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Re: Klemp's Version of Consciousness vs. Twitchell's

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  • prometheus_973
    BTW- How does HK s view of Eck Second Initiates and their Consciousness of several (3-5) notches Lower from Paul s era than those Seconds today (HK s era) fit
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 11, 2006
      BTW- How does HK's view of Eck Second Initiates and their
      Consciousness of several (3-5) notches Lower from Paul's era than
      those Seconds today (HK's era) fit in with the Consciousness of
      Twitchell's Shariyats Books 1&2? Why doesn't Klemp write newer
      Shariyats Books 3&4 to bring the Consciousness of Eckankar's Holy
      Books up-to-date! Did Paul write Books 1&2 for Consciousness
      Five individuals? If so, that would mean that Klemp's definition of
      these Holy Books of ECKANKAR are now for those of a Lower
      Consciousness (zero?). If the Consciousness of everyone is expanding
      as Klemp claims then why use old P.T. era Shariyats? Or, is Klemp
      mistaken? Maybe Klemp is lying? One thing is for certain, something
      is wrong! Thus, one's common sense tells us that the Eck initiations
      are phoney and that's why it doesn't make sense. Maybe Klemp sees no
      need to bother with writing new updated volumns since Eckists are so
      gullible and believe anything he tells them. It's obvious that his
      followers have as much trouble connecting the dots and seeing the
      negative correlations as he does! Such is Lower Eck Consciousness!

      Klemp: "A Second Initiate from Paul's day would be Several Notches
      Lower in Consciousness than a Second Initiate in ECK today." [My


      So, what do these words really mean? "Several" according to the
      dictionary means more than two (3) but fewer than many. "Many" is
      defined as being fewer than the majority. Therefore, Klemp is
      basically saying that a Second Initiate in Paul's day would be at
      least 3-5 Initiation levels or "notches Lower in Consciousness that
      a Second Initiate in Eck today." In other words they would be a
      Zero Consciousness or even a Minus Zero Initiates today!

      Now, if this Lower Consciousness is true for the "Second Initiate
      from Paul's day" what about the Higher Initiates? And, how about
      those from Darwin's day? How do these Higher Initiates fair?

      Is a Seventh Initiate from 1985 SEVERAL NOTCHES LOWER (3-5) in
      CONSCIOUSNESS than an ECKist who becomes a Seventh Initiate today?
      It seems so!

      Therefore, it seems that time robs ECK Initiates of Consciousness.
      Perhaps this is why Klemp has stated that some of the new people now
      coming into Eckankar are "higher" than some High Initiates!

      The problem that Eckists would have with all of these statements
      from Klemp (if they really thought about it) is that it also points
      out the Fraud behind the Eck Initiations! The Eck Initiations are
      the carrots/con that keep Eckists believing and imagining that there
      are more future promises to be fulfilled. This is what all religions
      do! Eckists need to realize that ECKANKAR is just another religious
      belief and is similar to all others. It is a means to control the
      individual, and masses, through fear and promises by using a
      Savior/Prophet, as well as, using a hierarchy and distorting truth.

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