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Re: 12/2006 MYSTIC WORLD - Ask the Master #2

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  • prometheus_973
    It is interesting that 5 months later Klemp had this reprinted. In the first Q&A of this 12/2006 Mystic World Klemp talks of the written word and thoughts
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      It is interesting that 5 months later Klemp had this reprinted.
      In the first Q&A of this 12/2006 Mystic World Klemp talks of
      the written word and thoughts being derived from the Mental
      Plane and yet the LEM needs to be a male. Since we live in these
      Lower Neg. Planes why can't a Soul with the negative feminine
      principle (pg.72, PT's/HK's Lexicon) be the LEM?

      Was KATA DAKI ever the LEM/Mahanta? Aren't ECK Adepts OF
      the Mahanta Consciousness and are 12ths, 13ths, and 14ths?

      How about SIMHA, "The lady of ECK, who IS considered to be
      the MOTHER of ALL ECK MASTERS born in the world of MATTER."
      (pg. 191, Lexicon) Is she an Adept and OF the Mahanta
      Consciousness? Doesn't this neg(female)/pos(male) atom thing
      sound like something the "boys" made up!


      Here are some other interestings Mental Plane "written words"
      of Twitchell that Klemp uses in his Lexicon:

      PHYSICALLY to different races at different periods of human
      history as the VEHICLES for the SUGMAD in THE FORM TO
      FAMILIAR TO THEM, such as ZEUS to the Greeks, JUPITER to
      the Romans, JESUS to the Christians, ALLAH to the
      Mohammadans, etc." (pg.184, Eckankar Lexicon)

      It's interesting that ZEUS, JUPITER, JESUS, and ALLAH are all
      bunched together. Both PT and HK claim that these mythical
      gods of the Greeks and Romans Manifested the Mahanta
      Consciousness, as well as, the human JESUS. And that the
      Muslim God, ALLAH, also Manifested the Mahanta
      Consciousness. Oh well, as long as they weren't female!

      "LAW of SOUL - Soul is the Manifested Individual Beingness
      IMAGINATION, and IMMORTALITY." (pg.193, Lexicon)

      Here's a definition for those H.I. Foxes on HU-CHAT:
      "TARIQAT- A stage of spiritual development which is THE
      a practice which leads to SPIRITUAL REALIZATION." (pg.206)
      BTW-Spiritual Realization, in Eckankar, is the 6th and 7th
      Initiation or Planes.

      Here's another interesting definition by PT/HK:
      "vehicle - That Soul who has unfolded to the awareness of
      Itself and can be used by the ECK as a means of expressing
      Itself in the Lower Worlds; such as the Living ECK Master AND
      THE CHELAS OF ECK." (pg.223, Lexicon)

      Okay, one last definition which can be used with or in place
      of the Mahanta title. They are actually interchangeable!

      "Viswapati - Title meaning lord of the world; great ECK Master
      ... fictional... the Mahanta..." (pg.225, Lexicon)

      p.s. "Wei Wu Wei.. do without doing, act without action, let God
      be God in you." (pg.230) NO FAKE MIDDLEMAN/MAHANTA NEEDED!

      Prometheus wrote:
      > Q: "My brother and I had a conservation the other day about
      > initiate reports--what to write in them and when to mail them.
      > We wondered if, when writing our reports, one should distinguish
      > between Sri Harold Klemp as the Living ECK Master and him as
      > the one who holds the Mahanta Consciousness.
      > IF Sometime in the Future the Living ECK Master Will Not Hold the
      > Mahanta Consciousness, How Much of the Matters That Are Dear
      > and Close to Our Heart Should We Then Share in Our Reports?
      > And one last question: Will the Next Living ECK Master care as
      > much about the children, the youth, and young adults--the future
      > of ECKANKAR--as you do?" [My Caps]
      > (HK)
      > A: "Put in them the matters of your heart at the moment of writing,
      > and mail a report when you especially FEEL the need to.
      > Let me again explain about the Living ECK Masters. One OF the
      > Fourteenth Circle is a Mahanta. One OF the Twelfth or Thirteenth
      > Circle OF the Mahanta Consciousness.
      > What is the difference?
      > The FULL MIGHT and GLORY passes through a FULL Mahanta, while
      > a LESSER Amount, TO SOME DEGREE OR OTHER, passes through one
      > OF the Mahanta Consciousness.
      > One of the Past ECK Masters Was the Equivalent OF a Fifth Initiate
      > TIME.
      > For all that, a Living ECK Master OF the Mahanta Consciousness Is To
      > Be Accorded the FULL RESPECT and HONOR OF the MASTER. His Proper
      > Title, according to The Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad, is the Mahanta, the Living
      > ECK Master. [Therefore, a 12th or 13th carries the same title]
      > Please know that he'll care as much about the ECK children, youth, and
      > young adults as I do.
      > A side note: Every Living ECK Master remains until his mission is
      > complete. His successor has finished his training when his Master
      > steps aside." [(END OF QUOTE) My Caps and bracketed comments]
      > Note: "The above Q&A is courtesy of the [07/2006] Letter of Light,
      > a quarterly ECK youth publication available by subscription."
      > {See message #1669}
      > Prometheus
      > ***************************************************************************
      > Re: Meeting the ECK Adept Joan in "Those Wonderful ECK Masters!"
      > mishmisha wrote:
      > >
      > > Hi, All!
      > >
      > > I see that Klemp is still pomoting his book "Those Wonderful ECK
      > > Masters." As I pointed out in earlier messages about this book,
      > > Klemp wrote stories in which his wife Joan appeared in some
      > > dreams with the Mahanta. She assisted seekers in finding the master
      > > by taking them to him. Also in the book, Klemp clearly states that
      > > the eck masters assist seekers to connect with the mahanta. So
      > > logically, it appears Klemp is paving the way to position Joan at his
      > > side as a possible co-L.E.M.? After all, if she is showing up in chelas'
      > > dreams, doesn't that prove she is a master? Below is the excerpt
      > > from Prometheus' posting of the Ask the Master Question, Mystic
      > > World, Dec. 2006:
      > >
      > > HK: "I've included detailed accounts of many people's meetings with
      > > these ECK Adepts in my book Those Wonderful ECK Masters. Or see ECK
      > > Masters and You: An Illustrated Guide for a shorter introduction to
      > > these Co-workers with God and how they can help you."
      > >
      > > It is fascinating to see how HK and his org manipulate in subtle ways
      > > to convince their followers into believing their crap in order to maintain
      > > control of the minds of the chelas. When Klemp finally announces that Joan
      > > has reached mastership and seats her at his side, all he has to do is point
      > > to the passages in the his book for proof--it was after all, there for everyone
      > > to see in his book "Those Wonderful ECK Masters," published in 2005! : )
      > >
      > > Mish
      > >
      > > p.s. if you check the archives on this site, beginning early in 2006, you can
      > > find the posts addressing Klemp's scheme he has carefully and quietly put
      > > in place in his latest book. This might just be what he hinted at in his last
      > > EWWS talk in regard to change. He probably should make "Those Wonderful
      > > ECK Masters" required reading so everyone will be sure to be on the same
      > > page when he makes his BIG announcement regarding Joanie!
      > >
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