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Re: Saved by inner spirit!!!

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  • prometheus_973
    Hi Macmille, Welcome to the site! I found your comments interesting and would like to share some of my insights and eckperiences too. Macmille2000 wrote: Hi I
    Message 1 of 3 , Oct 7, 2006
      Hi Macmille,
      Welcome to the site! I found your comments interesting and would
      like to share some of my insights and eckperiences too.

      Macmille2000 wrote:

      Hi I am new to this group and I have been saved from becomeing an
      Eckist through my own soul-searching and intelligence!!!

      It started when I became enamored by HK's TV broadcast. I started
      reading all the Eck material I could find over the last few years,
      bought all the Eck books, read a lot of Klemp material...I even got
      as far as joining an on-line Eckist forum to find out more...

      ### Actually, Klemp's looks turned me off when he first became the
      LEM. He just seemed too nerdy and geeky. Later, I discovered that he
      was just a narrow-minded backwoods farmboy with a big ego and a
      messiah complex. I found it odd that you had been reading Eck
      material for the 'last few years' and never got your 2nd initiation.
      I was counting the days for when I could call the ESC, after my
      second year, and request the pink slip for my Second Initiation.

      And I did! The Eckakar online forum suggested I read the Sharyit ki
      Sugmad, (I was asking too many questions...)

      So I read the Sharyit ki Sugmad. It scared the heck out of me! I
      challenged the group with questions about the scare tactics, and
      other "cultish" statements I read in this book.

      They became defensive.They even took out my reference links to other
      sites who shared their bad Eckist experiences!!!

      ### Well, the problem (for Eckankar) is that most of these ECKists
      aren't good, experienced, and well-trained Arahatas. Their RESAs, as
      well as, the ESC allow these loose fearful cannons to say and do
      anything. Half of these Eckists are suspicious and fearful of
      detractors and the rest are either egomanics or deaf, dumb, blind
      and gullible. Most Eckists, as do members of other religions, see
      themselves as the "Chosen Few" and do not see that these threats
      would ever apply to them. They see the threats as directed at those
      of the Kal or negative forces and to those having an impure heart.
      They are blind to their own distorted views and unloving thoughts,
      words, and actions.

      I politely withdrew from the my first meeting with an Eck teacher
      who was going to help me to connect w/ local satsangs and Eckists
      during this time.

      I decided to find out if there were any other seekers out there who
      felt that the writings of the Shariyt book had all the markings
      of a cult group.

      I wrote to an X-eckcult group, and dared to search further on line.
      I found out that even the word "Mahanta" was made up by PT.

      I spent many days feeling very depressed and extremely anxious
      because I had been so sure that the Eck teachings was THE WAY to
      grow spiritually and that finally I was going to meet other Eckists
      and attend satsangs. I was looking forward to becoming a second
      initiate so I would be able to be spiritually linkd to the so-
      called "living eckmaster" (the wreck master)

      ### I guess that I'm having trouble understanding why you didn't get
      your 2nd Initiation after two years since you mention a few years of
      home study. Most people (like me) thinking that they had found it
      and that eck was "THE WAY" would be very anxious to join and get the
      2nd initiation. Although, I have to say that I knew of people that
      thought that the LEM/Mahanta would just "know" that they were due
      pink slips for the 2nd after TWO YEARS of study. Of course, they
      never got that pink slip until they placed that phone call to the
      ESC. LOL!

      Hurray and Halleluia, the Sharyiat of PT saved my soul from becoming
      Eckincized. If I had not been a big reader and long-time seeker, I
      would not have recognized that Eck was a fraud...

      ### Usually the Shariyats are Not recommended as intro books. They
      are very much directed toward the selling of the LEM/Mahanta as an
      All Knowing inner and outer resource (saviour) for the masses.

      The truth about Eckankar hurt me so much...(and I was not even a
      true member of Eckankar), I thought I was going to have a nervous

      ### Imagine how it would be if you were a 30 year plus member with
      six or seven initiations! I think that you were getting your hopes
      up, that there was a group of advanced Souls out there, and that all
      those promises were true. Then, it was all dashed to pieces when you
      saw the Truth! Actually, this is why Klemp encourages Eckists to use
      their imaginations "as if" the crap was all true. Delusion creates a
      bliss of ignorance and ignorance is bliss!

      Undoubtedly, if I hadn't been true to myself, my soul, my spirit,
      I would not have seen through the false teachings of the Sharyit.
      I would have become one of their sheep. If I had become a bonified
      Eckist, I am indeed positive I would have had a serious nervous
      breakdown as a result.

      So I thank the Eck people who opened my eyes to the fraud by
      suggesting I read that horrible Sharyit book. More importantly, I
      thank all the x-eckists who have shared there experience and
      knowledge online for the world to see...

      ### Yes, it is more difficult to see through the scam when one
      becomes more involved. When an Eckist invests time, money, desires,
      ego, hopes, and then imagines proof of spiritual growth and of
      higher consciousness via dogma (initiations) and programmed dreams,
      etc. it is difficult to give all this up in order to see Reality and
      Truth. Yes, this is true Spiritual Freedom by coming into and
      realizing one's own Soul Mastership without any religion.

      This information has got to get out to a naive, vulnerable,
      yearning, sincere people...Wreckenkar is an utterly dangerously,
      abusive organizational fraud. I am grateful to all who have helped
      me to get to see the light and get Ecksorcized!

      ### Please feel free to share more and check out the LINKS to the

      Sincerely and with respect, Macmille2000
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