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Re: Who needs a mahanta?

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  • prometheus_973
    I Agree! Prior to Eckankar I was involved with my own spiritual search. I was a member of the Cayce group (A.R.E.) and had read a number of other books and
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 14, 2006
      I Agree! Prior to Eckankar I was involved with my own spiritual
      search. I was a member of the Cayce group (A.R.E.) and had read a
      number of other books and looked at other groups. Eckankar seemed
      to have more and better answers to my questions at first. Although,
      the direction to look to the inner for answers troubled me some. I
      later realized that it was ploy to distract and control because
      the "answers" had to correspond to and comply with the guidelines
      and hierarchy of Eckankar.

      However, I lost track of my real spiritual progress and goals over
      the years. The distractions of the Mental Plane via Eck books and
      discourses and the false promises that Eckankar makes side-tracked
      me. Delusion and imagination and the theft of my own Soul abilities
      are the things that make Eckankar seem to work for people.

      Also, the busy Vahana work, classes, trainings, meetings, social
      relationships and especially the focus on initiation were all great
      attractions and distractions! I noticed that while I discovered my
      true identity as Soul that I also gave away Soul's freedom of Self
      Mastery to an icon of Mahanta/Savior. Instead of learning about
      Spiritual Freedom I learned about Spiritual Dependency
      (surrender/servitude) and that everything given and received was via
      a Middle Man called the LEM/Mahanta. Even SPIRIT was said to be the
      Mahanta (Klemp)!

      Why did I stay in Eckankar for so long? I lost focus and got lazy
      and rationalized about what I really saw and knew. Besides, I had
      all of those Initiations that I had worked long and hard for and
      those Numbers showed how advanced in consciousness that I had become
      over the years and years... right? Wrong! Just look around at other
      Eckists that share the same Circle of Initiation or Higher! Example
      (one of many): When an Eckist becomes a minister (Rev.) in another
      religion and yet receives a "pink slip" for the Fourth
      Initiation does this seem like the Initiations are really valid? Of
      course Not! However, this is just one example of many. How about all
      of those Initiations B.B./D.P. gave out for Darwin Gross the 972nd
      Black Magician! This is more proof that the ECK Initiations and
      their powers are just Mental Delusions.

      When a 9th Initiate like Joan cops an attitude with a (third) 'fill-
      in' Postal Clerk and a 14th Initiate (HK) verbally attacks that same
      clerk on the hear-say of JK and does so in an ECK publication
      (09/2003 H.I. Letter) what does this say about the consciousness
      associated with the Eck Initiations or the LEM/Mahanta? Not Much!
      Even if the clerk was in the wrong (which he wasn't) it was still an
      angry and inappropriate act on Klemp's part. Therfore, this act
      alone shows that the Eck Initiations and the Mahanta are phoney!
      The 'loser' comments and all the other facts point out loud and
      clear that Twitchell's Eckankar was just a scam!

      p.s. Thanks Pretujari for sharing your story. This just goes to show
      that after we leave Eckankar that we are not alone. Spirit is with
      us guides us always. We are our own mahanta and more!

      Pretujari wrote:

      Recently, I've gone through some domestic changes. Well before that
      I'd had a series of dreams that prepared me for the upcoming events,
      to know in the dream the forthcoming events were a resolution of a
      past life karmic entanglements. This helped to prepare me and to
      cope with the situation when it did finally happened.

      In the course of this experience my attention was very much on past
      life relationships and reincarnation etc. Towards the end of this
      all, while walking in the streets one afternoon, my attention was
      drawn to a second hand book stand. As I swept through the titles my
      eyes settled on this book, 'Many Mansions, Edgar Cayce on
      reincarnation' by Gina Cerminara.

      I bought the book and I've learned so much from reading it. Much
      more than what Klempus ('Godman of the Universe') could teach me in
      all my 18yrs as a member of his org on this subject.

      What is interesting is that I bought this book for less than 50
      cents. It was written even before I was born, in 1950. Yet a higher
      power orchestrated and put the book and me together so that I can
      learn and progress from it.

      This is the higher power, God, Spirit, I'd known and worked with
      right from an early age. It was in pursuit of knowing more about
      this Guidance that I finally ended up as a member of Eckankar. Here,
      they usurped the identity of this power by putting the face and
      personality of a 'living Eck Master' on IT. Characters like
      Twitchell, Gross, and Klemp.

      So who needs a mahanta? I certainly don't.
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