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Why Does HU-Chat Deny That It Is Sponsored By ECKANKAR?

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  • prometheus_973
    HU-Chat uses the Official ECKANKAR trade marked logo on its front page and yet denies that it has any affiliation to ECKANKAR. I can see why they put a
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 21, 2006
      HU-Chat uses the Official ECKANKAR trade marked logo
      on its front page and yet denies that it has any affiliation
      to ECKANKAR.

      I can see why they put a disclaimer (in the SOP) that the
      comments and views shared are not necessarily Klemp's
      or ECKANKAR's.

      However, why do they lie about the affiliation to the
      ECKANKAR ORG or to the RESA Structure?

      HU-Chat must, also, post the ECKANKAR.org site as a
      requirement handed down to them from the ECKANKAR

      Yet, the HU-Chat site owner (Sarah) and the site moderators
      deny that there is any "official" relationship to HU-Chat!

      Perhaps, HU-Chat is deceiving people of the truth because
      Klemp, the ESC, and the RESAs are incapable of dealing with
      the H.I. FOXES that control this KAL/ECK Vahana Community.

      This speaks volumns as to the spiritual validity of the ECK
      Teachings when the LEM/Mahanta cannot control his own
      Chelas. It cannot be that Klemp Does Not know about these
      Highly Negative and Nasty H.I.s since his 12/2006 H.I.
      Letter describes them perfectly! Why are ECKists so
      cowardly and passive when it comes down to taking action?

      When does the other shoe fall? Should Klemp give these
      HU-Chat "Foxes" more rope to hang themselves or take
      a chance that more ECKists and seekers will be turned away
      from the ECK due to the arrogance and unloving behaviours
      of these H.I. KAL Agents?

      I'm amazed to see the lack of Leadership Training when
      even the ECK Internet Guru and Vahana Leader Steve R.
      is nasty to a fellow ECKist and HU-Chat poster. On one
      hand he is ever so loving and helpful, but on the other
      he tromps on the rights of others with big muddy boots.

      I expect this from Cheryl G. since vile has poured forth
      from her mouth for years! A mob mentality or killing
      frenzy caused many HU-Chat site members to gang up
      on a fellow ECKist because he asked too many difficult
      questions for their pea brains to comprehend. He had
      different experiences and perspectives that they couldn't
      relate to, therefore, he was thus crucified. The slaughter
      was quite blood thirsty! Wasn't ECKANKAR once called an
      individual path? I believe that Steve R. called it a "Heart"
      religion. That makes sense because they did try to rip
      his heart out!

      I guess this Individual Path and "Heart" Religion thing is
      just more PR and cheap talk to attract paying members
      to ECKANKAR.

      There are other (even long-time) HU-Chat members that
      are attacked as well when there is a differing opinion from
      Cheryl's. Yes, it's her way or the highway! Where have I heard
      that recently?

      I can see why many ECKists and seekers are turned away from
      HU-Chat because it is Not a safe place for them. The only way
      to exist there is to become Cheryl's lap dog or to keep silent.
      However, isn't this Neg. Power Seeking behaviour by these H.I.
      FOXES rather typical of ECKANKAR H.I.s as a whole!

      For these out-of-control H.I.s to do as they please and say
      whatever mean and nasty things they want to say on the
      Internet in the light of day for all in the World to see and
      hear means that Klemp is a pitiful LEM/Mahanta and takes
      No responsibility for anything his H.I.s do or say. HU-Chat
      H.I.s are Vahanas, Arahatas, ECK Leaders, and are Missionaries
      24/7. How can the HU-Chat owner and site moderators deny
      that they have any affiliation or sponsorship with ECKANKAR?
      Because they're Liars ALL!

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