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Re: Eckankar: 09/2006 H.I. Letter - Ask the Master

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  • prometheus_973
    Klemp s remarks to this RESA shows how rigid, fearful, narrow-minded and old-school he is. Klemp lives in the past and Eckankar reflects this. This is why many
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      Klemp's remarks to this RESA shows how rigid, fearful, narrow-minded
      and old-school he is. Klemp lives in the past and Eckankar reflects
      this. This is why many of his RESAs and other Eck Leaders are
      frustrated and hope that JOAN KLEMP is made Co-LEM soon!

      BTW - I've never seen an "ASK The MASTER" section in the H.I. Letter
      before. Apparently Klemp wanted every H.I. Leader to see this in
      order to silence them once and for all on this subject. Case closed!
      Move on! Isn't this an unloving approach by Klemp? That's the
      difference between Power and Love isn't it!

      Below are my responses to both the RESA's and Klemp's (the Master)

      September 2006 H.I. Letter - Ask the Master

      Klemp has given permission to print this question from a RESA and
      his answer.

      RESA: "You have written about the need to build astronger 'community
      of spirit' as we work together to bring out the ECK teachings. Some
      in my state have suggested one way to strengthen our outer community
      is to meet inwardly as a group each month to sing HU, setting a
      specific date, time, and location."

      [Me]: It is Not necessary to meet on the INNER as a GROUP. The GOD-
      REALIZATION experience is an individual effort. Each individual has
      a different Level of Consciousness regardless of even sharing the
      same Circle of Initiation. The HU is the WORD used for the 10th
      Initiate or to travel to the 10th Plane when doing a private
      Spiritual Exercise. Besides, the Group HU Chant is meant to be done
      on the Outer and is synchronized with date, time, and location. It
      is on the EWWS schedule and is listed on the Chela page of the local
      Satsang Society Newsletters. When there is no Eck Center the HU
      Chant can be publicized on the Public page of the Eck Newsletter.
      And, chelas Not able to meet at the HU Chant location can
      synchronize it and do an OUTER HU Chant at the same date and time in
      their own home or hotel room. This is permitted, although, this too
      Cannot be publicized due to the strict unbending Guidelines set in
      stone. However, this is more of a "grey" area than meeting on the
      INNER. And, this could be changed, if anything could, in order to
      strengthen the 'community of spirit.' My first guess would be that
      that this RESA doesn't have enough Chelas showing up for HU Chants.
      However, it should be noted that HU Chants have been directed (white
      magic?) and used to "open up an area" to become receptive to the Eck
      teachings and to improve memberships numbers. Maybe this is the real

      RESA: "The HU Chants guidelines say there is no spiritual benefit to
      synchronizing HU Chants within an area. BUT it also seems such an
      inner group focus may bring about more cohesiveness."

      [Me] If there's Not a 'cohesiveness' on the outer it's because of
      the flaws in the Eck teachings, Guidelines, and the Eck Leadership.
      Isn't Eckankar supposed to be an individual path? However, I can see
      the confusion since Self-Mastery, etc. is supposed to come from a
      united and synchronized belief in the Mahanta by all chelas.

      RESA: "Is it ever OK to give an outer invitation to an inner event,
      such as a HU Chant, to the chela community as a whole?"

      [Me]: The HU Chant is both an Outer and Inner Event! Even though a
      HU Chant/Sing is done on the outer doesn't mean that there aren't
      INNER connections/experiences from this seva! Duh! Why do I have to
      explain this to a RESA! SEE! This is just one more example of why
      the Eck Initiations are bogus when a non/former Eckist knows more
      than a current 7th Initiate RESA or a 14th Initiate LEM/Mahanta! : )

      RESA: "Can you give any guidance about the nature of the inner group
      consciousness and how to work with it?"

      [Me]: NO! Just kidding! I'll answer that later. Here are Klemp's
      answers to the RESA's questions and my responses as well:

      HK: "The inner is the inner, and the outer is the outer."

      [Me]: True! And thanks again, Dubya, for pointing that out!

      HK: "It's OK for every chela individually to invite the Mahanta into
      his heart. IF scattered individuals heeded an area leader's
      suggestion to meet inwardly at a certain time for, say, a HU Chant,
      how long so you suppose it'd be before someone got the bright idea
      to direct the group's focus toward some outer project, like
      visualizing a temple? That'd be trying to direct the ECK. It is also
      a form of white magic. Don't go there."

      [Me]: Notice the 'IF.' Isn't this 'heart' thing ASTRAL? Really, why
      is Klemp so afraid and untrusting? How many years of service,
      initiations, trainings, leadership books, and guidelines do Eck
      Leaders need to go through, attend and read before they get it?
      Everyone knows that one is Not to direct the ECK (Spirit)! Klemp is
      just sooooo controling and negative! Besides, wouldn't the Mahanta
      or the Eck give guidance and protection to these H.I.s and protect
      them from the Kal? BTW-Are doing good things or having good thoughts
      a form of 'White Magic?' Isn't it true that at the Second Circle of
      Initiation that the chela chooses the CENTER PATH rather than the
      left-hand path of Black Magic or the right-hand path of White Magic
      (Shariyat 1&2, pg. 465)?

      HK: "What does 'community of spirit' mean? It refers to ECKists who
      live in close physical proximity to each other. Spiritual and karmic
      circumstances have thrown them together, so it is well for them to
      work together in the name of the Mahanta. They will gain spiritually
      by it."

      [Me]: This is a very limited view isn't it? Actually, isn't it true
      that there is a Community of Souls, as well as, an Inner
      Communication with Them and that Spirit is everywhere and with
      everyone! Besides, people do grow up and make choices like move away
      from home! They go off to school or to work and then finally
      graduate or move on from there too! Not so with Eckankar! There is
      No graduation just more grades and classrooms! Klemp wants to
      protect his image and con as being the One and Only limited choice
      and with him as the deluded expert on everything (of past
      consciousness). For Eckists, there is never a graduation to Self-
      Mastery and Spiritual Freedom as an Independent Master Soul.

      HK: "Then, as an outer group, they can plan such outer projects as
      building an ECK temple in their area or developing a Vahana project.
      I hope this gives some clarity to the situation."

      [Me]: Isn't it interesting to see Klemp's choice of words when he
      refers to this as a 'situation.' This is the same old crap that I
      heard over and over when I was an H.I. Either it was a "Temple"
      fund, or a Satsang Project, or a Vahana Project, or Trainings, or
      Classes, or anything related to more members and more money! There
      really isn't much effort made to help Chelas grow and sort things
      out in Satsang Classes. The major effort with Eckankar is to Spread
      the Message of Eck, but Not to help Chelas with their spiritual
      growth. The Outer acts of Giving and Giving by chelas is supposed
      to "Give" them Spiritual Growth because Klemp says so! What a con!
      BUT, the proof is in the pudding! This is why Klemp can't trust H.I.
      Leaders Not to direct the HU Chant and fears that they may practice
      either Black or White Magic!

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