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Teach Your Self: Listen and Learn From Your Own Experiences

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  • prometheus_973
    Hello All, I saw the string of Listening and Learning on HU-Chat and thought it might be interesting for us to explore and share our own perspectives and
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 28, 2006
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      Hello All,
      I saw the string of "Listening and Learning" on HU-Chat and thought
      it might be interesting for us to explore and share our own
      perspectives and insights.

      On HU-Chat there were comments like, "WE don't blindly take the word
      of even the Master. It's our own experience that is the teacher."
      And, "So glad to see someone else write that... despite the fact
      that both Paul and Harold have said very similar things themselves.
      It's one of the things that attracted me to Eckankar,- there is
      no 'you "have to" believe that' about the teachings."

      I find these comments interesting because I too found the "prove it
      to yourself" part of Eckankar to be appealing as well! However,
      within a hierarchy with Zoas, Guidelines, SOPs, Rules, and Spiritual
      Laws like Non-Interference and Silence, etc. there are restraints on
      what an Eckist can say, ask, teach, think or believe if they want to
      be considered a true Eckist!

      Let's just look at one thing out of many... the initiations. Yes,
      listen and learn Grasshopper this is important! It is taught that
      the Eck Initiations are yardsticks to measure one's spiritual growth
      in consciousness. Now, does an Eckist just believe this or does one
      Listen, Learn, and Experience this? Outside of oneself what is
      observed from the speach, behaviours, and actions of High Initiates
      and of Klemp? Does this reflect higher consciousness or the Kal? How
      can the Mahanta not know about this neg. behaviour of his H.I.s or
      even see it in his own words? Is it another test? Is it just me? No!
      However, if there is one thing that one can definitly see that is
      wrong with the Eck teachings then what else is wrong? Perhaps the
      flaw is in the eye of the beholder of the teachings? Do two
      negatives make a positive? What is truth?

      After years and years of accepting things on face value and being
      taught to just give up (surrender/submission) Eckists are no longer
      listening and learning or experiencing, except, within the confines
      of the Eck Dogma and Guidelines! Any Eckist that listens and learns
      and experiences Truth outside of Eckankar doesn't need a LEM/Mahanta!

      If one Listens and Learns then one will see that those years of
      trainings and initiations and being 'as if' just makes most Eckists
      better actors and more deluded towards reality. The spiritual growth
      and understanding come from being more aware of Soul (the
      Experience) and has nothing to do with a middleman/Mahanta, except,
      to take credit for what you have done on your own. If Eckists really
      want to "Listen and Learn" then they should do a slow read
      of "Confessions of a God Seeker" by former 7th Initiate and RESA
      Ford Johnson. What is the hesitation of buying this book if one is
      not afraid to learn some interesting facts about Eckankar and about
      a RESA's experience? If an Eckist wants to 'walk the walk' then they
      should read the book and Experience this too! Why not keep an open
      mind? Afterall, Ford was an important voice and a familar figure at
      Eck Seminars. The thing is that everyone's Soul experience is unique
      and, therefore, so will the experience of reading this book for
      yourself with an open mind. Just try to temporarily block out the
      opinions (mostly distorted and preconceived) of the book's
      detractors. "Confessions" does have many very good points, much
      information, and Ford's Eck experiences that every Truth Seeker and
      Eckist should be made aware of.

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