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Re: Hu-Chat Moderator lies to new site member

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  • prometheus_973
    Yes, Linda (mettahu) lied to the new HU-Chat site member about being on moderated status. It s too bad that these Eckists feel that they need to lie for one
    Message 1 of 5 , Nov 19, 2006
      Yes, Linda (mettahu) lied to the new HU-Chat site member about being
      on moderated status. It's too bad that these Eckists feel that they
      need to lie for one reason or another. Where does the lying end or
      does it ever end?! Maybe the HU-Chat bosses think some Eckists can't
      handle the truth! That, however, works both ways doesn't it! The ego
      can't handle the truth and HU-Chat apologists operate from pure ego!
      Or, is a lie that benefits Eckankar really a lie? If it benefits
      Eckankar then it can't be bad or of the Kal... right! Or, is this
      just more delusional thinking and a more camouflaged Kal trap that
      their LEM/Mahanta can't help them with! What good is HK then -
      where's the Inner guidance, protection, etc.?!

      On another note: The HU-Chat S.O.P. and the disclaimer is a real
      joke! <lol> If HU-Chant is Not connected to Eckankar then why do
      they follow the "official" Style Sheet Guidelines in the S.O.P.
      Introduction by having Eck and Eckankar in all caps! Also, HU-Chat
      claims Not to be associated with Eckankar and yet states in the
      S.O.P. (6.1): "A river runs through the HU-Chat community, the River
      of Life. We walk beside it with the Mahanta, in the presence of Holy
      Spirit... talk with the Inner Master before taking any action."

      Also, HU-Chat Moderators serve a one year term from Oct. to Oct.
      [the spiritual new year of Eckankar] and this is set up in the same
      manner as with Eckankar Spiritual Center (ESC) policy! Positions
      within the Eckankar Hierarchy are for one year Oct. to Oct.

      S.O.P. (10.4): "No aspect of this SOP, nor HU-Chat itself,
      officially represents the religion of ECKANKAR or the MAHANTA."
      However, HU-Chat does officially "unofficially" represent Eckankar,
      and the LEM/Mahanta.

      BTW- "Mahanta" is not supposed to be in all caps! And, in SOP (12.0)
      Acronyms: the WW for Worldwide Seminar s/b EWWS for Eck World Wide
      Seminar. And, at the very bottom of the SOP is yet another
      Disclaimer that states:

      "HU-Chat is not sponsored by Eckankar. The opinions expressed here
      are those of the authors and not necessarily those of Sri harold
      Klemp, the Mahanta, the Living ECK Master, nor of the Eckankar

      BTW- Eckankar s/b in all caps according to the Style Sheet

      Finally, if Eckankar is Not connected to HU-Chat in an "official"
      manner why then did Cheryl do an about face! She states in her
      11/19/06 post in disclaimer after disclaimer that HU-Chat is Not an
      OFFICIAL Eckankar site! <winking> When Cheryl promotes the RESA
      structure I get the impression that she's been censored or talked to
      by her RESA! <smile> But, too little too late. She'll never change.
      She's a ticking time bomb of Kal energy! <sigh>

      Now, why is HU-Chat used as a Vahana (missionary) tool that is
      promoted by Eck Internet Vahana Guru Steve R. in coordination with
      Public Information Services at the ESC IF these Eck sites are Not
      OFFICIAL Eckankar sites? It is disingenuous of Klemp and of all Eck
      Vahanas to deny that these Eck sites, like HU-Chat, are Official
      Vahana Tools and, thereby, Official Eckankar Sites! The only thing
      that makes HU-Chat "unofficial" is that it is run loosely and by a
      bunch of 'loser' Eckists.


      Mishmisha wrote:

      Hi, All!

      It has come to my attention that a new participant on Hu-Chat was
      lied to as to why there was a delay in posting the new person's
      message. On the site, a moderator responded by stating that
      sometimes there are delays caused by Yahoo and that she doesn't
      really know why there are these occasional delays. The truth is this
      new member's posts are being "moderated" by the Hu-Chat moderators,
      and the particular moderator who claimed she didn't know what the
      problem was actually is the one who finally approved the post--the
      delay occurred until the new member's post was approved by this
      moderator! It was not a Yahoo problem as Mettahu implied; rather, it
      was a standard operating procedure in place for new members. I am
      amazed that an eckist could lie so easily and so openly on the chat
      site for all to see. It really takes away the integrity of this

      What is wrong with either publicly or in a private email explaining
      this to new members? It is a common practice on chat sites for new
      members to be moderated until it is ascertained that the new poster
      will abide by what is expected behavior in posting messages. I see
      nothing wrong with the practice; I am just appalled that the
      moderator was not forthright in explaining the delay and openly lied
      to the newbie.

      BTW, adding insult to injury, Metthahu lies while using "HU" as part
      of her screen name. Well, these eckists are really screwed up.
      Anyway, any of you "newbies" who join up on Hu-Chat just know you
      will be on moderated status until the bosses are comfortable with
      what you post--and that's actually okay! However, just be aware that
      you might not be treated with honesty when you do ask questions. : )

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