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ECK Higher Initiations Are a Mixed Bag of Worms

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  • prometheus_973
    Hi All, A comment on HU-Chat involving the mouthy 6th Initiate Steve R. having an 8th got me thinking about how easy it is to skip the highest ECK initiations.
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 28, 2006
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      Hi All,
      A comment on HU-Chat involving the mouthy
      6th Initiate Steve R. having an 8th got me
      thinking about how easy it is to skip the highest
      ECK initiations.

      Twitchell was initiated maybe twice by his last
      Master Kirpal Singh. That sect of Radhasoami
      only gave out two initiations at the most.
      Therefore, PT actually went from maybe a 2nd
      to a 14th! The Rebazar crap was just fictional
      in order to cover-up the link to Kirpal and to
      validate PT's new creation and spiritual authority.

      Then, there was Darwin Gross. Darwin was also
      a 2nd when the ECKANKAR Board (via Gail) made
      him a 5th after Paul's death. Less than two months
      later Darwin became a 14th Initiate!

      Then came Klemp. HK was also a 2nd when DG
      became a 14th. Within 8 years HK became a 6th.
      On May 23, 1980 Klemp got his 7th.

      Less than one month later on June 14, 1980 HK
      claims that Dap Ren (Gross) gave him the "Eighth
      Initiation [8th] on the inner planes." How vain and
      delusional this seems. Then again HK had previous
      knowledge [those meetings with DG in the Sound
      Proof Dark Room where Klemp worked] that this was
      coming so maybe the suggestion and knowledge
      influenced Klemp's dreams. I know it would mine!

      Seven and a half months later, on January 27, 1981
      Klemp got the outer 8th Initiation. Less than nine
      months later Klemp got the 12th Initiation while
      Darwin still held the 14th! [pgs. 139-140 Soul
      Travelers of the Far Country by HK]

      So in review we see that PT went from a 2nd to
      a 14th overnight!

      DG went from a 2th to a 5th overnight and then
      from a 5th to a 14th overnight.

      HK went from a 7th to an 8th (outer) in 7.5 months
      and a 8th to a 12th in 8.85 (or so) months. And, HK
      went from a 12th to a 14th after he booted DG!

      On another note, Klemp claims that there are SIX
      important events in ECK:

      1. Recognition and acceptance of the path.
      2. The 2nd Initiation which ends the need for more
      physical incarnations.
      3. The 5th Initiation which sets Soul free of any lower
      world incarnations.
      4. The 8th Initiation, the last outer initiation at the
      present time. [actually there was a 9th given out
      by the time this book was printed]
      5. The 9th Initiation where one is accepted as an
      aspirant in the Vairagi Order. [one is "considered"
      for membership, the 10th initiation insures it.]
      6. God Consciousness. This is one's admission into
      a realization of SUGMAD.

      Klemp continues by saying that "beyond these areas
      are spiritual beings of still more influence. Among them
      are the Silent Ones; the Unknown Masters; the Mahanta,
      the Living ECK Master; and a few who attain the AKSHAR
      Consciousness. All of these have risen through ONE
      all range where they will." [pg. 214, Child in the
      Wilderness by HK]

      I find it interesting that there are "Silent Ones"
      (the Nine?) and "Unknown Masters." Klemp, in the past,
      has used these terms as one and the same. Yet, here we
      see that there is a difference. Why wouldn't the
      MAHANTA know who these Masters are?

      On another note I find it interesting that Klemp mentions
      that there are other [than Eckankar] valid branches of the
      Spiritual Hierarchy.

      Here's something interesting from HK's ECKANKAR
      Lexicon. Look up the definitions of God Consciousness
      and God Realization and it doesn't say what Plane that
      this is achieved. Why?

      Now for another definition or two:

      "Nirvikalpa. A spiritual state of consciousness; belongs
      in the area of true ECK worlds; leads to Detachment, which
      eventually takes the chela through the varied initiations
      into the Ninth, when he becomes a candidate for POSSIBLE
      entry into the Order of the Vairagi, the ECK Masters; a
      state of God Consciousness." [pg. 149]

      "Samadhi. A PSYCHIC STATE of CONSCIOUSNESS of the
      LOWER WORLDS. See also NIRVIKALPA" [pg. 180]

      It seems that HK can't keep his facts straight way back
      then or now. Then again, Klemp's always been Unbalanced.
      Look at his behaviour with others: on the farm; in the
      U.S.A.F.; in the traditional work force; at the ESC prior
      to 1981; and from '81 to the present day. Klemp and many
      of his delusional followers are NOT really nice people.
      Just look at Klemp's H.I.s on HU-CHAT. These are his ECK
      leaders and some could become RESAs! Hopefully,
      Cheryl G. and Steve R. will become RESAs someday. But,
      I'm thinking that maybe the next LEM/Mahanta might be
      more sane than Klemp and this won't happen. Then again-
      you never really know or do you?

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