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Re: Eckankar: The Wisdom Notes by H. Klemp ... June 2005 #2

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  • prometheus_973
    Hi Ingrid, Thanks for sharing your insights. I wonder how many deluded and split Eckists will finally wake up to Klemp s words about the L.E.M. versus the
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 26, 2005
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      Hi Ingrid,

      Thanks for sharing your insights. I wonder how many deluded
      and "split" Eckists will finally wake up to Klemp's words about the
      L.E.M. versus the Mahanta issue? Will they see themselves or think
      he is talking about someone else? He really should talk to the
      general membership, but he has no guts as he goes off on a personal
      attack, and besides... HK is the real problem!

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      <ctecvie@y...> wrote:

      >Hello Prometheus,

      >thanks a lot for your analysis. I love it! :-)

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      EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com, "prometheus_973"
      > <prometheus_973@y...> wrote:

      >>HK is not being very loving or practical.

      >He never was, I think ... but it took some time before I could see
      >that! :-)

      Yes, it seems Klemp's words are very harsh as he shuns, expells, or
      dismisses those who believe in the concept of the Mahanta (actually
      their own true higher Self). Why don't they see that the unloving
      sick geeky cult leader (L.E.M.) is also the Mahanta! Or, is it that
      the L.E.M. won't allow questions about Eckankar's finances, and is
      too concerned about the missionary agenda than with "spiritual"
      matters. What nerve of these gullible Eckists! And yet, it just goes
      to show how he controls Eckists through the fear of Not receiving
      that next initiation if they ask the "wrong" kinds of questions.

      >>However, Klemp seems to be singling out a certain individual, but
      >>is clueless that there are many other Eckists who represent a
      >>large silent cross section of the Eck membership that are "split"
      >>as well.

      >I guess it's Ford Johnson, and perhaps Michael Owens as well? I
      >just wondered if Harold wouldn't be the one glued to his function
      >in case Michael Owens was right with his claim?? Of course I know
      >that all this is crap but the legitimacy of Harold is based on
      >what? And why is he right and Michael Owens wrong? Don't get me
      >wrong - I don't care for either one, but it's interesting all the

      Yes, it could be both Johnson and Owens. Klemp is trying to be
      clever through innuendo, but he is only creating more questions in
      the minds of many Eckists who tend to hang on his every word in
      their own search for truth. Klemp out-smarts himself once again via
      the modus operandi of his 'superior normal' ego. [Interesting that
      Julian P. Johnson used the terms 'via' and 'modus operandi' in "The
      Path of the Masters" and that Twichell used them as does Klemp and
      even FJ!]

      >>Actually, I know of many long time Eckists who believe in the
      >>Mahanta, and have a personal relationship on the outer/inner.
      >>However, these same Eckists reject much of the outer Eckankar
      >>organization which includes the direction the L.E.M. (the
      >>Klempster) has taken Eckankar. They want a belief system that is
      >>more "spiritual" than it is religious!

      >I think, too, that most of the eckists take what works for them
      >and leave the rest. And they say "no matter the facts, the most
      >important thing is that it works for me!".

      Yes, this is what is focused on in the Eckankar promotional
      material. However, most eople will usually misinterpret what they
      experience due to mental aberations or expectations based on
      assumptions and rationalizations of past and present fragments of
      thought and memories as well as distorted portions of physical and
      emotional experiences of a related nature. The pure clarifying
      spiritual experiences with SPIRIT or whatever we call IT and Soul
      are generally and most often mimicked. There is a fine line, called
      the razor's edge, between delusion (insanity) and absolute clarity,
      and Klemp is a master of delusion.

      >>Unfortunately, for Eckankar, this demographic also consists of a
      >>very large number of H.I.s! Klemp is so out-of-touch with the
      >>followers of Twitchell's creation and of P.T.'s spiritual/con
      >>message in the Shariyats (holy books) that Klemp thinks this is an
      >>isolated incident.

      >It's not, for sure - I think it's a majority ...

      Yes, the Eck propanganda machine (ESC and the Klempster) have over
      estimated the influence of their own bullshit!

      >>HK): "Such spiritual schizophrenics do all in their power to
      >>dilute the pure teachings. Yet even their wayward efforts may help
      >>someone along the path to God, if only to learn about deception."

      >>(ME): Yes, this is true! Klemp can't even see the irony and truth
      >>in his own words! The real "deception" comes from Eckankar and
      >>Klemp. The "wayward efforts" are Golden Tongues of Wisdom and
      >>Waking Dreams!

      >Spiritual schizophrenics ... that is really VERY good! I would
      >suggest to look into a mirror and see himself! :-))

      Yes, Klemp can't see that the "Outer" versus the "Inner" dogma of
      Eckankar is part of the problem! This whole concept of the
      L.E.M./Mahanta creates a "split" in thinking, and thereby,
      exacerbates, or mimics, latent schizophrenic tendenacies on either
      an acute or chronic basis. Klemp's own distorted reality prevents
      him from seeing this obvious pathology of Eckankar.

      >>(HK)"There's an old saying: 'So near, and yet so far.' When things
      >>go horribly wrong with them, they will not take responsibility for
      >>their behavior. Some even try to blame the Living ECK Master for
      >>their errant decisions."

      >>(ME) But Harold, aren't Eckists supposed to have total reliance
      >>upon the L.E.M./Mahanta? It seems you want it both ways! When the
      >>total reliance doesn't work then the Eckist is at fault, and when
      >>things work then it's the total reliance on the L.E.M./Mahanta.
      >>Adam Dreamhealer has a similar scam on healings.

      >Well, I guess that this works best ... and it's very clever, too,
      >as people believe it easily!

      Yes, people want to believe in someone or something greater than
      themselves. We are all unique in our own ways and yet we are also
      the same. Yet, life and existance is (and has always been) a mystery
      to be solved by unraveling. However, I believe that at this time
      many of us are able to solve and unravel these mysteries for
      our Selves! We need no "masters" or "experts" to lead us around by
      the nose, and telling us what we need to know or to believe in.
      The "truth" they sell are lies, and at the very least is only
      fragmented or meant for them alone to find meaning from.

      >>HK) 'So near, and yet so far' can show a lack of self-
      >>responsibility in many areas. We say, 'So and so wronged me.' But
      >>maybe it's our comeuppance. The Mahanta dishes out the karma
      >>people have created in the present and past lives that must see
      >>repayment before spiritual progress may begin again. For all that,
      >>the Mahanta returns it to an ECK chela at a pace and in amounts he
      >>can handle, and thus unfold spiritually again. 'So near, and yet
      >>so far'--the solution is within us. It's in our very breast."

      >The Mahanta dishes out the karma ...?? Well, I think he has even
      >more to do now! Having all the universes on his shoulders is
      >already enough to keep a man busy ... but dishing out all that
      >karma?! I wonder if he has hired any employees to do that for him?!

      Actually, HK hires people to read and sort the monthly Initiate
      Reportes for him so maybe he does have a story in the making for
      that as well (actually, I think there is a story about this). I
      recall that Klemp had assigned some of this work to other Eck
      Masters "under" the Mahanta. I believe this came out when Klemp
      was "sick" from EMR effects around the time of David Lane's Internet
      expose' on Eckankar. I, also, remember some Eckies saying that they
      were taking on some karma to help Harold out. Years later some of
      this finally got back to HK and he wrote something stating that
      Eckists can't take on karma for the L.E.M./Mahanta! Klemp has a hard
      time controlling or regulating the amounts of delusion each member
      receives. Delusion rather than Karma is what Klemp really "dishes

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