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Re: Reply to Ingrid and Mish (Mahanta & 4 Zoas)

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  • mishmisha9
    Hello, Prometheus! Thank you for taking the time to answer my question about the Four Zoas. It s interesting how we were being trained/programmed to be good.
    Message 1 of 3 , Mar 11, 2005
      Hello, Prometheus!

      Thank you for taking the time to answer my question about the Four
      Zoas. It's interesting how we were being trained/programmed to
      be "good." Of course, it is better than being
      programmed to be "bad." But the thing is, when dictated to by such
      things as the Four Zoas, we are really giving up our personal
      freedom and our ability to grow. All these rules really were for
      control--obey, obey, obey! And do that vahanna work! Zoa Number 4
      was probably the main purpose of the first three!

      > Hi Mish
      > Okay, you want to know about the Four Zoas! Well, the Four Zoas
      > apply to (mostly) the High Initiates of Eckankar. Sometimes they
      > broadly applied to all initiates and it is sometimes suggested
      > a Fourth Initiate start following the Four Zoas in order to be
      > better prepared for the "consideration" for the Fifth Initiation
      > (usually given in 15-18 years of continuous membership).
      > Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad Book 2, Chapter 3, pages 283-284... "The four
      > Zoas (laws) of Eckankar for the Mahdis, the initiate of the Fifth
      > Circle, are:
      > (1) The Mahdis shall not use alcohol, tobacco, or drugs; gamble;
      > be gluttonous in any way...

      I'm learning how to play poker at the moment--lots of fun! I don't
      gamble real money, so that is cool! Poker is a game of skill. I
      don't use tobacco or drugs beyond prescription medication which is
      limited. Alcohol--I enjoy wine on occasion. But how do you define
      glutttony? Isn't this a matter of opinion/judgement?

      > (2) The Mahdis shall not speak with tongue of vanity or deceit or
      > unhappiness, criticize the actions of others, blame others for
      > doings, quarrel, fight or inflict injury. He shall be at all times
      > be respectful and courteous to his fellow man and show great
      > compassion and happiness.

      This one sounds very Stepford wife-like!

      > (3) The Mahdis shall have humility, love, and freedom from all
      > of creeds. He shall be free from the laws of karma which snare him
      > with boastfulness and vanity. He shall have love for all people
      > all creatures of the Sugmad.

      This seems to be impossible--to be free from all bonds of creeds--
      when you go onto #4 Zoa! As for having love for all people and
      creatures--maybe respect is a better approach which might then lead
      to love?

      > (4) The Mahdis must preach the message of ECK at all times, and
      > prove to the world that he is the example of purity and happiness.
      > He must show that the disciple in the human body must have a
      > in the human body."

      Well, I don't have to worry about #4 any longer--nice to not have to
      preach!!! Too bad we didn't realize that we didn't have to prove
      anything like that, and lead others to this false teaching! : )

      > It goes on some from there but this is basically it. Any questions
      > or comments? In #2 it states that one shall "show great compassion
      > and happiness." Too bad that it's just an 'act' or using the 'as
      > principle instead of actually evolving to the state of awareness
      > demonstrate true compassion and happiness!
      > Prometheus

      Thanks for taking the time to list these. I'm sure others will like
      viewing these and perhaps make some comments, too.

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