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Re: Eck Master Artist Diana Stanley

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  • prometheus_973
    Hi Liz, Thanks for this info on Diana Stanley. I was wondering when she left Eckankar. From looking at the 2002 date on the email to Colleen and Diana
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      Hi Liz,
      Thanks for this info on Diana Stanley. I was wondering when she left
      Eckankar. From looking at the 2002 date on the email to Colleen and
      Diana mentioning that it had been 20 years that she had left
      Eckankar and was 26 when she joined I did the math. Diana was born
      in 1942 and that makes her the same age as Klemp. Also, she joined
      Eckankar in 1968 and stayed for 14 years until 1982. Klemp started
      the Eck discourses from Japan in 1967 and got his 2nd Initiation in
      Oct. 1969. I think Gross joined in 1969 and got his 5th via Gail and
      the Eckankar Board at either the end of September or early October
      of 1971 but prior to October 22, 1971. On October 22 (Paul's
      birthday) D.G. magically became a 14th Initiate! The rest is
      history, or was until Klemp erased it!

      BTW- How is it that October 22 (Twitchell's birthday) was chosen by
      the Vairagi Eck Masters to pass the Rod of ECK Power to the new
      LEM/Mahanta? If the excuse is that Twit chose to be born on that
      infamous day then why didn't Klemp? Or, is it an Eck-Vidya thing?
      Say, when is Klemp's birthday? We Know that Twitchell's is
      10/22/1908 so why is Klemp hiding this info? Is he afraid of


      Elizabeth wrote:

      Hey Etznab, good to read you here ;-)

      Forwarding a message that is out in cyber land that may answer your
      questions? At one time 'Execkankar'was a yahoo group until Colleen
      shut it down about 1 1/2 - 2 years ago? I belonged to the group at
      one point. Diana herself stopped posting, but her brother would
      communicate and answer questions. It was shared that when she was
      approached by Paul to paint a picture of the Eck Master Reb Tires,
      she claimed to have painted him in the likeness of a crush she had
      on Burt Reynolds the actor. As well, she painted another master in
      the likeness of her brother. Sharon from ET may have better
      information on this topic?

      On a different note, though somewhat related, I noticed over on
      Darwin's official ATOM web site that he has a few of the Eck Master
      drawings posted. Wonder what has changed to allow him that
      privilege? Below is the post from Diana, and I am including a few
      interesting web links.

      Liz aka whitefeather




      Artist who created eck masters exposes them as "fictious" by
      DarwinTwitchell@[EMAIL PROTECTED] Feb 1, 2006 at 10:23 AM

      Here is Diana Stanley's email in full, complete with misspellings,
      bad grammar and the unmistakable fragrance of truth:

      Subj: Re: [Execkankar] "It Saved My Life and In the End it Nearly
      Killed Me!"
      -- DS

      Date: 9/2/2002 1:32:35 AM Pacific Standard Time
      From: dianastan...@[EMAIL PROTECTED]
      Execkan...@[EMAIL PROTECTED]
      Execkan...@[EMAIL PROTECTED]
      from the Internet (Details)

      Colleen thank you for your kind works. I guess just quitting the list
      with out much input wasn't apporpert. I will tell a little bit about
      my personal xperiences in Eckankar.

      I will start by saying like many people who were raised in a
      dysfunction family I was drawn to an organization that basically
      mirrored my birth family. The first few years in Eck were wonderful.
      I had been severely abused as a kid. I felt safe for the first time
      in my life. I had loving wonderful friends and we were all on a
      Spiritual journey home. I believe it saved my life from suicide and
      from other family stuff. That is what I meant when I said It saved
      my life. The other part of the quote was and it nearly killed me is
      the part that I have to be careful of talking about. I had natural
      empathic abilities and could trance out into a different realms
      very easily, everyone has this ability some more talented in than
      others like anything else. The death knell began to ring when They
      discovered I was an artist. It began before Paul died. He wanted me
      to do a sculpture of him sitting on a stool and talking.

      The funny thing ibis thee stature turned out great I had done it in
      clay and was going to have a mold of it. So they could sell them. A
      couple of days latter Helen Baiird came into my room and told she had
      just been told Paul had died of a heart attack. and died. I looked
      at the sculpture of Paul I had done and it had shattered and crumble
      during thee night. So Paul never got his icon made..

      These people were not dummies. here they had an artist that was an
      empathic who was totally hypnotized by Paul's work. and believed
      everything. I was the missing link to bringing reality to all Paul
      fictiouus Eck masters. I painted them, people could see what they
      looked like, they were real now. How could I paint what was in pauls
      or Darwin's imagined? I was an empath, I was able to tune into them
      beliefs on how pauls caratures looked. So that was that. They used
      me at every opportunity tot use my work to paint book covers and
      even a comic book on the Tigers fang My awareness of what a cesspool
      eckankar was came into my awareness when I went to work at Menlo
      Park. The slow insidious knowledge was getting harder and harder to
      ignore. I was too involved with Darwin and Gail on a personal level.
      I saw things and watched with gowning horror as I watched my
      beloved eckkankar turn into an exact replica of my birth family.
      when I family left 20 years ago I moved to a new city. I resigned
      my member ship to eck and stayed drunk for 2 years literally. Then
      my destiny took down the next road in my Spiritual quest. I don't
      regret having been an eckist it was what I needed at the time, It
      was the love and support of thee many friends I made, I considered
      them brothers and sisters and to this day I still am in contract
      with many. I joined eckkankar when I was 26 now I am 60. now I
      consider myself and elder and have a responsibility to due no
      harm but share what wisdom I have gained over thee years.

      I am always available if any one wants to talk

      Yours' in Spirit Diana Stanley

      --- In EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com, "makiztor"
      <etznab@> wrote:

      Hi All,

      Am new to this group and this is my first post here. I was wondering
      about something. When did Diane Stanley leave Eckankar? Does anyone
      know about where I can get more information on this? It has come to
      my attention that the color photos of Eck Masters are slated to be
      discontinued around mid October of this year (2006).

      I have wondered about this - the reason why - and if it has anything
      to do with the original artist(s) (one of which, Diane Stanley,
      reportedly no longer belongs).
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