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  • etznab@aol.com
    In a message dated 10/28/06 1:12:44 PM Central Daylight Time, ... Are you referring to a comment where a poster to some other B.B. mentioned that, in one of
    Message 1 of 60 , Oct 28, 2006
      In a message dated 10/28/06 1:12:44 PM Central Daylight Time, ctecvie@... writes:

      and why do you think this needed to be mentioned on this "other
      site"? What was the context of that, did anybody mention recently
      that they were "hurt"?
      Just wondering ...

         Are you referring to a comment where a poster to some other B.B. mentioned that, in one of their first posts there, that they were told to move on? Is this what you are referring to by "... did anybody mention recently that they were "hurt"?
         It's possible this could have been part of the context, but I can't tell you for certain. What I can tell you for certain is that the person (myself) who was told to move on, they (I) was not hurt enough to do so. Rather, I am still an Eckist. I am still posting on that B.B. And I am still posting on this one.
    • prometheus_973
      Hi All, It s always interesting to see how Klemp rewraps his PR spin, pep talks, and shallow messages of hope. I have more comments below. mishmisha wrote: Hi,
      Message 60 of 60 , Oct 31, 2006
        Hi All,
        It's always interesting to see how Klemp rewraps his PR spin, pep
        talks, and shallow messages of hope. I have more comments below.

        mishmisha wrote:

        Hi, Etznab!

        I found your comments about HK's talk interesting. I didn't listen
        to it, but the references to emperors, clergy, castles, etc. make me
        wonder as to what his point is. Perhaps, defining/comparing the eck
        hierarchy to days of yore? Maybe fits in with the year of giving
        from the serfs?? The hope vs promise comments also interesting. I
        wish I knew exactly what he said. Yeah, I'm guessing but
        intrigued! : )

        It certainly would be nice if the eck org were forth coming, and
        like you said people wouldn't have to search other sources for the
        true facts, but of course, open books are just not the policy with
        most institutions!

        Thanks again for sharing!


        etznab wrote:

        Did anybody capture what Harold said at the 2006 Worldwide about the
        Worldwide seminar in 2007? When he mentioned the words Hope and
        Promise? There was something about "maybe a lot of hope" (or "a lot
        of hope maybe") and "Don't know about promise." Did anybody catch
        this? (these may not be exact quotes)

        ### No, I didn't bother to listen. Was HK saying something about
        next year's, 2007, EWWS? Hmmmmm Hope and Promise? Well, I can only
        guess about the meaning of this topic. Here's the Eck spin/dogma of
        it. Hope is what other people in other religions have in regard to
        the Promises that have been made to them (from their leaders and
        religious dogma) about heaven and eternal life - after this one has
        ended. Eckankar, on the other hand, can "prove" that heaven exists
        in this here and now for all Eckists to experience daily and that
        the promise of eternal life can, however, be proved via Soul and
        Dream Travel along with the experiences of Waking Dreams, Golden
        Tongued Wisdom, and with the Eck Masters. Actually, the main
        difference here, with Eckankar and other religions, is that Eckankar
        requires that Eckists "imagine" and "create" their realities "as if"
        they are real spiritual experiences! This is the main focus of
        Eckankar, whereby, other religions Do Not promote that their
        followers should "imagine" and "create" or "manifest" spiritual
        experiences. There are way too many out-of-balance people running
        around in the world as it is!

        Harold also mentioned something about the hierarchy in the past.
        Where the largest buildings were castles and that the Clergy were
        advisors to the Emperor. This was somehow connected to some comments
        about money (the topics were close together, at least). He seemed
        to give the hierarchy back then as: The Emperor, the Clergy, then
        the Nobles, and then the Serfs.

        ### Maybe this is just another "accidental" unedited foot-in-the-
        mouth analogy. That is Klemp's main problem... no one dare offer
        suggestions for editing or improving his talks... that would be
        second guessing the Mahanta! Or, maybe this vanity/power flaw was
        designed by the Eck (SPIRIT) in order to show those Eckists, who can
        still see, that HK is a scammer and of the Kal. Klemp is really the
        Emperor, the Temple and ESC are the Castles, the Board of 8ths and
        RESAs are the Advisors, and the H.I.s are both the Nobles and
        Clergy, the 5ths and 6ths as well as the "lower" initiates (Vahanas)
        represent the Serfs and this whole structure represents the
        Hierarchy. Nothing much has changed, except, for the
        additional "inner" Hierarchy too!

        Well, I can say that besides castles, the church buildings were
        about the second tallest and/or expensive ones. So, the thing about
        Hope vs. Promise and the Clergy advising the Emperor are the two
        things that caught my attention most.

        Don't know how much I will be posing here in the near future folks.
        I feel pretty much "silenced" by what I have read today. However,
        thanks for the warm welcome.

        ### Please don't feel that you need to be silent. You have a lot to
        contribute and I enjoy reading of your Eck experiences and new found
        perspectives. Each of us has someting to offer one another and your
        views and opinions help to broaden my own insights.

        It just seems natural that I should be getting the "truth" about
        Eckankar from Eckankar.org, from my clergy and from the home office,
        instead of having to fish around on the Internet and in books by
        former members. Until they come out with the actual truth to whether
        or not Rebazar Tarzs is truth or myth - as long as I am a member -
        this will be somethging (the fact that they don't) that disappoints

        ### You will never find your Truth in the words of another.
        Sometimes there are those that can give us a step up via insights to
        help us during our journey. Everyone goes through self doubts and
        pain. These experiences, along with love and joy, usually teaches us
        important life lessons along the way. I will say that Soul and
        SPIRIT are real. However, it is very difficult to know and
        understand that Soul will mock up Masters etc. in order to help us
        to wake up to our real Self. The mistake is that we assume that this
        image or mock up is someone or something other than Us. This is how
        Soul communicates via the mind and emotions as It wakes Iself up to
        the Unity of all Life. This has been misunderstood and abused for
        profit by the "clergy" throughout the time of mankind.

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