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  • prometheus_973
    Hi Mish, I really liked your response and agree with what you have said. Yes, I too still have Eck friends. I must say that there Is some amount of real
    Message 1 of 4 , Jun 24, 2005
      Hi Mish,

      I really liked your response and agree with what you have said. Yes,
      I too still have Eck friends. I must say that there Is some amount
      of real spiritual truth upon which all religions are based. However,
      the problems with religion usually arise with the dogma that seems
      to flow from the little self (egos) of those leader/followers who
      have symbolically promoted their own distortions of truth from the
      original teachings. In some cases, however, the distortions of truth
      originated with the person the religion was built around, or who
      started the religion.


      --- In EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com, "mishmisha9"
      <mishmisha9@y...> wrote:
      Hi, Leigh!

      I've been thinking about your "open question" a bit. I'm not sure
      how to answer it fully, so I'll just try to respond simply and
      perhaps, only in part for now.

      You asked:
      >Where's everyone "at" right now? Are we just anti Eckankar or
      >do we have an anti religion bias now?

      For me, I am anti Eckankar, but not anti Eckists--some are still my
      friends. Is this contradictory? I don't think so. I really have
      never found a religion that I am comfortable with. But yet I do
      believe in Divine Spirit--from personal awareness of Its existence.
      I didn't learn this from a teacher or a master (I had this knowledge
      before joining Eckankar); however, I am open to other people's
      personal stories and experiences which seem to substantiate what I
      have learned about how Spirit works in our lives. So while I believe
      in God, it seems I do have an anti religion bias. I felt when I
      discovered Eckankar that it would be different from other religious
      groups I had experienced, so I was open to it. Unfortunately, for
      me, my Eckankar experience only served to put me back rather than
      give me anything much of a positive nature to grow on--unless I
      factor in that I will not affiliate myself again with another
      religious group.

      You said:
      > I think the most important thing for being well adjusted in
      > "body, mind, spirit, feelings, etc." is self respect.

      This is true. Without self respect and love of self, we are
      miserable and basically unfunctioning individuals.
      You further stated:

      >I believe everyone chooses what to believe based on what
      >reinforces their self respect. Where I think we go awry is in
      >choosing a religion to act as a wider expression of the self
      >respect and personal belief we have. I've looked at pretty much
      >everything (I think) in 35 years And while I like a bit of this
      >and that, here and there I don't find any religion in the world
      >that expresses the open ended possibilities we have. What religions
      >do express it seems is >the morality, belief and self respect of
      >one person or a small(tiny) group of people. Usually localized (if
      >you go back to the >beginning) in one region of the world or one
      >culture, and >expressing one or both of those qualities.

      Yes, this is true as well. When we get caught up in a group
      consciousness, then we find ourselves either regulated to being
      either a leader or a follower. We certainly give up at least in part
      our individuality and creative thinking. We have to give and take,
      according to our position of either being a leader or follower.
      Strong leaders are most effective with the weakest of followers.
      Those in the middle who tend to question or think too much on their
      own, tend to read books and listen to other sources (i.e. Ford
      Johnson's "Confessions of a God Seeker.") Eventually, those in the
      middle either become trapped when elevated to leadership positions,
      or they wake up and drop out. : )

      You closed your post with the following and I will try to respond
      here as well:

      >Rather than Eckankar, what memories are carrying you forward today?
      >I'm not saying I have an answer to this, certainly not a "pat" one.
      >I'm just inviting comment if anyone should choose to or feel in the
      >mood to.

      > > Leigh

      What carried me forward prior to Eckankar, during Eckankar and post
      Eckankar is the realization that there is a certain symmetry in all
      that happens and also the "uncanny" timing of events. I believe in
      the circle of life, which means simply, that in living and growing
      we have all kinds of experiences which in the end balance out. If I
      am in hard times, I know it will not last and I am always hopeful
      and expect better days. I also realize during good times that that
      will change as well, so I enjoy and am grateful for those better
      moments. I also believe that there are a lot of good people in this
      world, on all continents, and none better than another.

      Well, I hope this gives you a view of my perspectives. Your
      question/topic is interesting, but not so easily answered. Maybe I
      will add something more later.

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