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Re: Why Doesn't Klemp Just Ask Rebazar?

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  • prometheus_973
    Hello All, I find it interesting that Klemp uses the words legend and fact when referring to the same story. Apparently, Klemp Does Not have first hand
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 16, 2007
      Hello All,
      I find it interesting that Klemp uses the words "legend" and
      "fact" when referring to the same story. Apparently, Klemp
      Does Not have first hand knowledge of these events (Causal
      Plane anyone?) Nor has HK even spoken to either Rebazar
      or Fubbi to get both their versions and the "facts" behind
      this historic event.

      It seems strange not to ask RT & FQ for details since HK is the
      Mahanta (Master of all Universes and Planes) and has a working
      relationship with these two ECK Masters... right?

      When working with friendly and spiritually advanced Beings on
      the same mission, especially when you are in charge, wouldn't
      you want an historic event such as this clarified? It's in print!
      Rather than say that it is "In fact" a "legend" (or vice versa) why
      not get the information from the source individuals that are
      working for/with you? Just ask Rebazar and Fubbi if the
      "legend" is true rather than say that it is an "ECK legend, in fact!"

      As the Mahanta shouldn't HK KNOW these things? Sure! Maybe
      he's hesitant to make more up like Twitch did because he doesn't
      want to get caught contradicting ECK "history" and "facts." HK
      has seen and been involved with the mess that PT created and
      he's still cleaning it up, like DG had to, and he doesn't want to
      make the same mistakes with his deceptions. It's much easier to
      be vague or to mix "fact" and "legend" together and let ECKists
      fill-in the blanks, sort it out, and imagine what they want or need
      to believe in order to make it all seem "real." It truly is the Easy

      However, another question ECKists should be asking is:

      What is the purpose of having a Living ECK Master if he has to
      play word games and can't give the truth behind an "ECK LEGEND?"
      Isn't the PURPOSE of having a Living Master is for him to straighten
      out or clarify things like "ECK legend" and give updates via facts
      and truth?

      Actually all of this is just a moot point because ECKANKAR, the
      Initiations, and the ECK Masters are all just lies and figments of
      the imagination. People (ECKists) need a group belief and pecking
      order to feel good about themselves and safe (with their "High"
      status). I don't blame most of them for their fears and insecurity
      in facing daily life in this hectic and violent testing ground for
      Soul. I blame the ones who know that it's all a scam!


      mishmisha wrote:

      I used the quotation marks to quote Klemp. So tying this in, on
      page 95 in this book (Those Wonderful ECK Masters), he wrote:
      "ECK legend, in fact, has it that Rebazar, along with Fubbi Quantz,
      was involved with the inner guidance of Christopher Columbus."

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