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As Above So Below - Some Eck Vahanas (and HK) Invalidate The Eck Teachings

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  • Elizabeth
    Sharing another important post concerning As Above So Below all for you Cher! ;-) ... 51. ... towards ... negativity ... LEM/Mahanta. ... in ... then ...
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 2, 2006
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      Sharing another important post concerning "As Above So Below" all
      for you Cher! ;-)

      --- In EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com, "prometheus_973"
      <prometheus_973@...> wrote:
      > As Above So Below - is based upon "psychic philosophy" and
      > the "doctrine of cycles" as defined in the Eckankar Lexicon pg.
      > This also shows why some Eck Vahanas on the Internet are
      > just as nasty, unloving, and intolerant as their LEM/Mahanta.
      > However, Eckists should direct their anger and frustrations
      > Twitchell, Gross and Gross's apprentice - Klemp!
      > For every nice and cute little "Eck" story told involving the help
      > given chelas and the visitations by "Eck Masters" there are other
      > very negative and nasty things shared by other Eckists. These are
      > the misdeeds, of words and actions, that demonstrate the
      > shown by current Eck chelas under the authority of their
      > Just look at the comments by "Harald" on Ford's TS site or the
      > comments by Rich or Cher and other Eck Vahanas on A.R.E. or other
      > Internet sites (you know who you are!). Look at HK's "loser"
      > comments or regarding that 3rd temporary postal clerk, or to that
      > 4th initiate that wanted to return to the Eck teachings. Not very
      > tolerant or loving or of the "Highest" consciousness was it?!
      > These Vahanas violate their own Spiritual Laws and belief system
      > order to attack others. What happened to the Eck Law of Non-
      > Interference or to the Law of Love and all the others?! It's all a
      > sham isn't it! However, if Eckists applaud the "loser" comments of
      > Klemp's, as they did on the Eck sites of HU-Chat or Chela-Chat,
      > that does tell a lot about what Klemp is really teaching his
      > through his own words and actions. One would expect more from a
      > person that claims, through the Eck dogma of Twitchell, to be The
      > Greatest Soul ever to visit earth! There is something very wrong
      > with this picture, especially, for those who can still see and
      > truth! Even the hard-core Eckists with half a brain can see some
      > the flaws. The problem is that the other half of their brain has
      > become deluded. This is why Linda and others at the ESC cheered at
      > the "loser" comments of HK's!
      > Don't Eck chelas realize that the "loser" H.I.s disprove the
      > validation of the Eck Initiations and the Circles! Why do "true"
      > Eckists share the same circle of initiation with "losers" unless
      > they too are "losers!" Or, is Klemp lying about there being chelas
      > that are "losers?" The truth is that Klemp is lying about almost
      > everything! He is a mean Mahanta to use such negative words! Is he
      > really a mahanta or a kal agent? And, for chelas to share the same
      > circle with "losers" is proof that the Eck initiations are a fraud
      > and this fact discredits everything else about Eckankar! However,
      > there is another possibility - if Klemp is an agent for the Kal
      > maybe the "Weeds" and "Losers" are the true righteous ones, and
      > Klemp's "winners" are the true losers.
      > On another note: The Mahanta is supposed to know everything that
      > chelas do. Therefore, why give more initiations to those proven to
      > be unworthy and why permit the negative activity on the Internet
      > Eckists whose indentity is known? The logical and realistic
      > are that there are "loser" H.I.s because Eckankar and the Mahanta
      > (created in 1969) is a scam, and this is why the "dirty tricks"
      > negative comments are permitted on the Internet!
      > This orchestrated negativity on the Internet, of and by itself,
      > gives more real proof that Eckankar is a fraud that all of those
      > nice little Eck stories in all of those Eck books are just
      > delusional, embellished, or misunderstood rantings! The proof is
      > the pudding!
      > Yes, Twitchell created the 'law unto himself' (Catch-22) for
      > as the Mahanta in order to place himself above his critics. Think
      > about this ploy - clever isn't it! However, this anti-social and
      > egotistic con has become contagious for some. Many Eckists think
      > that this is true for themselves as well! Yet, they still seem to
      > need Eckankar and their Mahanta. This is what Eckankar does to
      > with the minds of their Eck Borg Drones (except HK is the King
      bee -
      > right?). Klemp loves to confuse his chelas through via
      > contradictions. [Some Eckists believe that these contradictions
      > spiritual paradoxes, but PT has said that paradoxes, in general,
      > of the lower planes].
      > The contradictions in Eckankar and with Klemp are because the
      > thing is a scam based upon lies that have to be refreshed and
      > replenished via more lies and distortions. That is why Klemp just
      > gives lip service to the Eck teachings on the one hand while
      > the lie (through his inaction) on the other hand! This is why his
      > RESAs do nothing about the negative Internet behavior of the
      > within their regions. As Above So Below!
      > Prometheus
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