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Re: [EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous] World Wide Talk anyone?

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  • Skardicus Harkain
    LMAO - this is funny. I m still laughing (pauses to take a breath). Co-LEM sounds like a concept from a religion that writes their precepts on an
    Message 1 of 4 , Oct 20, 2006
      LMAO - this is funny.  I'm still laughing (pauses to take a breath).  Co-LEM sounds like a concept from a religion that writes their precepts on an etch-o-sketch.  You know the worst mixture is Corporate Money and Religion.  Paul's old buddy L. Ron wrote more sci-fi than Paul and look at that religion now.  I remember seeing a South Park clip making fun of Scientology (is still laughing as he writes this)and there was a "disclaimer" at the bottom of the screen the whole time that said "They really believe this".

      Maybe someone could write South Park and give them some material for ECKANKAR.

      As a young person the world wides were a fantastic experience.  Eckankar like Bagwhan or any other fringe faith is exactly the kind of stuff curious youth experiment with and get a chance to test their critical adult minds against.  IMHO the reason any of us stayed after the experimental part of our experience was over is that the faith help us get some need met or helped us deal with some personal problem.  I remember some detractors on ARE saying that eckankar is a narcisstic religion.  I think this is probably true.

      And I know for myself that eckankar was the best suburban date-club I've ever seen or heard of.

      Elizabeth <ewickings@...> wrote:
      Was wondering if anyone will be listening to the talk by Klemp this
      year via computer?

      I hear some people are assuming, based on Klemps recent Mystic World
      News Letter to the Chelas that he might be passing the Eck Rod? Well,
      that won't be happening as we all know. He hasn't introduced his wife
      as Co-LEM yet. So when he does leave this lower world, she can take
      over the keys to the empire.

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