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01/2007 Letter of Light Questions for the Master...

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  • prometheus_973
    Here s more B.S. coming from Klemp about the differences between low initiates and HIGH INITIATES. Q: Why is it that some of the ECK teachings are only
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 11, 2007
      Here's more B.S. coming from Klemp about the "differences"
      between low initiates and HIGH INITIATES.

      Q: "Why is it that some of the ECK teachings are only available
      to High Initiates and lower initiates are not even allowed to read
      about them?"

      A: "So, what is clear to a High Initiate would not be clear to one
      who is yet to take the Fifth Initiation. Such a resulting misunder-
      standing would have grave consequences to the latter, who in a
      very real sense, be stumbling in the dark. He would fall and hurt

      This same principle also applies to other things, like reading only
      one [Mental Plane] discourse a month even though all twelve are
      now gathered into a single volume. Trying to do an end run around
      the Master's advice never works. It is spiritual gluttony."

      [ME] Actually, the crap in the H.I. material (books, etc.) is only
      about Outer Plane Vahana/Explorer and RESA Hierarchy Pecking
      Order and Settler/Leadership stuff.

      There's nothing spiritual there, especially, if you've read all
      the Discourses ending with Masters 4.

      Besides, like Klemp has stated before, in the 12/2006 Mystic
      World, Ask the Master: "WRITTEN WORDS DERIVE FROM A PLACE
      how can Klemp's warning result in "grave consequences?" This is
      an empty threat used to intimidate and separate ECKists into two
      groups: HIGH (proud & elite) or low (silent & frustrated).

      Q: "Are these teachings different from what non-H.I.'s are taught?
      Exclusiveness implies difference, so I am just confused as to why
      part of the ECK teachings are hidden from some."
      Christopher, age 18

      A: "Yes, there is a very good reason, indeed. No difference exists, of
      course, between Souls, for all are made from the essence of ECK--
      the Light and Sound. That said, there are real differences in the rate
      of vibration in the Sound Current. There are varying degrees of it.
      They range from high to low pitch, and to every imaginable pitch
      in between.

      What this comes down to, Christopher, is a difference in spiritual

      [ME]: There are NO "Vibration" Differences between H.I. ONLY
      MATERIAL and what the Lowly Initiates are allowed to read. ALL
      Writings of Words and Thoughts are NO HIGHER THAN the MENTAL
      PLANE! This means that some ECK writings are lower or ASTRAL.

      Klemp contradicts himself once again. However, that's what happens
      to liars! My advice to Klemp: Just tell the truth and you won't trip
      yourself up trying to remember your lies. This, especially, helps when
      (due to age) the memory begins to fade. Only the INNER TRUTH OF
      SOUL & SPIRIT leads to "spiritual understanding" and that's, also,
      why Klemp has none. HK's a farmboy/seminary graduate and wannabe
      who inherited a fake religion and had to play the role of B.M.O.C.

      Although this young ECKist states that he is confused he is in NO

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