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Klemp Promotes Another Dogmatic Book

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  • prometheus_973
    The Greatest Creative Force You Can Use For Healing From: Spiritual Wisdom on Health and Healing by Harold Klemp HK: You will learn that the path to God is
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 29, 2007
      "The Greatest Creative Force You Can Use For Healing"
      From: Spiritual Wisdom on Health and Healing by Harold Klemp

      HK: "You will learn that the path to God is NOT one of a group.
      You are on this path to God yourself." [My caps]

      ME: There's the individual path of SOUL and then there's the
      GROUP path of ECKANKAR or of RELIGION. However, doesn't
      ECKANKAR, also, believe in Group Consciousness? Aren't there
      HU-CHANTS that local areas are supposed to conduct in order
      to "open up an area" to the ECK? If just this first statement was
      true then WHY does ECKANKAR encourage travel to ECK Seminars?

      HK: "You may be a member of a group that is very large or very
      small, or you may go all by yourself. BUT you are on this journey
      to God." [My caps]

      ME: Is this "God" a 2nd or 4th Plane God, or a god of nonsense
      like Klemp the 14th Plane Mahanta? And, is the "very small group"
      the local Satsang Society, and the "very large group" ECKANKAR?
      If "you" are on this journey to God why is there so much focus on
      Vahana crap? Ah, the inflow/outflow B.S. that all religions use.

      HK: "Once you've established the CORRECT relationship between
      yourself and God, then you're able to go back out into the world
      and serve God's creatures. And you will serve with love, kindness,
      compassion, and understanding." [My caps]

      ME: HK's rather vague on WHAT this "CORRECT relationship" is,
      or amounts to. What Initiation level would indicate a "correct
      relationship" with God? Really though, does HK mean GOD or

      Do the HU-CHAT H.I. VAHANA FOXES have a "correct relationship"
      with GOD where they are now "able to go back into the world and
      serve God's creatures... with love, kindness, compassion, and
      understanding?" It seems HU-CHAT H.I. VAHANAS have a "correct
      relationship" with the 2nd and 4th Plane God - KAL (i.e. Satan)!
      Look at Cheryl's latest comments as an example!

      HK: "Because you've walked in those moccasins before, you can
      help others by listening. You've been there. And there are others
      who can help you because they've been where you are now."

      ME: Well, this is the purpose of this ECKANKAR SURVIVORS
      ANONYMOUS SITE. We've been there, done that, and bought the
      tee shirt... and more! However, Klemp has stated, in a past Mahanta
      Transcript, that he was a poor listener! Yet, ESA's are supposed to
      be good listeners! If a VAHANA is doing a lot of talking like at the
      ECK Worship Service (EWS), or at an ECK Regional or Major Seminar
      or at an Intro Talk or Book Discussion, or at a Leadership Training,
      on HU-CHAT or CHELA CHAT,or even in a Satsang Class... then
      where does the listening come in?

      Let's face it... ECKists are only taught to "listen" in order to be
      able to slide in some reference to ECK Masters or Dreams or
      Animal Angels or something that can open the discussion to
      ECKANKAR and this requires more TALKING and little truthful
      and honest "LISTENING."

      HK: "The greatest creative force you can use on your behalf is
      either contemplation or prayer. I suggest singing HU (pronounced
      like the word hue and sung in a long, drawn out breath). HU is a
      love song to God. It uplifts and purifies us from the evils that make
      life too much to bear. It heals our wounds, soothes our brow: sweet,
      BUT mighty, name of God."

      ME: Well, it's obvious that the "HU" doesn't work for ECK VAHANAS/
      ARAHATAS/H.I.s on the ECKANKAR's HU-CHAT Site! CHERYL is still
      just as nasty as ever. Does she and her gang "help others by listening?"
      Does Cheryl and her gang (Stever included) "serve with love, kindness,
      compassion, and understanding?" If anything it's just the opposite!

      Yes, talk is cheap for Klemp and his H.I.'s. BUT, that's what they're
      good at... Talk! It's really better if one Does Separate from the herd
      or group. Think about it... H.I.s like Cheryl are not all that uncommon
      in religions like ECKANKAR, and they are part of the Small Group's
      Consciousness (CIRCLE) and of the Larger Group Consciousness!
      This is why it is best for Soul's Spiritual Growth by leaving these Kal-
      Eckists (and the Group Religion) behind. Discover your own Master
      Soul within by traveling Your own Path with SPIRIT. After 20 years,
      or more, of reading and contemplating and recording dreams Soul
      is more than ready to leave the comfortable nest and the other
      needs, desires (initiations) and attachments that religions offer as
      traps/tests for SOUL. ECKists should let go of their fears and
      opinions and contemplate on this.

      p.s. BTW- Here are more ways for ECKists to sell their religion.
      "Take advantage of these 'Vahana Special' offerings: 10 HU: A Love
      Song to God CDs for $30 ($3 per CD). [Tips for ECK Study, 01/2007]
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