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ECKists Pretend 'AS IF'

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  • prometheus_973
    Hi Ingrid, The ECK Initiations along with all of the other inner teachings and dogma of ECKANKAR are just PRETEND! Klemp has stated: Acting AS IF is a
    Message 1 of 11 , Feb 7, 2007
      Hi Ingrid,
      The ECK Initiations along with all of the other "inner"
      teachings and dogma of ECKANKAR are just PRETEND!
      Klemp has stated: "Acting 'AS IF' is a principle of ECK.
      You establish a goal, then ACT AS IF the WISH is fulfilled
      and the DREAM completed. In this way you CREATE your
      OWN world." H.K. The Dream Master, pg. 81 [My caps]

      It's no wonder that these gullible and spiritually immature
      ECKists continue to accept an authority figure over them.
      At the same time they fear taking on responsibility for their
      own thoughts, words. feelings, actions, and reactions. They
      need a fake Mahanta because they are weak and immature


      ctecvie wrote:
      I know an ex-eckist who found David Lane and left the teachings
      silently. He began to translate David Lane's book into German and
      then the pink slip for his next initiation arrived.
      Perhaps the all-knowing mahanta thought this accomplishment
      was worth a reward! LOL!
      prometheus wrote:
      > >
      The arbitrary way in which the ECK Initiations come to
      ECKists proves that there is no inner communication
      with their Master. There is no equality of consciousness
      within the same Circle of Initiation! It's not even close!
      Therefore, how can there be any truth in the words:
      'I am always with you.' It's a lie that innocent people
      have willingly bought into because they want and need
      to believe in the lie of religion. And, the Eckankar religion
      may be different and unique and give more answers when
      compared to most other religions, but that doesn't mean
      it's all true. Except for the LEM/Mahanta, the Initiations,
      and the ECK Masters much of what Twitchell "compiled"
      has some merit for Soul's individual investigation/journey.
      > >
      > >
      > >
      pretujari wrote:
      > > > >
      > >
      This reminds me of two scenerios regarding the initiations. One was
      to do with a couple. The husband was really perplexed when the pink
      slip came for him and the wife for their 4th. According to the man,
      he never understood why his wife also received the 4th because she
      was quarrellsome, never practiced her spiritual exercises, nor had
      much time for Eckankar.He told me this when I explained the truth
      about the eckankar initiations to him.
      > > >
      The other was an elderly woman who was very close to me.
      She confided in me amidst tears that she had stayed in the
      3rd initiation for years. As she cried while narrating this, she
      wondered why and what she had done, since others who came
      after her had bypassed her in initiations. Unfortunately, she
      did not live long enough to know the truth. Am sure all has been
      made clear to her on the other side.

      > > >
      Pretujari, this story about the elderly woman demonstrates why
      eckankar is not a benign cult! It is really sad that she was so
      tormented about making those initiation levels up until her time
      of passing! Shame on Klemp and his fraudulent org for sucking
      the life out of innocent Souls who just want to achieve a sincere
      connection with God! I feel both sad and angry to think of this
      woman's sorrow--it's not a good way to live one's life feeling
      passed over like that!
      > > >
      Klemp will ultimately pay for his lies and deceptions! He talks
      about fear so I have to wonder if he doesn't suffer from real fears
      in knowing that he has been committing these great spiritual
      > > >
      Eckankar is not harmless in that it does damage Souls.
      > > >


      tianyue wrote:
      > > > >
      > > > >
      Ex-Initiator's Guide to Initiations
      > > > > >
      [I've posted an earlier version of this before, and with the
      discussion of secret words that has been ongoing on another group,
      I thought this might be a good time to repost this. I've revised
      this, and added rebuttles to comments Eckists have made to the
      > >
      > > > > >
      > > > > >
      When I received the sixth initiation, I had essentially
      already decided to leave Eckankar. I was still hanging on out
      of some slight uncertainty, and also had decided to maintain
      my membership due to the fact that my partner, Lisa, still
      remained loyal to Eckankar. A year or two had passed while
      I was in this state of serious doubt and skepticism, when the
      pink slip for the sixth initiation came. I was surprised to say
      the least. Yet I wasn't too surprised. This confirmed what I
      already suspected: Initiations are not overseen or approved
      by a Mahanta or some omniscient being, but by a computer,
      with the assistance of initiate reports, and recommendations
      by the local Resa and other local High Initiates. I remained in
      Eckankar for years after this, until the day my mate felt as I did,
      and we both resigned.

      Lest there are those in Eckankar who don't yet know this,
      lists are periodically sent out with names generated by a
      computer to the state Resa (Regional Eck Spiritual Aid),
      who confers with local High Initiates to either recommend
      or not, an initiation (Klemp himself wrote of the computers
      producing the initiation lists a while back as I recall).
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