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Re: [EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous] Re: Eckists Discuss Proper Guidelines for Vahana Sites

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  • ewickings
    ... Cheryl is also a bit edgy with Charlene over on Hu-chat. Wonder why Charlene is being moderated there? Cheryl has the power over Charlene by being the
    Message 1 of 3 , Dec 15, 2006
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      > Now in another message #7399, posted Dec. 8, 2006, Cheryl
      > goes to the heart of why she was so edgy about Charlene
      > setting up a new eck chat site. Cheryl wrote in part:
      > ". . . . It's a bit like my ECK pendant. The energy shifts according
      > to whether the HU is facing out or the ECK is facing out. <smile>
      > It's easy to talk to ECKists about the HU....because we're familiar with
      > it and what it is. It's sharing it with strangers who have not heard of it
      > this lifetime, or have no context that it fits into that makes it interesting,
      > as ECKists. And I guess after years of dealing with the LIFE FORMS known on
      > line as DETRACTORS for so many years, well....offering them a road map to
      > our members only pages is something I bulked at when I read your site.
      > My bad! <smile> It's not mine to decide. Hope you don't take offense at
      > that. I'm learning. <smile>" [MY CAPS]
      Cheryl is also a bit edgy with Charlene over on Hu-chat.  Wonder why Charlene is being moderated there?   Cheryl has the power over Charlene by being the one to approve her messages if she feels like it!
      Here we see Cheryl once again being two faced!  She shows one face on Hu-chat by moderating Charlene.  On the Vahana site, Cheryl had the nerve to question Charlene publicly asking where Charlene lives.  Of course Charlene caught on to the false face of Cheryl by questioning the reason behind Cheryl's question.  
      We all KNOW Cheryl is no dummy when it comes to tracking a person by their ISP info!  She can and does sleuth around the Internet to expose detractors!  It makes her feel powerful and superior over those life forms known as detractors!   She was snooping around and trying to figure out where Charlene lives or works.
      Charlene is more aware than Cheryl, and I suspect she didn't by the bull shit Cheryl handed her when she shared a web site link for California,   <smile> and a  <wink>    to cover up her real motive!  Poor Cheryl, she is desperately trying to figure out who everyone is.  Trying to flush out the foxes....
      Or at least trying to make herself look so pure and spiritual one minute, but is really an abusive ass like her father!   It runs in Cheryl's family as she has so poignantly pointed out about her poor abusive childhood, saving her mother and all.   Boy she sure has earned the right to be called an HI,  and an excellent swords women for the Eck and the Mahanta.    <smile> and a <wink>  Hey I think I just stumbled onto something.   I think Cheryl is on a crusade because she really is conflicted by her daddies abuse.  She is striking back at all those losers she thinks are just like her daddy!  <wink>  <wink>   ;-PPPP
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