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Re: Nobody Perfect?

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  • Elizabeth
    ... organ ... when a ... instinct ... such ... individual s ... *** I have to agree with Etznab s observation. And to share something that recently happened to
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 2, 2006
      --- In EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com, "makiztor"
      <etznab@...> wrote:
      > Prometheus,
      > There are some animals that still have more of a third eye
      > remaining, than do humans. Also, animals can sense by instinct
      when a
      > person is angry, when a person is hurt, and even when a person is
      > ill. They don't have to "think" about it. Some animals have more
      > acute senses of sight and hearing. In some respects animal
      > is far superior to human instinct because an animal doesn't have
      > an extensive rational mind that can explain away another
      > pain.

      *** I have to agree with Etznab's observation. And to share
      something that recently happened to me. Thursday night, early
      Friday morning I woke from a sound sleep very ill. So ill that I
      felt like I had passed out. My beloved cat TinkerBelle (Tink) knew
      instantly something was wrong with me. I was on my hands and knees
      on the floor, and she got under me to nudge my face with hers. I
      knew she was trying to get my attention, but I couldn't get up. So,
      she jumped up on our bed and woke up my husband. He knew she was
      upset, and discovered me on the floor. I ended up going by ambulance
      to the ER with an allergic reaction to new meds my doctor put me on.

      I have heard people say cats have a brain the size of a pea...
      whether this is true or not I wouldn't know. Tink is a very
      loving, intellegent being, as far as I'm concerned. Right about now
      I guess I could also call her my Angel.

      I also have one other cat and two Westie puppies, all of which I
      would say have unique personalities. All equally having acute
      senses, and very intellegent. Sometimes it is as if I can understand
      their thoughts (if they have them) and they mine. I have never had a
      bond such as I do with my loving animals. I would rather spend time
      with them any day, than with some humans! ;-)


      PS/ Etznab I once knew an Eckists that said he would never let any
      Mahanta or Master stand in the way of him reaching God Realization.
      I thought that was an interesting comment. :-)
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