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Re: Most of what Ekankar teaches is untrue...

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  • mishmisha9
    Hi, All! I thought I d re-visit this topic thread from last July as it touches on why eckists can feel it is okay to lie--how they will justify the lie s
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      Hi, All!

      I thought I'd re-visit this topic thread from last July as it
      touches on why eckists can "feel" it is okay to lie--how they will
      justify the lie's need and purpose, just as other people do when
      they feel compelled to step away from the truth and substitute
      falsehoods. As you read down this thread, I would like to point out
      the reference I made to the trickery of someone playing a flute in
      the back of the room during an eck worship service. Most eckists and
      seekers attending the worship service that day were not aware that
      this individual was playing a few single notes on the flute during
      the "HU" and contemplation. However, as an intro to the "HU" and
      contemplation activity, it was mentioned that one might possibly
      hear a flute playing which would indicate the Soul plane (5th
      plane). I wonder how many individuals went away from that worship
      service believing that they had experienced/connected to the Soul
      plane during that contemplation activity? This is outright trickery
      for the purpose of keeping eckists delusional and to entice new
      people to join. The flute playing was arranged in advance by the
      spiritual service coordinator and the local director (both H.I.s)--
      it was not something the individual eckist decided to do on his own.
      There were new seekers at that worship service. There are members on
      Hu-Chat who witnessed and even participated in this deception at the
      eck worship service. I'm pulling this up again to show how the eck
      teachings by the very nature of its lies and deceptions mislead
      eckists into the practices of being liars and deceivers. Really sad.
      Unfortunately for them, they cannot point their fingers at the
      detractors this time when in fact these kal eckists are their own
      detractors of truth.


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      *** These differences in ethics and values just
      proves, even more so, that the Eck Initiations have no correlation
      to higher consciousness. When people accept lies as being a part of
      their belief system what is it that they really and truly believe
      in? What and Who can they trust or do they trust everything that a
      person in authority tells them?

      Here's a discussion question for Satsang - Are some lies and
      embellishments okay, and if so, which ones?! And, was it okay that
      Twitchell made embellishments and twisted facts as HK has stated?


      And what would be the typical eckist answer? It's not only fine and
      okay, but in their Twitch way of thinking, it is probably
      NECESSARY. lol Therefore, it is also TRUE and KIND, kind in the
      eckankult ruthless way. THis kind of compartmentalized thinking, if
      we can even call it that, er thinking, is so typical of the
      authoritarian cult mentality, the numbing, dumbing down of the
      intellect and also the emotional life, IMO. Switching off feelings
      is very important to a Cult leader like Harold Klemp and his middle
      management higher initiates. The word "kind" then can take on a
      whole new Cult meaning, that in reality is unkind, unloving, and
      untrue. Eckankult takes these little mundane lies that people engage
      in all the time out of courtesy, or whatever, to a completely
      different level, shall we say to a different plane of psuedo reality
      with their pseudo personality, LOL. It is truely unreal. ; o


      good comments and thoughts, you guys!

      Chelas are encouraged to "borrow" spiritual stories when they give
      talks at intros and workshops in order to sucker new people into the
      org. At some worship services, someone will stand at the back of the
      room (without being announced) and play a few notes on a flute while
      the group is singing Hu--real blatant trickery! Stories are very
      often embellished, either intentionally or because the story teller
      is delusional--it is all taken as "truth." There is so much fakery,
      and yet, the chelas accept it as real or at the very least possible,
      because they want to believe in something greater than themselves.
      Really sad!

      But what is really funny is to read some of the discussions on the
      eck chat sites where some do disagree or try to correct someone
      else's view--they can be very abrupt, and maybe even harsh, and
      certainly narrow, but at the end of the post, they will sign off
      with "love!" LOL! Just really ludicrous! I guess the disagreeable
      poster found it necessary and true to disagree sharply, but signing
      off with love made it kind??? Confusion abounds and grows, doesn't

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