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Re: [EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous] What's Wrong With The Other One Third of ECKists?

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  • Zoey Salinger
    prometheus, you don t know how many times i have asked myself the question that you ask here: why is it that so many stay in eckankar? particularly the
    Message 1 of 6 , Jan 19, 2007
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      prometheus, you don't know how many times i have asked myself the question that you ask here: why is it that so many stay in eckankar?   particularly the so-called higher initiates?and the short answer is the one you have already mentioned - they refuse to listen to their very own Inner Voice/True Self/Soul.  BUT...i would not really call it a refusal.  i would say they have an INABILITY to distinguish the Inner Voice/Soul from the mind, emotions, etc.  each one of us posting on this site have experienced this battle.  for us, Soul won.  in the end, Soul won.  and each of us knows eck friends who are engagrd in this inner battle at this very moment. 
      but, alas, this is part of the journey.  we must each come to the day when we have no other master before us but our own Center; our own central engergizing Spirit. 

      prometheus_973 <prometheus_973@...> wrote:
      Hi Zoey,
      I, also, have to agree with much of what you have stated.
      However, I'm not sure that I can agree that "ONLY TWO
      that these two kinds are "THE SPIRITUALLY NAIVE, AND THE
      EMOTIONALLY UNHEALTHY." These two kinds or groups
      probably do make up about TWO-THIRDS of the ECKists.
      However, there are many different "kinds" in the remaining
      ONE THIRD.

      One kind, among the other One Third, are the uninformed.
      Many have not heard of Ford's book "Confessions of a God
      Seeker" or of his BBs or of these anti-Eckankar Scam Sites.
      These ECKists don't know of the lies and contradictions.

      Anyway, this might prove to be another discussion where
      we look at other long-time H.I.s that really do know the
      truth and yet they remain loyal ECKists. What do you think?
      Did passivity and surrender and the ease of being guaranteed
      a place in a higher heaven have something to do with closing
      one's mind and refusing to see and hear Soul's own voice have
      something to do with it as well? I know that I rationalized a
      lot, and just focused on me without seeing that all ECKists
      were part of the validity or NOT of the initiations. Even then,
      I found ways to hang in there... until reading Ford's book!


      zoey wrote:

      thanks mish and leafeater. i feel, fundamentally, that an eck
      group is an eck group. i will proceed from this belief when
      dealing with my friend. for her sake, i halfway hoped that the
      group in nashville might be something exceptional.

      this is my opinion:
      only two kinds of people go into eckankar and stay; the spiritually
      naive, and the emotionally unhealthy. i do so hope that i am not
      offending anyone who may read this, but i saw this again and again.

      personally, i was both, naive and unhealthy. but let's face it, if
      you go back 20 years, most americans were quite naive about
      eastern spiritual ideas. it is easy to hoodwink a novice, an
      innocent. when many of us found eckankar, we had never
      encountered the esoteric-type ideas associated with eck literature.
      we sho nuff did think we had found something wonderful, spiritual
      gold, as they say in eckankar.

      i do not believe that the typical eck community is any farther
      evolved than the typical, say, christian community. perhaps far
      less evolved. but due to the esoteric ideas and eastern exotic
      language connected with eckankar, one gets the false belief that
      they have something 'more', something 'special'. but in spite of
      the eck stuff, many of us continued evolving as human beings, and
      eventually we figured out something about spiritual process, growth,
      learning, etc, and simply dropped eckankar like an itchy suit.

      but there are many emotionally off-kilter people in eckankar. as
      many have noted on this site, eckankar becomes an illusionary
      little arena where they can play out their ego fantasies, etc. i
      recently read a very interesting post by leafeater on this subject.
      my own experience absolutely confirms everything he was talking
      about. i saw, over and over, wonderful people lose all sight of any
      authentic growth (in any area), and substitue it with a rabid, covetous,
      desire to be a Higher Initiate, and thus enter the Ring of Elites. what
      a waste.


      > Good points, and I agree completely.
      > Kent

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