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The Quest for TRUTH is Delayed by ECKANKAR

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  • prometheus_973
    Hi All, There is a definition in the ECKANKAR LexiCon that I feel needs repeating. ATMAN - Soul, Atma, the I AM, or the individualized Life Force that shares
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 24, 2006
      Hi All,
      There is a definition in the ECKANKAR LexiCon that
      I feel needs repeating.

      "ATMAN - Soul, Atma, the I AM, or the individualized
      Life Force that shares the qualities of the ECK, the
      HOLY SPIRIT." (pg.16)

      ECKists need to "pretend" that they "see" ECK Masters
      in order to "fit-in" and feel important. It is a yardstick
      for even those with Higher Initiations and yet most
      ECKists have no experiences with those Wonderfully
      Fake ECK Masters.

      In my estimation, however, it is "normal" or common
      that 70% of spiritual seekers or religious followers will
      NOT have mystical experiences. Of the 25% of those that
      do have "experiences" these people are either highly
      suggestible and are either mistaken or deluded or are
      mentally and/or emotionally unstable or are lying.

      The 5% of those spiritually aware seekers that Do have
      valid and recognized spiritual experiences are either
      having them with SPIRIT Itself or with their own Soul
      or OverSoul that mocks up a recognizable past, present
      or future image.

      There is No middleman Mahanta or outside individual
      than can help another Soul except to inspire them via
      their own example or words of wisdom. Unfortunately
      for ECKists Twitchell had compiled, via other teachings,
      more wisdom that Klemp will ever be able to parrot
      much less understand! <smile>

      The CATCH-22 with Klemp's scam is that he (the Mahanta)
      gets credit for all mundane "good" things that happen
      in ECKists' lives. The "bad" things that happen to ECKists
      are their own fault for one reason or another and are "karmic."

      Therefore, Klemp (the Mahanta) always gets credit for the
      good and ECKists are stuck with the bad. Yes, it's always a
      WIN/WIN for Klemp (the Mahanta) and a LOSE/LOSE for
      the ECKist!

      Thus, there are always little Escape Clauses or Disclaimers
      that are used throughout ECKANKAR by Klemp (the Mahanta)
      to avoid taking responsibility for his Chelas. Why should all
      all thoughts, words, feelings, actions, and reactions be done
      in the name of the SUGMAD, the ECK, and the Mahanta when
      the Mahanta won't take credit for the bad or negative outcomes
      even when this affirmation is done with a loving and open heart?

      This is when the Catch-22 Rule comes into play. It is always
      the Chelas fault and never Klemp's! Let's face it - How could
      Klemp be able to fulfill what he preaches!? It's a scam! He's
      Not God on Earth anymore than any of us are! He's just another
      guy or man that was handed down a religious title! Klemp
      Doesn't Even Have the Spiritual Insight to be Called a Modern
      Prophet except by himself!

      Jesus (the Christ) had more Spiritual Insight and Consciousness
      than Klemp will ever have! Klemp is more of a (bad) joke than
      anything else! Klemp is a KAL agent that is testing these Souls
      (ECKists) to see if they will finally wake-up, take responsibility,
      and become their own Master in this Here and Now!

      The crime of ECKANKAR is that it has Distracted the True
      Spiritual Seeker from the Search for the TRUTH. There were
      some interesting concepts that Twitchell came up with as he
      did his research, but each Soul must take the Responsibility
      for their own Truth and their own Individual Path to Mastership.

      ECKANKAR Detracts from Truth with unfulfilled promises,
      servitude, delusion, exclusiveness (vanity), and a passive
      withdrawal from society, family, and non-ECK friends. In many
      ways ECKANKAR looks like many other religions. Most ECKists,
      however, have lost their perspective for recognizing these
      truths let alone Higher Truth!

      If the ECK Higher Initiations had any validity Klemp and his
      H.I.s would NOT make the Negative and unloving comments to
      others (and one another). This by-product (behaviour) of
      Higher Consciousness is Real and Valid Proof, and NOT
      "visitations" by ECK Masters. ECKANKAR is a SCAM! Higher
      Initiations should equate to Higher Consciousness and this
      equates to kind, loving, and tolerant behaviours, as well as,
      an expanded awareness and openness of thought. Alas!
      This is Not the case with Klemp's version of ECKANKAR!

      Unfortunately, there will never be a version of ECKANKAR
      (based on its Dogma) that will ever take the True Seeker
      of TRUTH into the Higher Realms.

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