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Re: Eckankar: Youth in Eck Letter of Light 07/2006

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  • mishmisha9
    Hi, All! It seems that Klemp is paving the road to bring his wife Joan onboard the eck leader train, and the reason is, he needs help in order to maintain his
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      Hi, All!

      It seems that Klemp is paving the road to bring his wife Joan
      onboard the eck leader train, and the reason is, he needs help in
      order to maintain his position as the all powerful eck guru! He's
      not ready to step down, so having Joan up there as the co-l.e.m.
      will certainly assist him to stay in power. As I wrote in some
      earlier posts, I thought it seems rather evident that Klemp is
      telling his chelas that Joan is already an eck master--and the real
      purpose for his writing "Those Wonderful ECK Masters" is to use his
      book as a backdrop and proof that Joan is right up there with the
      other bogus eck masters! He is "cunningly" trying to slip her in.
      Eckists who have either read this book or are just beginning to read
      it now should look for the clues/signs/evidence that Klemp is
      sneaking Joan in. After all, the book is about eck masters, yet Joan
      shows up with the mahanta in chelas' dreams. She takes the dreamer
      to her husband the mahanta. More than once, Klemp states in the book
      that the eck masters help the seeker to connect to the mahanta! He
      also says that eck masters will appear in chelas' dreams--so if Joan
      is showing up in chelas'dreams, isn't Klemp actually pointing out
      that she has reached mastership?? Klemp is setting the stage for
      elevating Joan to co-l.e.m. status! When he does, just remember you
      read it here first! Anyone who uses critical thinking while reading
      Klemp's book "Those Wonderful ECK Masters," can see through to his
      REAL reason (scam) for writing this book! : )


      --- In EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com, "prometheus_973"
      <prometheus_973@...> wrote:
      > Klemp puts a negative spin on a past ECK Master (Mahanta) by
      > he had the consciousness of a Fifth Initiate today!
      > Q: "My brother and I had a conservation the other day about
      > reports--what to write in them and when to mail them. We wondered
      > IF, when writing our reports, one should distinguish between Sri
      > Harold Klemp as the Living ECK Master and him as the one who holds
      > the Mahanta Consciousness."
      > Me: First, write and mail the IRO monthly because it is logged in
      > and added to your file. Second, don't complain about anyone or
      > anything in the IRO because HK doesn't want to know if something
      > wrong. Third, make something up about your dream experiences, Eck
      > masters visiting you, Golden Tongued Wisdom, and Waking Dreams
      > Those higher Initiations numbers will make you feel good and give
      > your ego a needed boost if nothing else! BTW, never say that one
      > the Nine Silent Ones have visited you. HK doesn't like the
      > competition... just ask Graham. : )
      > Q: (continued)
      > "IF sometime in the future the Living ECK Master will not hold the
      > Mahanta Consciousness, how much of the matters that are dear and
      > close to our heart should we share in our reports?"
      > Me: Well, even now other people read these (IRO) reports and have
      > been for more than twenty years! Klemp has said so himself so
      > put anything too personal in the IRO or else you may get some
      > strange looks by some ESC staff members at the next Eckankar World
      > Wide Seminar (EWWS). Yes, these staffers are not supposed to
      > to others about what they read and who wrote what, but don't kid
      > yourself things are shared at times, especially if your name comes
      > up! People are people!
      > Q: (continued)
      > "And one last question: Will the next Living ECK Master care as
      > about the children, youth, and young adults--the future of
      > as you do? A Beloved Co-worker"
      > Me: I get the impression that this 'Beloved Co-worker' was either
      > or JK. It makes me wonder why this question was placed here,
      > Joan will be named the Co-LEM at the 2006 EWWS! Maybe!
      > Klemp really builds himself up doesn't he? Anyway, here are
      > responses to what might be his own questions.
      > HK: "Dear Beloved Co-worker"
      > Me: Gag!
      > HK: "Put in them what matters of your heart at the moment of
      > writing, and mail a report when you especially feel the need to."
      > Me: Once again, this 'heart' thing is emotional and Astral
      > to what Klemp has stated before in his Autobiography (pg.386). Is
      > Eckankar now a Heart Religion?
      > HK: "Let me again explain about the Living ECK Masters. One of the
      > Fourteenth Circle is a Mahanta. One of the Twelfth or Thirteenth
      > Circle is OF the Mahanta Consciousness. What is the difference?
      > full MIGHT and GLORY passes through a FULL Mahanta, while a lesser
      > amount passes through one of the Mahanta Consciousness." [my caps]
      > Me: Yep! It sounds like JOAN KLEMP will be made a
      > INITIATE! And, HK will be keeping the FULL MIGHT and GLORY for
      > himself! What else is new? LOL! Selfish and Vain he is (Yoda, Jedi
      > Master).
      > TIME."
      > Me: Klemp makes an inuendo and doesn't mention the ECK Master by
      > name! Why even bring it up? Is it True, Is it Necessary, Is it
      > Is this Twitchell or Gross or maybe it's Rebazar! Shame on you
      > Klemp! If this was PT, DG, or RT where does that leave HK with his
      > present level of consciousness? HK was a 14th in 1981 which is
      > level by today's Eck standards... a Seventh! Definitely much lower!
      > HK: "For all that, a Living ECK Master OF the Mahanta
      > is to be accorded the FULL RESPECT and HONOR of the MASTER. His
      > proper title, according to the Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad, is the Mahanta,
      > the Living ECK Master."
      > Me: Klemp is big on RESPECT that is not earned and HONOR that
      > doesn't demonstrate humility. So, will JOAN be 'OF THE MAHANTA
      > THE MASTER." Too bad that she couldn't give that 'FILL-IN' or
      > TEMPORARY POSTAL CLERK more respect (09/2003 H.I. Letter) by just
      > showing her I.D. BEFORE he went to look for her package. Everyone
      > wants/needs respect Master or Not.
      > HK: "Please know that he'll care as much about the ECK children,
      > youth, and young adults as I do. A side note: Every Living ECK
      > Master remains until his mission is complete. His successor has
      > finished his training when his Master steps aside."
      > Me: Klemp cares more about his image than anything. He should have
      > stepped down a long time ago. What did Klemp accomplish in
      > terms for his chelas, lately, other than build some buildings?
      > he did create the RESA Police too! Eckankar has become more
      > Christian like and rigid with Guideline upon Guideline since Klemp
      > took over. But, it's just as well that Eckankar never really grew
      > since it was all founded upon Twitchell's lies and distortions of
      > the Radhasoami sect. This is why the "Law of Silence" comes in so
      > handy in covering up the truth for those in the upper hierarchy.
      > And, let's not forget the threat of withholding those precious
      > initiations of "higher consciousness." Then again, what else would
      > these Eckists be doing if they didn't have Eckankar events to plan
      > and talk about!
      > Prometheus
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