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Have Chela/Chickens Also Fallen Into Ignorant Bliss & Apathy?

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  • prometheus_973
    Hi Mish, The crew/chelas were punished for Not standing up to this symbol of Power (KAL) their Captain/LEM. The Captain was insanely jealous of the attention
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 18, 2006
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      Hi Mish,
      The crew/chelas were punished for Not standing up
      to this symbol of Power (KAL) their Captain/LEM. The
      Captain was insanely jealous of the attention the bird
      was getting. This story, therefore, depicts the ego and
      the Passion of Vanity and Power.

      Isn't it interesting that HK uses a mythical/fictional
      story that shows the origin of an ignorant superstition.
      The ECK version of the story is to promote Eckankar's
      exclusive theft of the "Sound" Current (Spirit).

      On the other hand Eckankar too is a blend of myth
      and fiction that fools the ignorant who are seeking
      an exclusive (vain) path that leads to an illusionary
      bliss and passive attitudes of arrogance via initiation.

      However, what has Klemp ever atoned for? Not for
      the lies of Twitchell or of Gross or of his own, as well
      as, his negative and unloving behaviours! Therefore,
      it's business as usual. Klemp is all talk as he continues
      to complain of others whether they be old farmers,
      ping-pong players (while in the U.S.A.F.), Graham and
      Ford, ECK "losers," "fill-in" postal clerks, or H.I.
      "Foxes." There are more, of course, but this shows
      a pattern were Klemp never takes responsibility for
      anything even before joining Eckankar!

      So, Joe and other ECKists can mindlessly mimic and
      repeat the rantings of Klemp as much as they want.
      They still overlook the fact that the foundation of the
      Eckankar teachings come from Radhasoami..
      including the four types of Karma, having a Living Master,
      and the base beliefs (and terminology) in the Sound
      Current (aka, Bani, Rushing Wind, Shabd, Life Force,
      Holy Spirit, Audible Life Stream, etc.)!

      If only these ECK Chickens (from the "henhouse") could
      soar above the lies and distortions of Eckankar for a
      better view of reality! This will never happen for most of
      them. Chela/Chickens flock together as followers... Eagles
      are free of the flock (hierarchy) to soar via Self-Mastery
      and Spiritual Freedom. In truth, even the H.I. Foxes are
      more free than the chela/chickens living in the "henhouse"
      of delusion.


      Mishmisha wrote:

      Joe Homsey finally has his latest post on Hu-Chat
      approved by the moderator Frank Weeden. Yes, Joe
      is still being moderated which means his posts have
      to be scrutinized by the power "foxes" on Hu-Chat
      before they are allowed to be read by the other

      The following is Joe's post on Hu-Chat, "The Rime
      of the Ancient Mariner": "

      >"In one of the best epic poems of modern civilization,
      > Samuel Taylor Coleridge identifies the plight of
      > leadership gone awry. In this lengthy tale, Coleridge
      > tells us about the albatross, an awkward, not so
      > elegant, anything but graceful bird who happens upon
      > a ship that has been at sea. The ship has been headed
      > "south", and in big trouble. With the mystical assitance
      > of the albatross, the ship gets turned around and,
      > although still in a fog, the ship is finally headed in the
      > right direction and out of immediate peril.
      > The ship's crew takes a liking to the albatross and
      > provides it with scraps of food. The ship's captain,
      > miffed about the attention the albatross is receiving,
      > unilaterally decides to kill the albatross and does so
      > with an arrow to the innocent bird's heart. The captain
      > does his best to rationalize his cowardly act to the ship's
      > Without the mystical guidance of the albatross, the ship
      > eventually begins to have more problems. One by one the
      > crew dies till only the captain remains. Coleridge tells us
      > in plain simple language that the ship is still being driven
      > by the spirit of the albatross, even though it's being done
      > so from deep under the sea.
      > As the Living ECK Master explains, the directional guidance
      > that occurs in this epic tale is best represented by the "Sound"
      > as it underlies and drives our outward, day to day activities.
      > The silver lining to this tragic tale is that the captain of the ship
      > survives the desperate experience, and goes on to live a life of
      > re-telling his tale over and over again to anyone who will listen.
      > There is probably no greater analogy in literature to describe
      > how leadership can falter. And there is probably no greater
      > example of how leadership can right the ship and atone for past
      > errors." (unquote)

      I remember reading "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner" when I
      was a kid. I didn't much like the captain for slaying the albatross.
      It seemed that he had gone quite mad. I think there is a great
      analogy of Klemp being that "mad" captain who has killed the
      spiritual growth of his chelas. Considering Klemp's history of
      mental problems, I can also understand why Klemp was
      attracted to the poem, but it seems his slant on the meaning
      of the poem as well as Joe's is as off kelter as the eck teachings
      are. The re-telling over and over of the story of the albatross was
      the captain's tortorous punishment for his sin of destroying the
      albatross. I wonder how Klemp and co. will be like-wised
      punished??? Karma?

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