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Klemp States That Facts Have No Value

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  • prometheus_973
    Here s what Klemp has to say about the facts surrounding Paul Twitchell s life - BEHIND THE SCENES WITH PAUL TWITCHELL: HK: I thought about presenting a
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 13, 2006
      Here's what Klemp has to say about the "facts" surrounding Paul

      HK: "I thought about presenting a chronology of the events in his
      life, BUT merely Reciting the FACTS would have no value to someone
      who is looking for the High Realization of God. [My caps]


      [NOTE: Twitchell was born 10/22/1908 at 27 the date was 1935]

      HK: "At 27 years of age, the most Paul had ever done was to teach
      physical education. BUT by the time he wrote it all up, exaggerating
      and twisting the facts, he had worked up a nice little paragraph
      about all the grand achievements of one Paul Twitchell. He made it
      sound quite impressive. You can see why, after hours of reading so
      many dull entries, the editor of Who's Who in Kentucky thought Paul
      sounded pretty interesting." [HIS OWN DRUMBEATER]


      HK: "Paul first met Rebazar Tarzs in 1951 in the foothills of the
      Himalayas near Darjeeling. Before that on his first trip to India in
      1935, he met Sudar Singh." [LOOKING AT THE PAST FOR SPIRITUAL


      ***The Art of Talking and Taking***

      Klemp needs to understand that if it isn't Fact then it's Fiction!
      Call it by its rightful name and be honest with people! Klemp even
      states that Twitchell was a liar. Twit created a religion and called
      it Eckanker as other egomaniacs/scammers have created religions and
      religious sects.

      It's nothing new! Just look at Scientology and L. Ron Hubbard
      and look at Twitchell's connection with L. Ron. Twitchell just got
      tired of being a follower and decided to be the Top Dog of his own
      scam! Besides, PT even stated that people need a Savior so what harm
      is it doing? PT, DG, and HK are giving to people what they need...
      Hope and Delusion!

      In return people give the LEM/Mahanta what he needs... Money and
      Admiration! It's a Win/Win for both... right?! So why does Klemp
      call some ECKists 'losers?" That's not very nice! Klemp would be an
      even bigger Wiener if he could just be nicer! : )

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