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Eckankar: 07/2006 Letter of Light - Questions for the Master...#1

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  • prometheus_973
    Do the ECK Masters compete with the Parking Space Angels since they also hold doors open for people? Actually, this #1 is the first of three groups of
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 28, 2006
      Do the ECK Masters compete with the Parking Space Angels since they
      also hold doors open for people?

      Actually, this #1 is the first of three groups of questions listed in
      the Q & A section. I noticed that Klemp is still using BUT even though
      he instructed Eckists Not to use IF or BUT with one another. Klemp has
      stated in the past that he's more of a 'talker' than a 'listener' so
      it's no surprise that he doesn't listen to his own words of advice

      Q: "Dear ECK Master, What can we give back to God for creating us and
      sending us into the physical plane of illusion? Love of course, but is
      there anything else?" --K.W., age 12, Las Vegas

      Me: Did her parents make this up and sign her name? Actually, in some
      cases love is enough. We should always have empathy and compassion and
      yet Not be manipulated and controlled by those who do not or cannot
      love others. These individuals (Klemp) just give lip service without
      demonstrating tolerance or concern for others. Also, critical thinking
      and keeping an open mind is very important, unless, you're in
      Eckankar! Eckists must become more isolated, narrow-minded, brain-
      washed and thereby delusional for Eckankar to, seemingly, work as

      HK: "Well, you can work with God. In other words, you can practice
      being a Co-worker."

      Me: What does this really mean? Do Eckists really think that they are
      on the same level with SUGMAD? Or, when Klemp says Co-worker with God
      is he really referring to being a Co-worker with Kal? Afterall, Kal is
      the "God" that all religions worship.

      HK: "It sounds like a big job, doesn't it?"

      Me: That depends on one's level and years of delusion!

      HK: "Many think the ECK Masters only do grand and noble deeds, like
      helping others on their way to God. And that's true, certainly. BUT
      often their deeds are of the HUMBLE kind too--like holding a door for
      another or giving a kind word of encouragement to someone in need of
      it." [my caps]

      Me: One doesn't need to be an Eckist, much less an Eck Master, to
      perform random acts of kindness. Klemp also does a disservice to
      Eckists to say that this is a 'humble' act. Sometimes it's just polite
      or kind or even necessary to open a door for someone. Eckists are
      being brain-washed to think that if they do these normal acts that
      they too are Eck Masters and humble! How delusional and vain! LOL!
      Then, again, this is just another trap that the Kal Master, HK, is
      setting up for his followers. BTW- Those of us who do open doors and
      give kind words of encouragement or smiles to people are Not "Eck"
      Masters... we are independent and free Souls.

      HK: "So ask the Mahanta what you can do,... He'll give you dozens of

      Me: She "is" asking the Mahanta by writing to you butt-head! Give her
      some ideas! Give "outer" answers to "outer" questions! Why is this so
      difficult for someone claiming to have the greatest (Mahanta)
      consciousness in all the universes of the Sugmad and as the 'special
      incarnation of Sugmad?' What crap! Really, this ploy to only answer
      questions posed to the Mahanta on the "inner" is so ridiculous that
      Eckists have to be both delusional and close-minded to believe this
      load of Bull Sh_t!

      HK: "And doing those little deeds of kindness is, of course, a thank-
      you to the SUGMAD."

      Me: Why not just do it as a Golden Rule thing or by seeing that Soul
      equals Soul. Actually, one should just Be. This is the real 'thank-

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