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Klemp Has Arrested Development of Spiritual Growth

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  • prometheus_973
    Hi All, This post has been brought back and revised. Those Wonderful Eck Masters shows that Klemp is living in the past and is also a mean spirited loser.
    Message 1 of 3 , Nov 10, 2006
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      Hi All,
      This post has been brought back and revised. "Those Wonderful Eck
      Masters" shows that Klemp is living in the past and is also a mean
      spirited loser. Yet Klemp states that Twitchell's Mahanta
      Consciousness then was not as high as his is now. My guess is that
      PT was a spiritual giant (LOL!) compared to HK - but who isn't?!

      It seems that Eckists are still using ASTRAL Spiritual Exercise
      (S.E.) techniques! I wonder why Klemp, after 24 years as
      LEM/Mahanta, is still having both seekers and long-time Eckists use
      the Tisra Til (Third Eye)?! And is Klemp teaching AUM when all of
      his Vahanas are trying to teach the HU?! It seems he's behind-the-
      times, out-to-lunch, as well as, out-of-touch with present day

      Anyway, below are a few more observations that show how the
      delusions and distortions of Klemp trickles down within the Eckankar
      hierarchy via the "Doctrine of Cycles... and fundamental principle
      in the psychic philosophy... AS Above So Below." [page 51 Eckankar

      BTW - There are 7 Chakras, however, on page 29 of Klemp's Lexicon
      there are 12 Chakras listed, not in order, some are duplicated, and
      the names Tisra Til or Third Eye are not mentioned! Even 8th
      initiate Tom Flamma thought that there were 8 Chakras and that the 4
      below the neck corresponded to the astral, causal, mental, and
      etheric Planes. Eckist are kept confused because it takes some
      effort and desire to figure things out. And, the Catch-22/paradox of
      a scam/cult uses is that one cannot find God Realization if one has
      any desire to know Truth and to not surrender their free will.


      mishmisha wrote:

      Hi, All!
      Here's another interesting spiritual exercise that Klemp offers in
      this book "Those Wonderful ECK Masters!" It is a rather simple
      exercise and certainly will not fail, as you will notice when you
      read the instructions! LOL! From page 130:

      "A Spiritual Exercise to Meet Towart Managi"

      [HK]: "Sit in a quiet place, shut your eyes, then gently focus full
      attention on your Third Eye. It is the seat of Soul in the physical
      body. Its location is in the center of the head, behind and between
      the eyebrows. This Third Eye is also called the Spiritual Eye and
      serves as a window between our physical world and the worlds of God

      [Me]: The Tisra Til is also called the tenth door and is Not even
      the highest of the ASTRAL chakras! The Crown Chakra (pg. 39) or
      Sahasra-dal-Kanwal is the highest ASTRAL chakra! The Shasra-dal-
      Kanwal (pg.179), according to Eckankar, is also the name of the
      capital city of the ASTRAL PLANE. Therefore, the Tisra Til (Shiva-
      Netra) is where beginners on any spiritual path start! Even in
      Radhasoami this is where the beginning spiritual student starts his
      journey (pg. 443, The Path of the Masters).

      [HK]: "Now, softly chant the word aum. It is a passkey to gain
      access to the Mental Plane. After a while, you may expect to hear
      the murmuring sound of running water. Ask ECK Master Towart Managi
      to take you to the Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad on the Mental Plane."

      [Me]: If one is focusing on the Tisra Til (Third Eye), a lower
      ASTRAL chakra, how does one reach the MENTAL PLANE? I would think
      that in order to leave the ASTRAL behind that one would begin with
      the top of the ASTRAL where the CROWN chakra is located and then
      chant AUM! Why does Eckankar teach focusing on a lower (Tisra Til)
      ASTRAL chakra and just change the words used like Aum, HU, etc.? Why
      Not leave at the top of the ASTRAL PLANE? This is mentioned in a
      discourse of PT's, but where else? Apparently this old Third Eye
      technique was never updated in the official Eck dogma by Klemp and
      he still uses it today!

      [HK]: "The Shariyat may appear to you as a book, a field of glowing
      white light, or even as heavenly music or magnificent images of some
      kind. However it reveals itself, be sure to open your heart to God's
      love. Then simply enjoy the divine message it imparts to you."

      [Me]: Yes yes it is anything and everything one can imagine and yet
      nothing at all. LOL! It has also been said that the "living"
      Shariyat is one's life! For Eckists this must mean accepting
      plagiarism and delusion as normal life. I guess that Klemp needs to
      update his own antiquated daffynitions in the LexiCon. I'm curious,
      though, since on page 189 of the Eckankar LexiCon states the "chelas
      of Eckankar are taken in the dream state to study these great
      scriptures" why is it that chelas can study Books 1 & 2 on the
      Physical Plane? And, in the discontinued book "Difficulties Of
      Becoming the Living ECK Master," by PT, it was mentioned that Twitch
      had written five chapters of the Shariyat 3 and was planning on
      writing more books! Of course, this fact also points out that
      Twitchell had No plans of dying anytime soon, was Not Aware of his
      own impending death and, therefore, because of this Could Not be an
      Eck Master! And, if Twitchell was Not a real Eck Master then Gross
      and Klemp can't be either! Anyway, this is one more reason why these
      historical books of Twitchell's have been destroyed by Klemp and

      MISH: So basically Klemp is saying that the Shariyat can appear as
      anything your mind conjures up! If you see a bird, hear a car horn
      honking, or a flame of colors of any kind, yada, yada, you can
      imagine, if you truly want to believe his crap, that you are seeing
      the holy book of eck, the Shariyat! Whatever you imagine (or
      whatever anyone else imagines) is correct. Any vision you see or
      sound you hear during this spiritual exercise will be the Shariyat!
      It's as simple as that--and doing this exercise as so stated will
      turn you into a believer of the eck teachings--and your next step in
      spiritual unfoldment in eckankar is to write that check and send in
      your membership fee. Then you will be well on the road to exploring
      the higher planes of lies and deceptions that are the true teachings
      of eck! This is Klemp's distraction for eckists--for his inability
      in writing a Shariyat 3 or 4! Sadly, most eckists accept this
      without a question. : )

      P.S. to Kaye: Thanks for the comments about the purpose for this
      site and others like it! You certainly are an inspiration for others
      to quit the eck org and perhaps also add their voices to our
      discussions! I really enjoy reading your perspectives and the
      information that you bring!
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