
      is generally a sign that something is seriously wrong with your mind.
      Clearly, there is sanity in numbers. And yet, it is merely an accident
      of history that it is considered normal in our society to believe that
      the Creator of the universe can hear your thoughts, while it is
      demonstrative of mental illness to believe that he is communicating
      with you by having the rain tap in Morse code on your bedroom window.
      And so, while religious people are not generally mad, their core beliefs
      absolutely are. This is not surprising, since most religions have merely
      canonized a few products of ancient ignorance and derangement and
      passed them down to us as though they were primordial truths. This
      leaves billions of us believing what no sane person could believe on his
      own. In fact, it is difficult to imagine a set of beliefs more suggestive
      of mental illness than those that lie at the heart of many of our
      religious traditions." (page 72, "End of Faith" by Sam Harris)
      No wonder Klemp ended up in a mental institution! No wonder he
      believes he is as the Mahanta "the highest state of consciousness
      known to the chronicles of mankind . . . " (page 205, "Those Wonderful
      ECK Masters" by Harold Klemp).
      No wonder eckists continue to want to believe and cling to this
      man-made, fake religion called Eckankar! They confuse "faith"
      with Truth. But Truth is far greater!
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