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Re: I'd like to join

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  • skardicus
    ... wrote: Point well made Mishmisha9, My prior assumption should have included based on my experience through time on A.R.E. and it was
    Message 1 of 6 , Oct 17 7:32 PM
      --- In EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com, "mishmisha9"
      <mishmisha9@...> wrote:

      Point well made Mishmisha9,

      My prior assumption should have included "based on my experience
      through time on A.R.E." and it was only a guess. If I'm wrong - I'm

      I will read the posts as time allows.

      Thanks for the repsonse.

      > Hey, Skard!
      > Thanks for sharing! I do now remember reading some of your posts on
      > a.r.e. I agree that Harold is being played like a puppet, but yet his
      > unbalanced mind still is capable of knowing he is a fraud. He is not
      > far gone. I think he enjoys the power trip!
      > I am a bit surprised that you made the presumed opinion of my posts
      > without reading them--seems a bit presumptious and also premature!
      > Why would you want to guess such an opinion??? Sort of negative and
      > judgmental one at that?
      > I wasn't an eckist long enough to know about "big" eck families so I
      > wouldn't have a clue as to who you were related to. I can assure you
      > that my participation on this site is not out of bitterness--it's
      just to help
      > inform those who have questions and/or doubts about eckankar. Most
      > of us who continue to participate with posts here are doing so for that
      > main purpose. Perhaps, you mistake bluntness for bitterness? I'm
      > going to hang around for a bit longer, but yeah, eventually, I will
      > I have posted enough on this subject and I'll be gone! : )
      > Of course, if Harold publishes another book soon enough, I might want
      > to give my reviews on it! : )
      > Thanks again for sharing! I would suggest that you read our posts
      > before guessing from what mental perspective we are coming from!
      > Mish
    • Elizabeth
      ... *** I became a member around the same age, 12 / 13. It was shortly after Darwin became the LEM. ... there is a significant amount of bitterness in at least
      Message 2 of 6 , Oct 19 7:46 AM
        --- In EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com, Skardicus Harkain
        <skardicus@...> wrote:

        > I was a 13 when I was first exposed to eckankar.

        *** I became a member around the same age, 12 / 13. It was shortly
        after Darwin became the LEM.

        > I haven't read all the posts here but I would hazard to guess that
        there is a significant amount of bitterness in at least some of your
        posts as a common denominator of your disillusionment.

        *** A lot of the posts are more about pointing out the dogma,
        fabrications, lies and plagiarisms within the teachings. I am not
        bitter, though I may have been at one point. I am more frustrated
        than anything. Maybe even a little surprised at myself for how long
        I was involved with the teachings, knew there was a lot of mythical,
        fabricated lies within the teachings, but I turned a blind eye.

        I came from a huge Eck family as you did, ( 4 generations) was
        conducting and testing out a Youth program before Harold ever
        appointed anyone to do this. I was a 30 year member, 6th, Initiator
        and ESA. My parents worked at ESC so it was difficult for me to
        question or walk away knowing my personal files were not personal!

        None of these Eck accomplishments mean anything, nor does coming
        from a huge Eck family, if we are not going to use what we know to
        educate the public and current members still wearing those

        > Overall my eckankar experience was good, even awesome. It helped
        me develop into a much more cosmopolitan person than I think I ever
        would have become. This will probably identify me somewhat and if
        so - oh well. I was one of the original members of Harry's first
        Youth Council.

        *** Yep oh well.... no one here will care. The Eck Thugs might
        because you have been active in spoiling their little delusions. I
        was speaking with some dear ex eck friends last weekend, and my
        husband who was never really an Eck member other than he was a card
        carrier. My husband voiced his thoughts that he can't understand why
        I feel the need to keep speaking out about this path.

        I can't help myself. I have this need to help others open their
        eyes. My story might help in doing that? You see, my family
        disowned me when I left the teachings. Mostly because of our Mother,
        and not wanting to deal with her "issues". There is also mental
        illness in our family, and Eckankar became the medication and
        excuses to ignore the bad behavior of our HI mom.

        Over the past 10 months we all have worked on re establishing a
        relationship, but things can still be difficult when speaking with
        my mother. Had I attempted to be open minded and willing to "talk
        the talk" 3 years ago, I never could have handled it. I needed
        those 3 years away from them and the teachings "as they see it", so
        I could de program and clear my eckanfog brain. Since then one of
        my other siblings have also left the path.

        > Don't misinterpret the above information to suggest that I haven't
        spanked eckists on A.R.E. for saying the most circular logic, drink
        the koolaide, I can't hear what you are saying because I'm talking
        so loud - because I've done all that. I have some training in
        NLP/Ericsonian Hypnosis and I'm a "hard closer" in the business
        world. The consequence of that training in these environments
        (boards where people argue they are "right" because they have dreams
        I don't or the blue light fixed their car)is that I hold my own
        without sounding like my only perspective is that I hate eckankar or

        *** LOL well the Eck thugs figure if we have left the teachings, we
        never GOT IT to begin with. And yes they do believe we hate eckankar
        or eckists. They haven't come to a place where they are willing to
        really be objective and see the distortions and dogma created by the
        LEMs. Most have their own ego agendas.

        > I married into the largest eck family in the world. 2-3 years ago
        they all quit. That was long after I had failed to renew my own

        *** So! Why doesn't this huge family of ex eckists come forward and
        tell their story, so we all know who you and they are? I don't have
        a problem with Eckists or Eckankar knowing who I am... I have never
        kept my ID hidden. What can / will they do about? The more of us
        that speak out openly, the clearer the message to ESC and Klemp's

        > When I talk to most people about my exodus from eckankar - my
        reason for leaving is that I simply grew up. A critical adult mind
        that isn't suffering from any major mental health disorders or
        coming from some place that might be better addressed by a 12 step
        program has a challenge accepting a 40 year old religion that used
        to claim it wasn't a religion, didn't use prayer, wasn't a church,

        *** Exactly!!! Same here.

        > I personally no longer believe 98 percent of the material taught
        in eckankar and my post-eckankar experience was a seekers struggle
        to fill in the blank that leaving eckankar created. Currently that
        blank is now blank or "agnostic". I think that the intelligence
        that created the universe and whatever else I don't know about is so
        vast that it's pure hubris for man to jot down what God is in a book
        and suggest or claim "I understand" or "I know God". Bullshit!

        *** Exactly! LOL my 15 year old daughter has even gone as far as
        to claim she doesn't believe in a GOD. This upsets two of my other
        children! I lean more toward a non-dual thought, and sort of agree
        with some of the the "What The Bleep Do We Know" movie. Love Jed
        McKenna's books, and highly recommend his first "Spiritual
        Enlightenment the Damnedest Thing". I also find that my spiritual
        awareness is actually more fine tuned now, then when I was an
        Eckists. My experiences and intuitive nature has not "GONE AWAY" as
        the LEMs claim it will. I demanded Klemp remove my 6th initiation
        level 3 years ago.... still waiting. LOL If anything I have
        become more aware and content. And that's a good place to be...

        Anyway, looking forward to read more from you.
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