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Klemp Recreates ECKANKAR

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  • prometheus_973
    Hello All, I ve enjoyed reading the comments here. In Those Wonderful ECK Masters Klemp contradicts PT s ECKANKAR Dictionary definition and his own ECKANKAR
    Message 1 of 11 , Feb 1, 2007
      Hello All,
      I've enjoyed reading the comments here. In "Those Wonderful
      ECK Masters" Klemp contradicts PT's ECKANKAR Dictionary
      definition and his own ECKANKAR Lexicon definition of ECKANKAR.

      Klemp states in Chapter 10 on Paul Twitchell "A Master Compiler:"

      HK: "Paul's task was to gather the time-tested [Old Lower World
      Dogma] BITS and PIECES of the MOST ACCURATE parts of what
      had been given in the PAST. In a sense, HE BECAME A MASTER

      ME: I wonder what areas of Truth that he missed? Afterall, PT
      was only human and far from perfect! And, just how "accurate"
      are these "bits and pieces" since they are often taken out of
      context and redesigned for the Western Mind and lifestyle?
      Little League and Soccer anyone?


      ME: And, this COLLECTION/COMPILING or hunting and gathering
      of "bits and pieces" of "golden teachings" was before the Internet!
      This is why Twit could not have found it all.

      Here's the PT/HK LEXICON definition of ECKANKAR that pertains
      to HK's comments of PT "COMPILING" "SCATTERED" "BITS and
      PIECES" of "golden teachings" from the "PAST."

      FROM GOD." [page 56] This was the Catch-22 disclaimer that HK
      has now revised (when it suits him he'll bring it back into play).

      I also find it interesting that Klemp says, "THE CONSCIOUSNESS
      THE PAST." [page 184, TWEM] Didn't Klemp say that the Mahanta
      Consciousness during Paul Twitchell's reign was NOT as high
      as his is today and this is why much of the PT material is no
      longer available!

      Anyway, I'll have to do a summary of that "Wonderful" piece
      of crap some day.

      On another note: I will have to say that it's interesting to read
      about the visitations of JESUS that people had prior to
      ECKANKAR and later became visitations by Gopal and Fubbi!
      Now I can see the Gopal thing, sort of, but how in the hell does
      someone pick FUBBI out when they first thought it was JESUS?
      [page 36, TWEM] Really, just look at the pictures of Jesus, Gopal
      and Fubbi and ask yourself, How can a person think they saw
      JESUS and pick out a picture of FUBBI? Ever hear of - mistake in
      identity, or needing glasses, or not paying attention to details?

      And, if that's not bad enough HK even has FUBBI plagiarizing
      JESUS' and uses JC's conversation with God.

      FUBBI: 'God, why have you forsaken me?' "After awhile there
      came a voice. It said, 'My son, I haven't forsaken you. I've been
      with you through the ages.' And the lightning flashed and the
      thunder rolled." [page 28, TWEM]

      Strange, I've never heard of "God" being quoted or speak with
      contractions like "haven't" or "I've." And this was, supposedly,
      centuries ago! LOL!

      One more thing: Isn't it interesting that in most Spiritual Exercises
      (S.E.) that one is directed to IMAGINE. Yet, in the ECKANKAR Lexicon,
      on page 136, is this definition of MECHANICAL MANIFESTATION:


      This reminds me of those ECK Vahanas on HU-CHAT. I'm certain
      that a lot more "Mechanical Manifestation" will be taking place at
      the 2007 ECK Springtime Seminar.

      BTW- Why don't the African ECKists go on a pilgrimage to NAMPAK
      instead of Chanhassen? Isn't Nampak closer for them?

      "Nampak- Located in Africa, it is one of the ten spiritual cities which
      are on earth to help the world." [page 146, ECKANKAR Lexicon]

      Those ECK Masters have been doing a great job "to help the world"
      haven't they!


      naranjansalibi wrote:
      mishmisha wrote:
      > >
      Plus, it makes a good impression for the gullible
      to read this in the bio flap when deciding to purchase the
      eckancrap books.
      > >
      Hi mish,
      > Yeah. I'm pretty sure I read somewhere that the "who's who in..."
      > series is a form of vanity press. But I suppose it might seem
      > legitimate to the kind of people who buy their religion from the
      > back pages of tv guide and deep cable infomercials.
      > I have to say, I've never read any of HKs "books" all the way
      > through. I could rarely even get through those mystic world notes of
      > his or the H.I. letters for most of the time I was still getting
      > them in the mail. It seemed like he was always nursing a black eye,
      > or a stubbed toe, or grumbling about all the bad, ungrateful,
      > karmically doomed chelas who just weren't "getting" the awesome
      > godliness of his slick new reinvented religion. Harold's writings
      > have always been about as dreary and inspiring as those old catholic
      > tracts we'd get at church when I was a kid. They'd rant on and on
      > about abysmally dull things like communism, birth control and
      > endless booster club fundraisers.
      > Harold's talks were a lot like his writing too as I recall. Did you
      > ever notice that his talks all sounded alike after awhile? I used to
      > say he was directly channeling "God's own bird-feeder secrets and
      > kitty cat wisdom". I also remember he would offer lots of good
      > advice about surviving and "winning" in the harsh game of eck
      > hierarchy climbing. If you break it down, the spirituality of
      > eckankar comes pretty much out of a "survival of the fittest/natural
      > selection" paradigm. (Ironically, that would be considered Darwinian
      > wouldn't it? - heh-heh).
      > Ask any of his followers. They all cast themselves with basically
      > the same cliche images of dominance. Check it out. Even the way the
      > LEM has assumed "the rod" each time - always quite contentious and
      > embattled. Darwin punked Paul by tagging his wife Gail. Harold
      > knocked Darwin off the hay pile with the heavy guns of public
      > slander and demonizing, coupled with plenty of legal fire power.
      > That's the current that runs through - same as it always was. In the
      > tradition, I wonder how the next one will rise and topple our boy
      > HK...
      > It's funny actually how they get away with selling such obvious
      > banality with the books, tapes and seminars - while at the same time
      > convincing the followers they're beyond all the ordinary conventions
      > and agreements of human life without ever producing a modicum of
      > proof. Ever notice how everyone in eck sees themselves as an eagle,
      > or a ram, or a swordsman, while non/ex-eckists are the teeming
      > masses, the goats, foxes, jackals and worms? (Don't tell them Harold
      > thinks of them all as a bunch of helpless dewey little chickens in a
      > hen house.) Ever notice how everyone in eckankar is convinced they
      > posess the penetrating insight and loftiest overview of the highest -
      > even while repeatedly and demonstrably WRONG, or merely copping the
      > off-the-shelf postures and verbiage of their h.i. sub-gurus?
      > Ahhh. You gotta love 'em. May the godlings bless their copyrighted
      > little hearts...
      > :->
      > naranjan's alibi
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