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HK's Desire to Become L.E.M. & the NINETH INITIATION

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  • prometheus_973
    Hello All, FYI: Once again I have changed the subject line in order to be able to find this topic easier for future reference. I checked out the source of my
    Message 1 of 7 , Jun 17, 2005
      Hello All,

      FYI: Once again I have changed the subject line in order to be able
      to find this topic easier for future reference.

      I checked out the source of my comments and found it in HK's 1987
      copyright of "Soul Travelers of the Far Country." On page 142 Marge
      says to Harold, 'Don't worry'... 'You can always be an ECK Master,
      even if you can't be the Living ECK Master.' On page 143 Harold
      states that, "More than once my wife tried in vain to cheer me up by
      saying that it is a blessing to become an ECK Master; why not set my
      sights on that?" Harold also states that, "From then on I no longer
      spoke about my inner experiences, and at the time, this strained our
      marriage badly."

      Actually, I was wrong about the 9th Initiation date. Harold seems to
      jump around a lot and specific information is hard to find without
      extensive reading. However, HK received his 8th (Inner) Initiation
      on June 14, 1980 and the real outer one on January 27, 1981 (page
      140). On pages 186-187 HK claims to have received the 9th Initiation
      on July 22, 1981 (on the Inner), and states that, "Initiations in
      ECK beyond the 8th are only given on the inner planes." Did he
      confirm receiving the 9th on the inner with Darwin Gross the 972th
      L.E.M. and Mahanta? HK seems to leave out this little detail. Maybe
      Graham and Ford should have kept silent and just lived in the ECK
      delusion of inner mastership!

      But, wait! I seem to remember that in the Master 4 Discourses Lesson
      2 was titled, "The Ninth Initiation." Hmmmm. Well it states that it
      happens on the inner and that all of the 8ths (other planes included
      and from other parts of the physical universe) appear as either of
      the white or yellow race as they gather at this special spiritual

      "White signifies the active path of the extrovert" (they still have
      egos?). "Yellow stands for its counterpoint: the path of indirection
      (not passivity), the method of subtlety rather than easy-to-discern
      outer behavior." Wow, HK really had to go into detail for the
      indirect (nonreactive) yellow race thing! The HUK sound wave is sent
      to the candidate for the 9th Initiation. "In the last phase the
      Mahanta, the Living ECK Master confirms the initiation by some outer
      means. Oops, I guess Graham should have just kept silent and waited
      and waited and waited... just like others do for that outer
      confirmation. As above so below, or is it really as below so above?
      Actually, does an above (up) and below (down) really make sense!
      This is just more eckie brain washing just like the acting "AS IF"
      thing is!

      Anyway, a review of the Nineth Initiation is that it has three
      parts: "First is the inner experience of the initiate, who meets the
      Mahanta at the mountain of Agam Lok." Delusion and creative
      imagination with an Eckankar only focus. Second is "the retreat with
      spiritual contests." Fun and games for everyone! Wheeee! "Third the
      final part of the Ninth Initiation occurs in the physical world."
      Harold goes on to remind ECKists that, "The Shariyat-Ki- Sugmad,
      Book Two, says: 'The Maulani is the one who sacrifices everything
      for his fellow ECKists, for if it is necessary for him to put
      himself in debt for them, or share their cell in prison, it must be
      done." Hey Harold, what ever happened to self-responsibility and
      karmic lessons for these other ECKists? And, what else might you ask
      them to sacrifice?

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