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  • prometheus_973
    Hi Liz, You re right about how initiations are handled for HK (the all knowing mahanta). Some RESAs like to delegate and are not very hands on and will allow
    Message 1 of 6 , Jun 16, 2005
      Hi Liz,

      You're right about how initiations are handled for HK (the "all
      knowing" mahanta). Some RESAs like to delegate and are not very
      hands on and will allow certain "chosen ones" to deal with
      the "list" of those being considered for "promotion." Other RESAs
      (especially those over multiple states or countries) will usually
      call local H.I.s for the scoop on those in their local areas who are
      on the promotion list. It is logistically difficult to conduct
      meetings where all area H.I.s are present. My one RESA would call me
      and ask about certain individuals, and it was very difficult for me
      to "rat" out people. Sometimes he would do a conference call and we
      would have to share our comments with everyone on the line... this
      felt very uncomfortable. However, it was explained to us that
      as Co-Workers for the L.E.M./Mahanta that divulging this information
      only at this time and only for this purpose was not harmful to
      either those on the list or to the rest of us... so no harm no foul!
      Talk is cheap isn't it!


      --- In EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com, Greg and Liz
      <whitefeatherliz@y...> wrote:
      > mishmisha9 <mishmisha9@y...> wrote:
      > >So he is wanting to have an ESA session with an Eckankar
      Spiritual Aide, who would be an H.I. who has a certain Eckankar
      training, which really just means more brain-washing for your
      > *** I would point out too, (I was an ESA for many years!) these
      ESA's Do not have the credentials, licensing or training to handle
      the issues of alcohol, anger etc, to council anyone!!!! If this
      person is ethical in the slightest, they will advise Diva's husband
      to seek outside help for those issues! And as Mish wrote, this very
      personal and sensitive information he will share with the ESA, will
      and does go against the chela.
      > Here is an example of how it will work; picture all of the local
      H.I.'s and ESA's gathered at an H.I. meeting to discuss "business".
      The main office has sent a computer generated list of those that
      will be considered for their next initiation ( I was an initiator
      for years too! ) the RESA will have a copy of the list handed out to
      everyone in the meeting, they will go down the list and name off
      those on it. The group's job is to vote yes or no for the next
      initiation. The next initiation in question is listed next to the
      name. If you know anything about that person and feel they
      shouldn't receive the initiation, the person is asked to list the
      reason why a person votes no. Of course if a person wishes to give
      a reason for their yes vote it is listed as well.... So much for
      Harji and his Mahantaness knowing everything! ;-)
      > If you ask any of the H.I.'s in the area how this works, notice
      their struggle to answer the question, or their avoidance all
      together to answer! RED FLAGS should be going up.....
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