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Klemp's Brainwashing of the Eck Youth

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  • prometheus_973
    In the 07/2006 Letter of Light Klemp s focus is not only to Serve him, but is to confuse, blame, placate, and detract the Eck Youth from seeing, thinking, and
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      In the 07/2006 Letter of Light Klemp's focus is not only to Serve
      him, but is to confuse, blame, placate, and detract the Eck Youth
      from seeing, thinking, and being their own free and independent Soul.

      All through this Youth in ECK Letter of Light are articles and poems
      about: "Service being Key; Love through Service; Service
      Opportunities; Leadership and Service; Serve Mahanta; Service for
      Spirit; Surrendering; Serving at Seminars; Serving for Years; Giving
      Service; Service Roles; Service and Love."

      Yet, all of this "service" is to bring in new paying members for
      Klemp and company. And the reward for this missionary/Vahana work?
      It's 'freedom and responsibility!' LOL! How is being dependent upon
      the Eck Initiations and Klemp's Mahnata Scam of imagined promises
      via imagined Eck Masters, etc. giving one Spiritual Freedom? It
      doesn't! However, using one's brain to analyze through critical
      thinking, and not accepting flawed dogma resulting in negative
      behaviours is everyone's Responsibility! Look at Klemp and listen to
      what he is actually saying. Be neutral and without preconceived
      opinions and you will see that HK is no Master of anything! Don't
      hang on every word and imagine he is saying more than he is. This is
      the biggest flaw of Eckists. Instead, project your imagined and
      realistic beliefs and values upon your Self as a Master Soul and not
      upon a False "modern" Prophet like Klemp! He's deluded and enjoys
      the God like attention and power over the gullible and trusting
      regardless of age!

      Some Stand-out Quotes From KLEMP'S Answers In the 07/2006 Letter of
      Light 'Questions for the Master:'

      #1 HK: "... ECK Masters... often their deeds are of the humble kind
      too--like holding a door for another or giving a kind word of

      #2 HK: "We may fear another's rejection. So we, in fact, line up a
      bunch of excuses... We gain weight to be unattractive... What's at
      play here? A fear of rejection!"

      #3 HK: "The full might and glory passes through a full Mahanta...
      One of the past ECK Masters was the equivalent of a Fifth Initiate
      today. He was the most highly advanced ECK initiate of that time."


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