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  • Elizabeth
    I have been pondering Aware or Awareness which for most means: having or showing realization, perception, or knowledge, cognizant, conscious, sensible,
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 14, 2006
      I have been pondering "Aware" or "Awareness" which for most means:
      having or showing realization, perception, or knowledge, cognizant,
      conscious, sensible, Alive, Awake.

      Now when you put an Eckankar spin on this, "they" claim to have
      ownership of awareness. If you are not an Eckists, then you are
      psychic, which is of the lower worlds and is negative! LOL

      In Eckankar, your initiation determines your level of awareness.
      Though I have seen many new members more aware / awake than many
      Higher Initiates!

      How do you define awareness? Is it that natural gift we all are
      born with, some being more aware than others of this gift? Or do
      you need to pay a membership price to gain it?

      I'm going to share an experience I had last night while at the mall
      with my family. I want to say though that this experience is just
      an example of the MANY similar experiences I have had before, during
      and after Eckankar. YEP, you read that correctly.... even after

      My husband was shopping for a Christmas gift for me, while my 5 year
      old daughter and I were finishing a snack at the food court in the
      mall. My other 2 daughters were also off shopping. This was for
      me, a very nice quiet moment! I enjoy taking those quiet moments,
      even if it is not sooo quiet in my surroundings. I am someone that
      can block out the noise and commotion going on around me.

      So, my little one is sitting there eating her snack, as I was
      enjoying a peaceful moment... I was in a place where my mind was
      completely still, and at that moment I saw my husband in my
      spiritual eye... he was walking up from behind me so very quietly.
      I smiled to myself because it felt very comforting and loving. At
      that very momnet (this experience lasted about 2 seconds) I felt my
      husband gently put his hands on my shoulders, and kiss the top of my
      head. My 5 year old daughter looked up surprised and
      laughed "DADDY"! I felt a very warm wave of energy pass between my
      husband and I, and I quietly said to him, "I could scense you were
      near!" Such a little thing..... but yet a very important spiritual
      experience I wanted to share!

      You see, Eckankar and it's Masters can not remove initiations, or
      spiritual awareness that each individual soul has discovered for
      themselves. No matter what, these experiences are real, and are
      very positive examples of what LOVE is. There is no "POWER"
      involved. It is pure expression of soul awareness!

      No Eckankar Mythical Master or Mahanta can stand in my way of
      awareness, or my journey toward that which created us! And I don't
      have to pay one single dime for that! My family and living life,
      provides me with more loving, spiritual experiences than any fake
      God man ever could!

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