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Re: "The fox stands for power"--Sri Harold Klemp

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  • prometheus_973
    Well said Mish! Stever is an Internet Vahana Leader who is supervised by the Public Information Services Director at the ESC. Unfortunately, for ECKANKAR,
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 29, 2006
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      Well said Mish!
      Stever is an Internet Vahana Leader who is supervised
      by the Public Information Services Director at the ESC.

      Unfortunately, for ECKANKAR, Stever and HU-CHAT
      Cheryl and Company are among the shinning stars
      and 'champions' of this religious scam. This fact, of
      course, leads one to see the hand writing on the wall
      as to the eventual demise of this Radhasoami/Ruhani
      Satsang sect. There are few and far inbetween of those
      H.I.s that have the combination of Golden Heart and
      Higher Consciousness (with the positive by-products).

      Eckankar is more The Religion of Rationalization, Delusion,
      and Assumption. One could, also, throw in guilt, shame,
      fear, submissiveness, and silence (for good measure) and
      this along with the cover-up, lies, unbalanced behaviours,
      vanity, and attachments to power just about sums it all up!
      Therefore, how can anything or anyone not suffer from
      these negative combinations? The future for Eckankar just
      holds more of the same. That's why I support Stever and
      Cheryl, and their Cohorts, to someday become RESAs! Can
      you just imagine them as RESAs! That's like the Foxes
      guarding the Henhouse!


      Mish wrote:
      Hi All,
      Steve Runfeldt likes to blow smoke where ever and whenever
      he can! On Hu-Chat, it seems this H.I. leader does not yet
      understand the message that Harold Klemp delivered in his
      12/2006 H.I. Letter when he chastized eck leaders for behaving
      badly like foxes. Steve R struts very much like the fox that
      Klemp describes in that he enjoys the power position (un-named
      but obviously evident) on Hu-Chat in controlling the discussions,
      messages, who posts and when on this friendly eckist group.
      Yeah, Joe Homsey, a true blue eckist continues to be
      moderated since he joined in late Oct. Something must be wrong
      with this eckist to continue to be moderated--tsk! tsk! It doesn't
      seem that Joe could be called a "detractor" so why is he so
      distrusted among his fellow eckists?? Strange indeed! : )
      Well, anyway, Steve R, even though he has not been listed as a
      moderator on the S.O.P., is keeping himself busy pulling the strings
      there--strongly, reining in the discussions, manipulating them and
      throwing out "spins" several times a day--sort of nervous-like behavior
      on his part as he continues to spout off! Here's a little spin that indicates
      how fearful and distrusting the leaders are on Hu-Chat and it shows how
      contradictory Steve R's spins are:
      "It is like this group, HU Chat. Just because the moderators of the
      group do not want to entertain certain discussion topics because those
      topics have been disruptive to group harmony in the past, does not mean
      that people cannot talk privately among themselves or even start up a
      new email group for that purpose. I would strongly oppose any attempt
      to prevent anyone's freedom of expression."
      It amazes me that Steve R and the "other" mods do not recognize
      themselves as the foxes HK laments and scolds. Steve R is either a
      fool or just a blatant liar to state "I would strongly oppose any
      attempt to prevent anyone's freedom of expression" while he
      continues to do exactly that. Hey, he says we don't want certain
      questions or discussions on Hu-Chat, but you have permission to
      take those thoughts to private emails or heck, set up yet another
      group. Yeah, he's not stopping anyone's freedom of expression at
      all, that sly fox Stever R! LOL! Cause he can't prevent what takes place
      off of Hu-Chat--in the meantime, Hu-Chatters must continue to
      step inline to the goose-stepping H.I.s who patrol and control this
      Just to refreshen from HK's H.I. Letter (12/2006), Klemp wrote:
      "I was thinking about the constant struggle that exists between
      love and power, even among ECKists. You look at such people
      with their goose-stepping tactics and you wonder about them.
      Sometimes they almost seem to be schizophrenic, with opposing
      or antagonistic sides.
      On one hand, they are ever so loving and helpful. BUT on the other,
      they are tromping on the rights of others with big, muddy boots.
      Yet they can't see themselves." (unquote)
      Steve R and the other miscreants on Hu-Chat need to take off
      those "big, muddy boots" and "allow the chelas to serve. Let them
      unfold, so that their spiritual reward can be greater than any pot
      of gold." (HK's words in quotes)
      These foxes, like Steve R, need to take down their roadblocks
      that prevent others from enjoying and achieving their spiritual
      freedom as well as their freedom of expression!
      In essence, all that Stever R is doing is expressing his own
      personal opinions as if they are coming from the lips of the
      mahanta. This second guessing of the mahanta is a common
      trait among H.I.s as they bend, fabricate and cover-up the
      truth behind Twitchell's eckankar. I suggest that Steve R and
      other H.I.s re-read 12/2006 H.I. Letter and take to HEART the
      words of their mahanta. They need to study and understand
      why HK wrote that message for them, and apply its purpose
      to themselves! Until the H.I.s understand what Klemp is telling
      them, they will never achieve group harmony on Hu-Chat.
      As for higher consciousness, that will forever elude these
      clueless individuals who frequent, own and moderate
      Hu-Chat! LOL!
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