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The Anti-intellectual Focus of ECKANKAR

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  • Gnothe Seauton
    Hi All, I saw this on the Yahoo Group Site eckankartruth and thought it d be nice to share and comment on here, ESA, as well. Forwarded from ECKANKARTRUTH Zoey
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 19, 2007
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      Hi All,
      I saw this on the Yahoo Group Site eckankartruth
      and thought it'd be nice to share and comment on
      here, ESA, as well.

      Forwarded from ECKANKARTRUTH
      Zoey wrote:

      Leafeater, I don't know who you are, but I sure am
      on the same page with so much that you say.
      Eckankar has become exceedingly anti-intellectual.
      This may have always been, but I have especially
      noticed it in recent years. When eck friends want
      to insult me, they pretend to compliment by saying,
      "Zoey, I appreciate your intellectual wisdom." It
      is a hoot. Of course, they have no idea on this
      Earth what they are talking about. Wisdom can only
      be understand or expressed through the intellect.
      That's it. No other way. Not in this world. Even
      if one has access to some transcendent
      wisdom/energy, it has to be expressed via music,
      art, dance, words, etc. This is quite a different
      thing than ideas, perception, goals, beliefs, etc
      that originate on the mental plane. Another thing
      entirely. And you're right; it is vital to develop
      one's critical thinking facility.

      Here is a personal observation: Paul Twitchell
      plagarized most of what he wrote, if not all of it.
      Which we all know. But he plagarized some awfully
      good stuff. He plagarized some folks who knew what
      the hell they were talking about. Now.....in recent
      years eck friends tell me they don't care for
      twitchell's writings any longer. They say it's too
      'intellectual'. They say they much prefer the
      present LEM's writings and talks, because he is in a
      higher state, etc etc. He doesn't have to be

      Now, here is what is really going on. The corp is
      attempting to shift the focus away from twitchell's
      work (for obvious reasons). The membership is
      interpreting this however they can, and putting more
      weight and value onto harold's stuff.

      i occassionally read harold's stuff. he doesn't
      make one bit of sense. none. nada. he just rambles
      on talking in vagueries, never saying anything
      substantial. just rhetoric. and my eck friends
      honestly cannot discern the difference between
      twitchell's work and that nonsense. twitchell
      plagarized from the likes of "sar bachan" and
      "lessons in light." geezus. harold couldn't do
      anything with those books but blow his nose on the
      pages. he sure couldn't read them.


      tomleafeater wrote:

      One quick note. You mentioned that you remembered
      Paul Twitchell had supported people attending college.

      To clarify this point for people reading here, he
      did state in the Sharyat Ki Sugmad that Eck Masters
      don't seek university degrees, titles, and
      And he often referred to anti-intellectuality as a
      description of eckankar philosophy. Eckankar was
      said to take the follower to worlds beyond the

      If a young, impressionable person, or for that
      matter any serious, devoted follower, is told that
      the goal for followers in eckankar is eck mastership,
      and that eck masters don't get university degrees
      and other such titles and distinctions, then the
      devoted follower who wants to achieve
      god-realization is very likely to forego persuing
      a college degree.

      That he may have also supported going to college
      in some other instance, which I do recall reading
      in one of the books, only further adds to the
      conflicting messages that serve to create
      cognitive dissonance in the follower. In those days,
      I would have interpreted the conflicting statements
      as an indication that some weren't destined to
      become eck masters, and some were.

      I was very young at the time, and this was not at
      all a good thing to be told by the supposed master
      of the known universes.

      Thankfully, I went back to school and obtained
      my master's degree, and soon may yet go back
      again to do some additional work.

      But this idea of anti-intellectuality has been
      misinterpreted by Twitchell and others in
      eckankar. To transcend the intellect is
      spoken of in many transcendentally-based
      philosophies, especially those from the East.
      But this does not mean ceasing to use the
      intellect, and the confusion people have
      over this is potentially quite harmful, since
      critical thinking is an essential skill to develop.
      Transcending the intellect refers to the ability
      to let go of obstructing rationalizations and
      thoughts, enabling the individual to have
      moments of extraordinary no-mind clarity,
      but this does not mean permanent abandonment
      of the use of intellect. Many people, in and out
      of eckankar, who follow eastern religions are
      confused about this.

      I'm still quite the anti-intellectual in many ways,
      since there are other forms of cognition, but I
      don't at all support the nonsense eckists still
      buy into that those who've left eckankar couldn't
      let go of the mind sufficiently to "get" what eckankar
      is all about. This assertion is often alluded to on
      the A.R.E. newsgroup by eckists.

      Funny, but I was going into no-mind states
      before I'd ever heard of eckankar.


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