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Confused Eckists can't even read HK's words! : )

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  • mishmisha9
    ] Hi, All! Interesting to see how eckists on the Internet are viewing Prometheus posting of Klemp s H.I. News Letter, Dear Brothers of the Leaf! They are so
    Message 1 of 7 , Dec 9, 2006
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      Hi, All!

      Interesting to see how eckists on the Internet are
      viewing Prometheus' posting of Klemp's H.I. News
      Letter, "Dear Brothers of the Leaf!" They are so
      confused that some are ducking their heads further
      in the sand, closing their eyes and ears, by
      applying the "Law of Silence." Rev. Peter Anton
      chastized someone for re-posting HK's H.I. News
      Letter over on Hu-singers. Below is what Rev. Peter

      "Well, it isn't me talking as much as the principles
      of Eck. This is from the Spiritual Laws of Life, by Sri
      Harold Klemp:

      'The Great Ones, the Adepts of the Vairagi Order,
      wish to come and go freely among the initiates, but
      this means that they must be given complete
      privacy and confidentiality. Thus, let it be a reminder
      that the Law of Silence in our inner life is necessary
      if we are to walk in the company of these travelers.'

      'When you come to the state of self-mastery, it does
      not mean that you now have license to do whatever
      you please. It simply means that you now
      understand the laws of Spirit as they apply to you.
      You know the things you can do and the things you
      cannot do. And while you make your way through
      life with these guidelines, you also are being a
      vehiclefor Spirit.' -- Danda, the Righteous Law."

      The righteous Rev. Peter Anton would do well to
      follow his own advice and keep quiet, instead
      of criticizing. Plus, how is this pious eckist also
      a minister in the Universal Life Church? Isn't this
      against the eck teachings and practices?? Peter
      really gets full of himself at times--a lot of times!
      The thing is Peter is working hard at being a good
      person, but he seems totally confused like so many
      others about the practices and teachings of his
      religion--eckankar. What he quoted above is
      regarding the inner experiences--not the outer!
      HK's message to the H.I.'s come from the outer, so
      no law is being broken by posting his comments.
      Actually, since non-eckists are posting this for the
      benefit of the lower eck initiates, the eck spiritual
      laws do not apply. LOL!

      But what I find more amusing than the ducking out
      of the eckists about HK's news letter is how HK is
      once again placing blame on the chelas (H.I.s)
      instead of taking ownership of these deviant
      behaviors within the eck hierarchy. As Harry
      Truman so long ago proclaimed--the buck stopped
      with him. But not so with Harry Klemp! He is always
      looking to blame others-it is his life long pattern.
      Of course, an eckist like Cheryl will resonate with
      some of his comments as she did with the "loser"
      statement Klemp wrote in "Those Wonderful ECK
      Masters" I have reposted once again below. If I
      recollect correctly, when Jackie Harriz posted this
      excerpt on Hu-Chat last January, Cheryl responded
      by commenting how she resonated with those
      words of HK. See, chelas like Cheryl really thrive
      on the negative that she is exposed to. However,
      now it seems that Cheryl is one of the "foxes"
      Klemp is criticizing and scolding in his H.I. News
      Letter. Poor Cheryl, she was only doing what HK
      does so well himself. Yes, there are foxes outside
      the hen house as Klemp points out, but the lead
      fox is Klemp himself. He needs to take ownership
      and correct his course before he can expect his
      chelas to do the same!

      But here's a thought for eckists--what if HK was
      hoping that his newsletter would be posted on
      the Internet? What if, he wants you all to read it?
      And, finally, why be so afraid to read what your
      master has written?

      Here's the re-post about the chela losers:

      --- In EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.
      com, "mishmisha9" <mishmisha9@...> wrote:

      This is a very enlightening excerpt from HK's new
      book, "Those Wonderful Eck Masters," Chapter 11,
      The Mahanta, the Living ECK Master--A Modern
      Prophet SRI Harold Klemp (Wah Z), page 211.

      As with the infamous postal worker story, once
      again HK shows his unloving and nasty side. In
      this case, if you dare to challenge HK's authority
      or complain, this is what he calls you and this is
      what he thinks of you, this so called loving
      spiritual leader!

      Read it and weep or read it and laugh--maybe,
      it's a combination of both, but HK demands
      respect and if he doesn't get it, watch out!

      Here's the excerpt:

      "Belief in the Master's ever-present company
      relies upon an individual's degree of unfoldment.
      Actual inner experiences help one move to a
      greater understanding of the ways of divine
      revelation. But if he chooses to hang on to shopworn
      karmic debts due to, say, an inability to control some
      mental passion or habit like anger, then his spiritual
      momentum stops. It's that simple. Of course, a
      headstrong follower always tries to fix blame on the
      Mahanta, the Living ECK Master when his attempts
      to advance in ECK come to nothing."

      "But such an attitude changes nothing. The individual
      is a loser and will continue to be a loser until he
      adopts the practices of a winner."

      "I'm used to such misdirected slings. They go with my
      position. I realize that at some point an individual will
      break free of his holding pattern and again soar higher.
      It's when he's seen that all responsibility for his
      unfoldment lies with him alone."


      Interesting comments by HK. . .

      First, HK will not take the responsibility for a
      member's inability to advance in ECK, but yet
      despite this, HK expects the frustrated chela to
      continue to follow HK's leadership.HK claims the
      chela is being "headstrong"--uncooperative!
      Second, if the chela dares to blame HK for his not
      advancing in ECK, HK calls him a loser. So, the
      seeker not only is disappointed that ECK is not
      working for him, but now he is being called a loser
      by the big Spiritual Leader, Mr. Klemp! Slap!

      Third, but then HK explains in the end that the
      seeker's ability to unfold lies within himself--this
      is the truth the seeker must discover. So, then, of
      course, I have to ask why does one need those
      "wonderful eck masters?" It seems obvious in this
      "truthful" statement that they are not needed at
      all. And, how about that karma HK is supposed to
      be taking on for his chelas? How is it that this
      karma and negativity which caused the lack of
      advancement was not corrected by the all
      powerful Mahanta?

      Well, here again these are just more confusing
      statements and also

      unloving comments by Harold Klemp. Where is
      HK's loving heart in this writing? Answer: It's not
      there! He demands respect and obedience--of
      course, he says he's used to those who complain,
      but yet if he is, why does he call them "losers?" I
      wonder why such an authority and world spiritual
      leader LOL like HK can't just find and take the
      higher road!

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