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Re: Eckankar: The Religion of Pretending 'AS IF'

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  • mishmisha9
    ... The reason that many Eckists lack Higher Consciousness is due to pretending via the imagination to be As If they already have aquired the Higher
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      --- In EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com, "prometheus_973"
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      The reason that many Eckists lack Higher Consciousness is due to
      pretending via the imagination to be "As If" they already have
      aquired the Higher Consciousness. However, Balance and Ethics are by-
      products and indications of Higher Consciousness. Pretending to be
      something one is not only deludes the individual more so. However,
      it is understandable why Eckists have deluded themselves because
      Eckankar was once seen as a Spiritual Path prior to becoming a
      Religion with rules, guidelines and trainings, etc. Yes, Eckankar
      was once advertised as the Easy Way and most Direct way to God.
      Afterall, the Eck Initiations are supposed to magically lift one to
      the Higher Realms of Consciousness [as long as you pay the yearly
      dues and keep your nose clean (or not!) and don't ask too many
      questions]. The desire to climb the ladder to God-Realization and
      greater Understanding of Oneself and of God, etc. is both a common
      and admirable trait of mankind. And, therefore, the Spiritual Seeker
      is not as unique and uncommon as he thinks! This feeling of being a
      Superior Soul is just another ego trap that excludes rather than
      includes others in the common cause of existance.

      BTW - Just for the fun of it I have some goofy and ridiculous quotes
      from "Metaphysics A Bridge To ECKANKAR" by 8th Initiate Tom Flamma,
      1981 copyright [pgs 210-211]. Twitchell's influence via lies,
      pretense and distortions of history (and myth) are contaminations to
      Truth even today!

      "The Masters of the path know as Cosmic Consciousness are known as
      saviors... By and large the greater number of them have served their
      physical ministries and have gone on to the upper realms. There,
      they were assigned new roles by the Silent Ones and will usually not
      incarnate on the physical plane again. Each of these saviors was
      once an ECK chela and received the ECK Initiations from the Living
      ECK Master of the time. A few are listed as follows:

      ABRA HEMIZ (better known as Abraham), a THIRD INITIATE with the ECK
      Master Moraji Desal." [MY CAPS]

      [Moraji Desal was to have helped write the Hammurabic Code
      (Babylonian law code 1792-1750 BC) and was a chela under Gopal Das
      who was the LEM in Egypt in 1000 BC... is there a problem with these

      "EHARATA (better know as Ra, the Sun God), a SECOND INITIATE with
      Mazram." [MY CAPS, Mazram is Not Listed in the Eckankar Lexicon]

      "MOSES, a FOURTH INITIATE with Shiv Sena." [MY CAPS, Shiv Sena
      according to the Eckankar Lexicon opened the RED SEA for Moses!]

      "KRISHNA, a THIRD INITIATE with Verta Lombu." [MY CAPS, Verta Lombu
      is Not Listed in the Eckankar Lexicon]

      "ZOROASTER, a THIRD INITIATE with Sato Kuraji." [MY CAPS, the letter
      A appears on the forehead of Sato]

      "MIN LAOU TOI (better known as the Golden Buddha of China), a FIFTH
      INITIATE with Lai Tzi." [MY CAPS, In the Eckankar Lexicon there is a
      Lai Tsi not Tzi]

      "GAUTAMA BUDDHA, a THIRD INITIATE with Fubbi Quantz." [MY CAPS]

      "JESUS, a SECOND INITIATE with Zadok." [MY CAPS]

      Anyway, these are just more distortions of truth while attempting
      to "prove" a lineage of Eck masters. Of course, rewriting real
      history or even myth is how the deceivers (false prophets, power
      hungry narcissists, scammers, etc.) sell their wares. For some
      reason people trust them and want to believe them so badly that they
      will risk everything. Most people are burdened by guilt, shame, and
      low self-esteem. This is why many look for others to follow. They
      cannot see the Master within and are not capable or willing to
      believe it. And, the Eck Initiations and Inner Master give Eckists a
      since of security and confidence. However, this is just a false
      sense of secuity and the confidence is either lacking or exaggerated
      as a superior ego. Many Eckists see through the pretense, but they
      want and need something to believe in and Eckankar seems better than
      most religions out there... right! But my point is, Who needs
      religion?! Take what seems good for you personally, makes sense, and
      seems to work from a variety of sources! You are Soul and your own
      Master. There is no need for a middleman/Mahanta!



      Hi, All! and Thanks, Prometheus!

      This is a very good post on explaining the "As If" principle that
      has to be applied to any religious belief, and certainly is a great
      tool for those in eckankar. There are various approaches
      that "believers" will use in justifying and validating that which
      they choose to believe!

      One is the use of the imagination which is one of the fundalmental
      tools that is encouraged by Harold Klemp. Everytime an eckist does
      a "spiritual exercise" he is actually opening his mind to imaginings
      via the assumed inner planes. The eckist is trained to visualize
      meeting with one of the fake eck masters and have a spiritual

      A second tool is the rewriting of "history," twisting facts and
      events around until they make a "spiritual proof" that the teachings
      are pure and accurate. The mind becomes convinced that one's belief
      is on target . . . or at the very least, no worse than any other
      religious teachings.

      As Prometheus points out in his last paragraph in his post above,
      spiritual seekers, including eckists, need to feed the ego for its
      lack of belief in one's self. Religious dogma appeals to those with
      low self-esteem and it forms a certain protection from the perceived
      injustices in one's life.

      And then there are the spiritually lazy--it is so much easier to
      just submit to another, to place oneself under the control of other
      more stronger personalities. These individuals want to be told what
      to do and when to do it. This way they don't have to think or make
      real decisions--it is a way of escaping life and its

      Perhaps, another appeal that eckankar has is that it is so obscure,
      and those "lucky" individuals who connect to it develop the belief
      that they are truly the chosen ones! Anyone who rejects or walks
      away from the teachings, in their mind, are less spiritually
      advanced/enlightened than they are! They really do develop into
      arrogant-minded individuals who believe that they are casting a
      brighter light in the world! : )

      I've been re-reading Ford Johnson's "Confessions of a God Seeker,"
      and found this paragraph in which he comments on the power of dogma:

      "The remarkable thing about dogma and its attendant doctrines is
      that they do not have to be true or even make sense. The 'proof' and
      power of dogma lie in the belief followers place in it, not in
      anything intrinsic to it. Dogma is given life and power by the
      believer's faith in its originator, his teachings, and successors."

      While everyone is free to believe what ever they want regarding
      religious faith and teachings (at least in this country), it doesn't
      mean that those beliefs and teachings cannot be put under
      examination and scrutiny. The critical analysis of eckankar dogma
      and its leadership is what we do on this site. It serves as
      information for the seeker who is looking for the pros and cons of
      this particular religion. It provides so to speak "the rest of the
      story" for those with questions and doubts. It is unfortunate that
      those individuals who are firmly entrenched in the eck teachings
      feel threatened, but if they truly believe, they should feel safe
      regardless of what others' opinions/criticisms are of their belief
      system. These individuals really shouldn't be reading things that
      upset them so much, and just continue Huuuuuuuuuuuuing!

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