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Repost by James Davis about religion / spiritual paths

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  • Elizabeth
    Below is some excellent points by James Davis, the author of The Rosetta Stone Of God! James Davis book at one time was one of the Vahana tools favored by
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 2, 2006
      Below is some excellent points by James Davis, the author of The
      Rosetta Stone Of God!

      James Davis' book at one time was one of the Vahana tools favored by
      Harold Klemp because it validated those Mythical Eck Masters.

      See how easy it is to remove what was once TRUTH, but now has no
      value to the teachings!

      As someone else would say; QUESTION AUTHORITY ;-)

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      this is a repost from a.r.e. where James Davis (= Siva Ri) states in
      a nutshell in what to look out for in a religion or spiritual path.
      James Davis is a former HI and the author of the highly acclaimed
      book "The Rosetta Stone of God". Of course this book was drawn from
      the official book list after James had left Eckankar. :-))

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      > Subject: Five points for those leaving ECKANKAR
      > From: sivari@[EMAIL PROTECTED]
      > (Siva Ri)
      > Date: 2/19/02 8:02 PM Pacific Standard Time
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      > Like many who move on to a new experience, I tend to look back on
      what I learned. There are many broad lessons and rich experiences I
      learned in ECKANKAR, but here I will focus on what I learned about
      spiritual groups. Those who are on the brink of leaving ECKANKAR, or
      have recently left, may find they learned similar lessons. I left
      about a year ago, and now I apply the following five principles to
      the spiritual and religious groups I encounter nowadays. And I thank
      ECKANKAR for teaching me these principles.

      1. Avoid groups with leaders who claim to be the only, or the
      best, or the highest, or the purest master on the planet. And run,
      dont walk, from any leader who claims to be THE supreme incarnation
      of God.

      2. Avoid groups that suggest, or even hint, that bad things
      will happen to you if you leave their club. Typical threats to watch
      out for include a halting of your growth, a burden of karma,
      slippage or regression on the path, loss of spiritual protection,
      and a loss of inner guidance.

      3. Avoid groups that santify their particular interpretation of
      truth as being higher, better, purer than everyone elses. A big
      warning sign is claims that their literature is sacred scripture, and
      that it comes from the mouth of God.

      4. Be wary of groups that turn degrees or initiations into
      outer insignia of spiritual status. Even be wary of groups with
      purely inner initiations, but where members of the group, or their
      leaders, drop hints about how many inner initiations they have.

      5. Be on the alert for teachers that devalue the mind, and who
      claim that the heart alone is the knower of truth. God gave us BOTH
      the heart and the mind for good reason - they are a perfect balance
      for each other. The mind can be a slayer of the real, but the heart
      (unchecked by reason) can as easily be led astray into the swamps of
      misguided doctrines.
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